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The fans were very supportive of Shi Jin, but the passersby did not think so.

Especially since there were haters among these passersby.

“To put it nicely, shes in a relationship.

Who knows if shell become a mistress”

“Shi Jin has had such good resources over the years.

Who knows if she relied on these dirty transactions to climb up”

“Anyway, fans, dont think too highly of your idol.

When the time comes, itll be ugly, hahaha.”

“One look and I can tell that this man is someone of high status.

Ptui, didnt you say that she was the female lead of the entertainment industry In the end, she relied on this method to climb up the ranks.”

For a moment, there were all kinds of opinions.

Although Shi Jin had a lot of fans, on the one hand, they had to explain to passersby, and on the other hand, they had to deal with these professional fake reviewers.

They were still on the losing end.

At the scene of the eSports competition, Yue Lanchen went to look for Shi Jin and his parents immediately, but soon, he was dragged back by the leader and Manager Lu.

“Lanchen, where are you going Everyone is going to take photos soon.

We still have to be interviewed.

Come back quickly.”

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan had already left.

They knew the process too well.

Yue Lanchen probably would not have time to see outsiders tonight.

The teams celebration, the countrys celebration, and all kinds of activities and interviews might fill the next few days for Yue Lanchen.

After leaving the noisy scene, Shi Jin took a long breath of fresh air.

“How nice.”

Fu Xiuyuan stood by her side and looked at her with a smile in his eyes.

He reached out and held her hand.

Shi Jin said in a low voice, “Thats great.

E-Sports competitions will be recognized by everyone.

Our country has won the championship, and Lanchens career path will also be on the right track.

Our gaming industry will also become better and better.”

“Yes.” Fu Xiuyuan held her hand tightly.

To him, the good thing was that she had always been by his side.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin did not wait for Yue Lanchen and took the plane back.

When they boarded the plane, Shi Jin had just sat down when she heard Madam Yues voice.

“Shi Jin.”

“Madam Yue,” Shi Jin greeted politely.

She saw that Yue Feng was also present.

“Master Yue.”

“Dont call me that.

Call me Auntie,” Madam Yue said as she pulled her hand.

“I havent thanked you properly for what happened to Lanchen.

I even said that I would treat you and Xiuyuan to a meal later…”

“Lanchen is powerful himself.

Whether he can participate in the competition and how far he can go is his own ability.” Shi Jin did not take credit at all and told the truth.

Madam Yue looked at her and felt overjoyed.

“Yes, yes.

No matter what, I still have to invite you over to celebrate with us.”

Initially, Madam Yue wanted to talk to Shi Jin for a while more and even wanted to change her seat to be with her.

However, seeing Fu Xiuyuans gaze, Madam Yue could only dispel this thought.

Fu Xiuyuan sat down beside Shi Jin and asked for a blanket for her.

He took out some earplugs and whispered, “Rest for a while.”

When Madam Yue saw this, she felt that it was good to be young and to be in a relationship.

When the plane reached the airport, the four of them alighted and were greeted by a flood of reporters.

“Shi Jin, can you explain your relationship”

“Did you sleep with people to climb the ranks”

“Who is the man beside you”

“Can you give the fans an explanation”

These words were thrown over one by one.

When Yue Feng heard that, he frowned.

He did not know what outsiders said, but from what he saw, Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin had a good relationship and were in a normal relationship.

Why had it become like this

He immediately made a call.

Soon, the scene was cleared and all the reporters were driven away.

On Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jins side, before they could begin, they watched helplessly as so many reporters left like birds and beasts.

“Master Yue, Auntie Yue, thank you.” Shi Jin naturally knew that they were helping.

Yue Feng reprimanded, “You call my wife auntie and me Master Yue”

“Thank you, Uncle,” Shi Jin said smoothly.

Yue Feng and Madam Yue nodded in satisfaction.

Madam Yue thought for a moment and said, “I shouldnt have said anything about this, but what the reporters outside said just now was too ugly.

Xiuyuan, you have to deal with it carefully.”

“I understand.

Thank you, Madam… Auntie.” Fu Xiuyuan nodded.

After Madam Yue got into the car, she was still a little worried about Shi Jin.

Yue Feng comforted her.

“Youve already seen them handle so many things.

Are you still afraid that something will happen to them If you have such thoughts, why dont you worry about our son”

“It seems like our son has nothing to worry about.” Madam Yues mood immediately relaxed.

Yao Jiahong also came over.

Although he knew Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jins situation, he did not refute the rumors.

The two of them had to make their own decisions.

He had only stabilized the fans.

“Someone took photos and its trending” Shi Jin asked.

“Yeah, its a trending topic.”

“Its not strange that I was photographed.

Xiuyuan and I were overseas and didnt hide it from outsiders, but someone must have done something to put it on the trending searches.” Shi Jin didnt care who this person was, but they definitely had ill intentions.

Yao Jiahong said softly, “However, the opinions of the fans are not as extreme.

Many people are quite happy.

This is also because you guided them well previously.

Everyone seems to be able to accept it, but the rumors outside are not too pleasant to hear.”

Shi Jin glanced at Fu Xiuyuan.

“Hubby, wheres my marriage certificate”

Fu Xiuyuan took out two marriage certificates.

Yao Jiahong was stunned.

Master Fu carried the marriage certificates with him

This was too… Yao Jiahong did not know what to say for a moment.

Not to mention him, even Shi Jin was a little surprised.

“You happened to have it with you”

“Its not a coincidence.”

He had always kept it with him.

From the day he received it, he had been carrying it with him.

Shi Jin took it.

When she thought of his insecurities in the past and his uncertainty about her feelings, her heart felt a little sour and soft.

It was because she had been too much of a bastard in the past that she had made Fu Xiuyuan like this.

She said softly, “Then Im going to put the marriage certificate out now, okay”

“Mm.” Fu Xiuyuan nodded gently.

Shi Jin took a photo of the marriage certificate and the two books together.

She covered some parts of Fu Xiuyuans name and identification number as well as her own

“Its finally time for me to do this.” Shi Jin smiled.

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