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With the promise of the headquarters, Director Ren quickly signed the contract with Jiang Yuheng the next day.

After signing the contract, all kinds of marketing and promotion immediately followed the process.

Jiang Yuhengs matter of riding a horse last time was very outstanding.

His image was also very good and he was very healthy.

With this wind, Yaoshi also gained a good reputation.

At about this time, the Asian Games began.

Esports was a non-traditional sport that participated in the Asian Games for the first time and attracted a lot of attention.

Guangxings phone began to be officially sold and widely promoted.

As the spokesperson of Guangxing Phone, Jiang Yuhengs name and photo appeared on all the venues of the Asian Games.

This made both Yaoshi and Guangxing very satisfied with this kind of cooperation.

Both sides promoted each other and increased their rankings.

Facing such a situation, Department Head Liang and Yue Xiu were speechless.

As the Asian Games progressed, Yue Lanchens competition also became more and more nervous.

The Team Danger he was in had represented Country S in the finals.

They were already nervously preparing for the final battle.

Madam Yue was also very nervous for him.

“Lanchen, look at how much weight youve lost recently.

Is the competition that difficult”

“Of course.

Our opponents are all strong countries.

Our countrys eSports industry started later and developed slower than others.

Our daily training workload is already very high.” Yue Lanchen hurriedly ate.

“I wont be going home during this time.

Ill only come back after the competition is over.”

He put down his bowl, picked up his bag, and left.

“Lanchen, Lanchen…” Madam Yue wanted to say more to him, but he had already disappeared.

Yue Feng said, “Alright, lets eat.

The child has grown up and cant be controlled anymore.

Let him be.”

“I wonder what the situation will be like in this competition.

I really didnt expect them to advance all the way to the finals.” Madam Yue had a smile on her face.

The television at home was switched on.

It was reporting on the Asian Games and Team Danger.

There was no lack of praise.

“Team Danger used their strength to stand on the finals of the Asian Games.

They represented Country S in the competition and fought against the traditionally strong countries of the world.

This is a hot-blooded battle and also a battle that brings glory to the country.

Team Danger used their strength to tell us that e-sports is not only about playing games, but it is also about competition and sport.

It represents the constant coordination and cooperation of humans to challenge their own sportsmanship.”

The hosts excited voice sounded from the television station.

Madam Yue watched seriously.

The ideals of her son that she did not understand in the past were slowly revealed in front of her.

They were not only convincing others, but also the couple.

In a place she did not see, Yue Feng also revealed a rare smile.

“Hubby, why dont we watch the finals this time” Madam Yue asked.

“The finals this time are in Country H,” Yue Feng said after some thought.

“Ill get someone to book the tickets.”

Madam Yue became happy and stood up to give him a kiss.

“We can go and support our son now.”

Shi Jin was also packing up.

Yue Lanchen was waiting by the side, his face filled with excitement and nervousness.

“Sister Shi, if you go with me this time, I think youll definitely be able to witness me win a championship!” Yue Lanchen was already rubbing his fists.

“Im going to witness the birth of the champion.” Shi Jin smiled.

“Go back and go with the team.

Ill board the plane with Xiuyuan immediately.”

“Arent you going with our team”

“Do you think its appropriate”

Yue Lanchen thought about it and agreed.

He could only forget it.

“Go ahead.

Ill call you when we get there.”

Shi Jin especially took some time to go over this time.

Not only did she have to support Yue Lanchen, but Fu Xiuyuans company and the few games under her company also had to log into Country H and open their servers there.

At the moment, these games had already stabilized.

The daily flow was very considerable, and opening up the overseas market was an inevitable result.

The E-Sports finals would be held here.

Esports was very popular with young people.

The flags of various teams were everywhere.

Some famous Esports players photos were also posted on the streets.

Many places had photos of Yue Lanchen and the word “Killer”.

The car that Yue Feng and Madam Yue were in passed by on the streets.

There were photos of their son everywhere.

The couple knew in their hearts that their trip had not been in vain.

Not long ago, Yue Lanchen was still a child who gave them a headache.

They did not know what to do with him.

Yet in a short period of time, he had been reborn, becoming someone they did not dare to recognize.

Madam Yue could not help tearing up.

After entering the hotel they were staying in, Yue Lanchen received a call, but he no longer had time to meet them.

“Dad, Mom, my last training is very, very tight.

I really wont come out to accompany you.

Sister Shi and the others are also here.

If you really miss me, meet Sister Shi.”

“Alright, got it.” Madam Yue hung up and said to Yue Feng, “I heard that Shi Jin is also here.”

“Then why dont we ask her out for a meal”

“Alright.” Madam Yue was very willing.

Actually, Yue Xiu had also come to Country H.

E-Sports was so popular this time that even some celebrities in the country who knew how to play games had received a dividend.

The various gaming companies also publicized it widely, occupying the advantage of being the first to make a move.

On the other hand, Yue Xiu had missed out on many benefits because she hated games.

Facing all of this, she naturally regretted it.

However, she did not think that this was a mistake in her decision.

Instead, she felt that she had missed it because of Shi Jin.

This time, she had come to investigate more.

When she came over, she heard that Shi Jin had also come.

She immediately arranged for her assistant.

“Go and find out about Shi Jins whereabouts.”

Since she wanted to compete with Shi Jin, she naturally had to know herself and her enemy to be invincible.

The assistant immediately arranged for a very professional paparazzo to follow Shi Jins news.

The moment Shi Jin arrived, she received a call from Madam Yue.

Although she really wanted to agree, Shi Jin still rejected her.

“Madam Yue, I still have something to do these two days, so I cant agree for the time being.

Ill treat the two of you to a meal when I get back.”

“Alright, go do your thing.” Madam Yue did not mind.

Shi Jin put down her phone and Fu Xiuyuan said, “The meeting with the CEO of the gaming company in Country H has already been set.

Lets go over now.”

The two of them drove towards their destination.

Since they were in a foreign country neither of them wore masks, nor did they notice the reporters following them.

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