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With a few clicks, a reporter pressed the shutter.

However, because of the bodyguards, the reporters did not dare to follow too closely, so the photos were not clear.

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuans work discussion went very smoothly.

They discussed a few game servers opening in Country H.

This meant that these games would face another huge market.

With the drive and publicity effect of this wave of eSports competitions, the profits this year would be very considerable.

On Yue Xius side, she had obtained the photos.

In the photo, Shi Jins appearance was very clear, but the man only had a blurry outline.

“Who on earth is this man”

“I couldnt see who it was.

He was too far away, and he had bodyguards with him.

He was protecting Shi Jin, so I couldnt take a clear photo of his face.”

Yue Xiu felt that he looked familiar, but she could not remember who this man was.

However, from the looks of it, she knew that this man should have a very high status.

In that case, Shi Jin dared to be so fearless because she relied on this mans background to support her

“Who cares who it is Just release the news,” Yue Xiu said indifferently.

She no longer wanted to fight with Shi Jin.

Once this news was released, it would be difficult for Shi Jin to make a comeback.

Females in the entertainment industry were most afraid of scandals, and they were even more afraid of scandals related to unspoken rules.

And the Shi Jin in front of her seemed to be related to both.

“Continue following her.

If this man has a wife anywhere, Im afraid Shi Jin will never be able to make a comeback.”

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan were overseas so they were not that sensitive to paparazzi and reporters.

After the two of them finished discussing business, they held hands and went shopping together.

On the streets, when they talked about passion, they hugged and kissed each other very naturally.

It was not that they did not care about being photographed, but rather, the two of them enjoyed everything that was happening now and did not think too much of it.

Hence, they did not mind being photographed by the reporters.

At this moment, the E-Sports competition officially began.

Because of Team Danger, many fans had come to S Nation.

Yue Feng and Madam Yue walked into the venue and looked at the crowd around them happily.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin were not in the same area as them.

After entering the venue, they drowned in the crowd and did not attract any attention.

On the stage, Yue Lanchen was already prepared.

He looked down from the stage, but there were too many people, so he could not see his parents clearly, nor could he see Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan.

However, he knew they were there, and that was enough.

Madam Yue clenched her husbands hand tightly and looked at the stage excitedly.

On the large screen, the contestants flashed by one after another.

When she saw Yue Lanchen, she could not help but cheer for him with the young people around her.

On the other hand, Shi Jin was relatively calm.

She chatted with Fu Xiuyuan casually.

“Do you think the chances of Team Danger winning are high”

“Its hard to say.

Country H is also very powerful this time.

Furthermore, their eSports development was much earlier than ours and they have more experience.

If the Danger team wants to defeat them, they need some strength.

I hope they can use their strength.”

Shi Jin nodded gently.

“Its difficult, but since were going to fight, we naturally have to do our best.”

Fu Xiuyuan held her hand.

“So, the chance of winning is very high.

Trust them.”

The competition officially started.

The battle was intense.

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan occasionally chatted about tactics.

The fans around them were also very excited and kept looking at the large screen on the stage.

Yue Feng and Madam Yue really did not understand, but when they heard the explanation, they felt their blood boil.

They finally understood the ideals and enthusiasm of young people.

The two of them actually regretted not supporting their son to do what he liked previously, causing him to delay for so long.

Especially when they knew that many contestants had started in their teens and were about to retire in their early twenties, they felt that their son had not had it easy.

Infected by such emotions, Madam Yue could not help feeling a little bittersweet.

“Team Danger is a little behind now.

This position is not easy to defend.

Its dangerous, dangerous! Team Danger is in danger!”

“No, theres a chance! Killers move is turning the tide!”

The hosts voice sounded loudly in her ear.

“Killer! Killer counterattacked! Beautiful! Beautiful!”

Following the hosts excited voice, everyone could not help but stand up and cheer.

Finally, the host said loudly, “Team Danger, Team Danger has won! They won this competition and won the championship of this Asian Games! Let us congratulate Team Danger! Congratulations!”

The host was from S Country and was in charge of the commentary of the S Country audience.

Therefore he stood up excitedly and shouted with all his might.

The entire city was filled with lights.

Some people were celebrating their victory, while others were dejected.

Even though she was calm, Shi Jin could not help but stand up and pounce into Fu Xiuyuans arms to kiss him.

Encouraged by their current victory, they were immersed in joy with everyone.

Shi Jins intimate photos with the man were also placed on the social media platform.

#Shi Jins Private Meeting With a Man# went straight onto the trending searches.

Shi Jins fans were actually quite calm.

A long time ago, Shi Jin had not denied that she was in a relationship.

Many of her lyrics had also written about her state of mind when she was in a relationship.

She had broadcasted it a few times and had no intention of denying that she would find a boyfriend.

Hence, the fans all knew that one day, she would announce her boyfriend.

However, the arrival of this day still dealt a direct blow to their spirits.

However, the loyalty of Shi Jins fans was unimaginable to others.

After being injured, a small number of people had indeed left the fanbase.

However, there were still more people who immediately became stronger and started to express their support for her.

“Shi Jin is already old enough.

So what if shes in a relationship Why is it called a private meeting Does she have to report to everyone about her relationship”

“Although Shi Jins relationship hasnt been announced directly in the past, she didnt hide it either.

Everyone, you should be friendlier to the female artistes.”

“Its just a relationship.

Everyone, dont worry.

I believe Shi Jin will protect herself.

She has her work and reputation.

Everyone, pay attention to her work.”

“I support the freedom of female celebrities to date.

Furthermore, our Little Stone is not a traditional idol.

She speaks with her strength.

As long as she is still in the entertainment industry, I will not leave her fan club for anything!”

However, there were still many doubtful voices outside.

“Who is this man Are the two of them really in a relationship Is it legitimate Is it really a proper relationship”

“Are there any dirty transactions behind this Is it a recognized relationship”

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