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“In the past, I didnt think it was necessary.

Theres no need to explain our marriage to others, but since everyone is so concerned, then lets make it public.”

Shi Jin did not want her relationship to be discussed anymore, nor did she want Fu Xiuyuan to be criticized.

She directly posted a photo on Weibo with a simple caption: “Its my husband.

Its a legal relationship.

Everyone, dont worry.”

Yao Jiahong immediately reposted it, and Shi Jins official studio followed.

Immediately, #Shi Jin Is Married# became a trending topic.

Soon, a huge red wordBoiling was labeled next to it, then it becameExploding.

Many passersby were especially shocked.

When they looked at the time Shi Jin got married, they were even more shocked.

She had gotten married just as she turned twenty, right before the competition.

At that time, Chu Ling was still using her to hype things up.

However, her attitude was already very obvious.

After that, she did not hide from her fans that she was in a passionate relationship.

Back then, many of her songs were actually related to love.

The fans were extremely excited and reposted it one after another.

“Congratulations to Shi Jin for finding your true love!”

“In the past, when she sangThe Moon Represents My Heart, I actually knew.

There was a live broadcast where that man even showed his hand and brought Shi Jin milk.”

“Actually, looking at Shi Jins state, I guessed it.

And I know that he must be very good to her, thats why she has always been so cute and calm.”

“A good relationship can really nourish a different aura.

I wish Shi Jin a hundred years of happiness.”

No matter how shocked the passersby were, they could not hide the fact that her fans were all blessing her.

Furthermore, she had gotten married normally and fulfilled all the requirements perfectly.

Previously, apart from Chu Ling using Shi Jins popularity, no matter if Shi Jin was filming or on other programs, she had never hyped up any relationship for publicity.

Naturally, no one could say anything.

Of course, the haters and fake reviewers were still jumping around, but they could not say anything.

Especially when they were stomping their feet, quite a few people in the industry, from the famous Director Ji Hanxue to quite a few famous artists, came out to forward their blessings.

This was even without Shi Jin informing them at all.

Anyone who knew about this had come forward to express their stance.

When Yue Xiu heard the news, she was very shocked.

“Shi Jin is actually married” She could not believe this fact.

“Hasnt she always been targeting Yue Lanchen”

The assistant shook his head.

“Her marriage certificate is real.

It cant be photoshopped.

Furthermore, theres no need for her to bring a fake one.

Otherwise, shell be even more humiliated in the future.”

“It looks like I was wrong about her.” Yue Xiu stood up and picked up her phone, scanning the trending searches again.

Previously, many passersby had wronged Shi Jin and were now expressing their apologies and blessings.

Shi Jins popularity in the circle was indeed not average.

“Who on earth is that man”

Yue Xiu picked up the photo, but could not see the name.

The photos taken by the reporter were also very blurry.

“Didnt anyone take a closer photo”

Yue Xiu was really frustrated.

The assistant shook his head.

“Although they dont avoid passersby when they travel, they do bring bodyguards.

The reporters could only reach that position and couldnt get any closer.”

Yue Xiu had not hurt Shi Jin at all this time.

Instead, she had given Shi Jin an opportunity to announce this matter.

Shi Jin had suffered no losses.

A small number of fans could not accept it and left, but the remaining fans were even more stable.

They did not even leave when Shi Jin got married.

It seemed like there was nothing that could make her lose her fans.

Forget it.

Yue Xiu had no choice, but to temporarily give up on the idea of exchanging blows with Shi Jin.

There were many things Shi Jin had that she could not imagine.

After Shi Jin finished taking the photo and posting it on Weibo, she held onto the marriage certificate and did not hand it to Fu Xiuyuan again.

She chatted with Yao Jiahong about her next job.

Yao Jiahong chatted uneasily about work.

He could already tell that Fu Xiuyuans gaze had remained on Shi Jins hand.

She casually held the marriage certificate and pinched it as she spoke unconsciously.

Fu Xiuyuan kept paying attention to her fingers.

He seemed to want to go up and take it, but he completely restrained himself.

At the same time, he had to pay attention.

It was as if Shi Jin was not holding a marriage certificate, but something else that could be fatal at any moment.

With Fu Xiuyuan like this, Yao Jiahong couldnt wait to leave immediately.

He didnt want to be a third wheel, or else he would be implicated.

However, Shi Jin was still asking about work, so Yao Jiahong had no choice but to accompany her.

“Shi Jin, its getting late.

Youve only just gotten off the plane.

Why dont you…” Yao Jiahong rubbed his hands and said awkwardly.

Shi Jin looked up and realized that Fu Xiuyuans gaze was on her fingers.

Only then did she remember that she was still holding onto the marriage certificates.

“Alright, you can go back first.

Ill call you again if theres anything.”

Yao Jiahong heaved a sigh of relief and quickly left.

He knew that he had become a huge light bulb and hoped that Master Fu would not blame him.

Shi Jin raised the marriage certificate.

“Its so troublesome to bring it with you.

Just leave it at home lest you lose it.”

She was about to casually put it in her pocket when Fu Xiuyuan stopped her.

“Ill take care of it.”

“Fu Xiuyuan, you still dont trust me” Shi Jin felt wronged.

“No.” His voice was a little hoarse and deep.

“I like it like this.”

His gaze was open.

If it was indeed because he was afraid that Shi Jin would get a divorce in the past, then it was completely out of habit after that.

He was used to carrying things related to her with him, as if she was accompanying him.

He grabbed her finger and took the marriage certificate out of her palm bit by bit.

He replaced it with his finger and rubbed it between every finger of hers.

Their fingers were interlocked.

He lowered his head and his eyes, enveloping her entire body in his vision.

Shi Jin stood on her tiptoes.

With a smile in his eyes, Fu Xiuyuan lowered his head and kissed her lips.

After Yue Lanchen finished participating in the competition, he quickly returned to the country.

As the hero of this competition, he had become one of the most popular members.

Yue Feng was so happy that he held a celebration party for him.

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan became the first pair of guests invited by Yue Feng.

The venue was already extremely lively today.

Many people came to support them.

There were also many members of the Yue family who used to like to say that Yue Lanchen was useless.

Yue Xiu naturally came too.

However, the atmosphere today made her feel a little uncomfortable.

Speaking of which, apart from the Yue familys branch families, she and her elder brother, Yue Liang, had always been in the center of the Yue familys sights.

At most, Yue Feng and Madam Yue only had one daughter, Yue Yu who was considered presentable.

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