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“Thats right.

The headquarters has already acknowledged Yunfei.

It can be seen that they also acknowledge him greatly,” Department Head Liang said.

“This is also something that Yunfei fought for himself.”

Zhang Yunfei said humbly, “Its all because of Department head Liang and Miss Yues favor.”

When they reached Yue Xius manor, she got someone to open a few bottles of precious wine.

The moment Department Head Liang smelled the wine, he knew that it was a rare treasure.

The three of them chatted happily and raised their glasses to celebrate.

After drinking a glass of wine, Yue Xiu said, “Department Head Liang, why dont we take a look at the contract we signed now”

Department Head Liang knew that Yue Xiu was always like this.

She refused to be late and had to be certain at all times.

Anyway, he was going to sign it tomorrow, so he was not worried.

He immediately called his assistant and asked him to bring the contract over after it was done.

On Director Rens side, he was very apologetic.

“Im sorry, Shi Jin, Yuheng.

Im indeed helpless about what has been confirmed at the companys headquarters.”

“Its okay.” Shi Jin understood that he could not make such a decision alone.

“Its still a pity.

Actually, I think very highly of Yuheng.

Our cooperation with him would definitely be a strong one.”

Jiang Yuheng also knew that the matter of the car endorsement was just an opening gambit.

It was already very good that he and Shi Jin could resolve the predicament in front of them and not embarrass themselves.

He had to leave the rest to fate.

“Director Ren, well take our leave first.

Goodbye,” Shi Jin said.

Shi Jin and Jiang Yuheng got into the car.

She did not get the driver to start the car immediately.

Instead, she scrolled through Weibo.

She had planned for tonights trending topic and Jiang Yuhengs riding incident.

She just did not know if the effects would be as good as expected.

From the looks of it, the effects had not been achieved.

Perhaps it was because it was too late tonight and it was not working hours.

There were many things that could not be achieved.

However, Shi Jin did not give up.

Because of Jiang Yuhengs performance, this trending topic was very popular and there was a lot of discussion.

Furthermore, it was not created by fans, but by real passersby.

“Shi Jin, lets go back.” Jiang Yuheng saw that she was deep in thought and knew that she was indeed upset about the failure tonight.

After being tampered with by the vile person, to be able to immediately resolve the current crisis, he felt that Shi Jin had already done very well.

He also understood that to be able to reach her position, she was indeed very capable.

There were just things that needed to be left to fate.

Shi Jin looked at the time.

It was indeed too late.

Then, she said to the driver, “Lets go.

Send Jiang Yuheng off first.”

Director Ren ran over quickly.

Department Head Liang waited for his assistant to send the contract over.

However, the assistant did not send it over for a long time.

He was about to call his assistant when the latter called first.

“Whats going on Why is it taking so long” Department Head Liangs tone was displeased.

“Department Head Liang, we cant get the contract…” The assistants tone was anxious.

“Whats going on What happened”

Seeing Department Head Liangs attitude, Yue Xiu frowned.

What had happened

She gestured for Department Head Liang to put his phone on speaker.

She had to get hold of the news too.

Department Head Liang had no choice, but to turn on the speakerphone.

Zhang Yunfei stood up as well, looking worried.

He did not know what was wrong.

On the other end, the assistant said awkwardly, “When I went to the legal department to ask for the contract just now, I heard that the headquarters had changed their opinion.

They chose Jiang Yuheng.”

Department Head Liangs expression was ugly.

Yue Xius face suddenly darkened.

Zhang Yunfei was puzzled and even more displeased.

How could Jiang Yuheng compare to him

“Did you find out why” Minister Liang asked.

“I heard.

I heard from a few departments that after the matter of Jiang Yuheng riding a horse became a hot topic tonight, many people discussed our Yaoshis car.

There were also many people who expressed their needs to come for a test drive through emails, customer service, phone calls, and so on.

There were also many people who asked about the detailed performance and price.

The customer service in several aspects recorded that they were attracted by Jiang Yuheng.

The data department has already done a summary.

Tonight, be it the discussion or the appointments, they have all reached their peak over the years.

This is an excellent social promotion, so the headquarters feels that Jiang Yuhengs image is compatible with ours.

The topic of discussion and positive social radiation it brings is stronger.”

The assistant told him everything he had heard in detail.

Department Head Liang held his phone and did not speak for a long time.

Yue Xius expression turned uglier and uglier.

Tonight, the matter of Jiang Yuheng riding a horse was originally not involved.

After Yue Xiu and Department Head Liang discussed it, they deliberately wanted to cause trouble for Jiang Yuheng, so they got someone to arrange an old car for Jiang Yuheng and Shi Jin to go over and embarrass them.

However, not only did Shi Jin and Jiang Yuheng not embarrass themselves, but they even directly turned the situation around.

In the end, she had even completely turned the disadvantageous thing into a beneficial tool and directly obtained extremely high rewards.

This was something they had never expected.

Yue Xiu could not blame Department Head Liang.

This was her initiative.

Department Head Liang could not blame Yue Xiu either.

This was also something he had taken the initiative to participate in.

Zhang Yunfei stood by the side and felt that he was like the cannon fodder in novels.

He was awkward, useless, and very unnecessary.

On Shi Jins side, when she heard Director Rens words, she immediately said, “Stop the car.”

The car stopped.

Director Ren ran forward and said, “Shi Jin, Yuheng, good news! I cant wait to tell you immediately!”

Shi Jin had already guessed what was going on so her expression was indifferent.

She and Jiang Yuheng got out of the car.

Director Ren said excitedly, “The headquarters have already confirmed that Yuheng will be the spokesperson! You dont know how much profit Yuheng brought tonight! The data department has been tabulating the data.

He brought a huge positive publicity to our car tonight!”

“Congratulations, Yaoshi.

Congratulations, Director Ren.” Because Shi Jin had already expected this, she was not as excited as Director Ren had imagined.

Jiang Yuheng revealed a shocked expression.

He only knew that Shi Jin was planning this, but he did not know that she could really turn the situation around.

He looked at Shi Jin in surprise, once again impressed by her ability.

Director Ren had never seen a little girl as calm as Shi Jin.

He also calmed down.

“The contract will be sent over tomorrow.

Well sign it directly tomorrow.

Take advantage of this wave of popularity and strike while the iron is hot to promote it again.”


Thank you for your help, Director Ren.”

“Of course.

Id rather choose a positive artist.”

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