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Yue Xiu and Zhang Yunfei also had smiles on their faces as they waited for Jiang Yuheng to come.

A moment later, she heard a sound from outside.

Then, the reporters exclaimed loudly.

Everyones gaze was attracted in that direction.

Director Ren looked over worriedly.

Jiang Yuheng was dressed very professionally and rode a horse over in a hurry.

He had already become a little tanned from filming the special forces drama, so he had an especially masculine and carefree feeling.

The horse galloped over and stepped onto the red carpet.

The reporters watched as the horse galloped over and dodged as they filmed.

However, at the end of the red carpet, Jiang Yuheng pulled the reins beautifully and the tall horse stopped steadily.

Jiang Yuheng got off the horse and held onto the reins.

The horse was obediently in his hand, looking very tame.

His actions just now were very handsome.

With this, an extremely exquisite large-scale picture was formed.

The reporters took photos and froze this scene.

Then, the microphones were handed to his mouth.

“Yuheng, why did you ride a horse over”

“Thats right.

Didnt Yaoshi arrange for a car to pick you up”

“What are your thoughts Do you want to be more different”

“Or are you trying to attract more attention”

Upon hearing the reporters question, Yue Xiu and Zhang Yunfei also thought of the wordsattention seeker.

Department head Liang looked down on him even more.

Jiang Yuheng smiled generously.

“Indeed, Yaoshi arranged for a car to pick me up.

However, because of some time conflicts, Shi Jin and I were unable to come together.

Ladies first, so I let Shi Jin come over first.

As for me, I happened to have a horse from the production team by my side.

If I take a car, it wont be convenient to manage this horse, so I might as well ride it over.

Coincidentally, there are quite a few riding scenes in our drama.

When the time comes, everyone can see more of the heroic special forces soldiers riding horses.

Please pay more attention.”

His words explained why he had come like this and also promoted the new drama that was being filmed, making it impossible to find any fault.

“Im sorry to have frightened you.” Jiang Yuheng apologized to everyone politely, his attitude very humble and magnanimous.

The reporter Yue Xiu had arranged was still nitpicking.

“This is Yaoshis car press conference.

Its not good for you to ride a horse over, right”

“Cars are a means of transportation after the appearance of modern civilization.

Horses have been a means of transportation for the many years that modern civilization was not advanced enough.

Even now, there are people in many places who rely on horses as transportation.

Theres no difference in status, and theres no need to look down on one type because of the other.

Furthermore, I think that Yaoshis cars are very similar to horses.

A horse galloping is the meaning of transportation, and it also symbolizes the rise of a brand, right”

His words were reasonable and rebutted the reporter.

Director Ren, who was originally very worried about him, could not help but be overjoyed when he heard these words.

If Yaoshi wanted to find a spokesperson, he naturally had to have a good image and temperament, as well as a certain level of culture.

Hearing Jiang Yuhengs words, he was indeed polite and magnanimous.

Director Ren immediately arranged for someone to take Jiang Yuhengs horse and take good care of it.

Jiang Yuheng walked towards Director Ren and the others.

“Not bad, young man,” Director Ren said with a smile.

“Im sorry, everyone.

I came a little late.

Im sorry.”

“Its okay, well take photos over there.” Director Ren smiled and patted his shoulder.

At this moment, a reporter had already posted Jiang Yuhengs photos online.

This series of photos was really too handsome.

Compared to the male entertainers who were dressed up and had heavy makeup on, Jiang Yuhengs masculine aura was overwhelming.

He was handsome when he rode the horse, and his dismounting posture was clean and neat.

The final photos were extremely interesting.

The comments section had already fallen.

“Hes so handsome! Hes really amazing!”

“Jiang Yuheng is a little tanned, but he looks even more manly.”

“Hes so handsome, hes perfect boyfriend material.”

“So this vibe is really good.

What he said makes sense.

Its all transportation.

There shouldnt be a better or worse when comparing cars or horses.”

“Hey, it seems like the logo of Yaoshi is a horse From the looks of it, its actually quite compatible.”

For a moment, the word Yaoshi reached an unprecedented height with Jiang Yuheng and his horse.

Many people clicked on the hot search because of the horses photo and realized that it was related to the car.

Then, those who were interested started discussing it together.

Everyone spontaneously discussed the performance, fuel consumption, and space design of Yaoshis car from the horses running speed.

Then, they realized that the car was really quite good and the price was very reasonable.

Hence, some people started to call Yaoshi to ask about more relevant content.

Some people even made an appointment to test drive.

The staff of the 4 stores were very surprised to receive so many consultation calls at night.

When they heard that they were all related to Jiang Yuheng, they naturally had to make a summary.

The activity at the scene was still ongoing.

Department head Liang went on stage and recommended Zhang Yunfei with all his might.

Yue Xiu and Zhang Yunfei had victory in their hands.

After getting off the stage, Department Head Liang walked up to Yue Xiu and said in a low voice, “Theres basically no problem with what happened tonight.

Ive already reported to the headquarters about Jiang Yuheng being late and not taking Yaoshis car over.

The headquarters is very dissatisfied with this kind of work attitude.

If theres no problem, we can sign the spokesperson contract tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Department Head Liang,” Yue Xiu said with a smile and glanced in Shi Jins direction.

Indeed, seeing that Director Rens expression was not too good, he must have obtained the headquarters opinion.

Car companies had very strict requirements for their representatives.

It was not something that people like Department Head Liang and Director Ren could decide on alone.

Since the headquarters had already spoken, there was not much room for change.

After the event ended, Yue Xiu said with a smile, “Department Head Liang, I left a few bottles of good wine from the French Bordeaux winery.

Ill treat you to a few drinks tonight.

Yunfei, come along too.”

“Sure,” Department Head Liang agreed readily.

The three of them got into Yue Xius car.

Department Head Liang did not avoid being seen with them.

Anyway, the spokesperson was about to be announced, so it was very normal for him to have a working relationship with the spokesperson.

“Im still very grateful for Department Head Liangs strong recommendation for what happened today,” Yue Xiu said.

“After that, Yunfei will have other dramas to appear in.

It will also have a great publicity effect for Yaoshi.

This is a win-win cooperation between us.”

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