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If Zhang Yunfei really took over this car endorsement, his business endorsement would surpass others.

Looking at the situation today, the others were all ordinary cars.

Only Zhang Yunfei was riding a super new season car.

It seemed like everything was clear.

Yue Xiu brought Zhang Yunfei into the hall.

Department Head Liang went forward and greeted warmly, “Miss Yue, Yunfei!”

“Yunfei, this is Yaoshis head of marketing, Department Head Liang.”

“Hello, Department Head Liang.” Zhang Yunfeis attitude was respectful.

“Theres no need to be reserved.

Its good that youre here,” Department Head Liang said with a smile.

“Yunfei is even taller than I saw him on television.

He looks quite energetic.”

“Thank you, Director Liang.”

Yue Xiu smiled and said, “Its not an exaggeration to say that he has tens of millions of female fans.

Yunfeis next drama will be filmed soon.

I wonder how many fans he will attract then.”

“Thats true.

His conditions are good to begin with.

Its so easy to attract fans.

His popularity will also increase.” The more Department head Liang looked at Zhang Yunfei, the more satisfied he was.

“Director Ren, Miss Yue and Yun Fei are here.” Department head called out to Director Ren.

Director Ren had already investigated Zhang Yunfei and knew that some of his dark spots in the past, such as his disrespect for women, his loose tongue, and so on, were not good for him.

However, because this was not too much dirt, when Yaoshis internal investigation was done, he did not directly pass on Zhang Yunfei.

However, Director Ren was already very inclined to Jiang Yuheng, who had a better character.

“Welcome,” Director Ren said with a smile.

“Its really a pleasure to have you two here.

When Shi Jin and Jiang Yuheng come later, we can have a good chat.”

“So Shi Jin and Jiang Yuheng havent arrived yet” Yue Xiu said in surprise.

“Then lets wait for them here”

“Alright.” Director Ren agreed immediately.

Jiang Yuheng was someone he thought highly of, so he had to give him face.

The four of them stood still and looked in the direction of the red carpet entrance.

The other artistes had already boarded their cars and entered one after another.

Not only did they publicize themselves, but they also promoted Yaoshis car.

It seemed like only Shi Jin and Jiang Yuheng had not arrived.

“Could Shi Jin and Jiang Yuheng be in a traffic jam” Zhang Yunfei said softly.

These words were very meaningful, clearly reminding the others that Jiang Yuheng was late.

Jiang Yuheng was actually late for such an important event.

This made peoples imagination run wild.

The reporters outside were also whispering to each other.

“Why isnt Jiang Yuheng here yet”

“Isnt it a little inappropriate for this person to act like a big shot just after he became famous”

“Has Jiang Yuheng become arrogant”

As they spoke, a Yaoshi car entered the venue.

This car was clearly an old model from a few years ago.

Although the color was okay, it had been around for a long time and the style was a little old.

However, there were some decorations on this car, making the entire car look fashionable and lively, glowing with new colors.

This exquisite effort was still very impressive.

The reporters were busy taking photos when Shi Jin got out of the car.

She was a popular female artist and was even more famous than Jiang Yuheng and Zhang Yunfei.

The reporters naturally would not be stingy with the film and kept taking photos.

However, they did not see one of the main characters tonight, Jiang Yuheng.

“This is an old car.

Although its beautiful, its inevitable that its an old car.

So Jiang Yuheng feels that he has been neglected, so hes not coming”

“It looks like Jiang Yuheng isnt being arrogant.

Its just that Yaoshi doesnt think highly of him and hes too embarrassed to come.”

“So, has Yaoshi already confirmed that the spokesperson is Jiang Yuheng”

Discussions sounded all around.

Director Ren was also very surprised.

He asked Department Head Liang, “How was this car arranged for Shi Jin and the others”

“This is something that I handed to my subordinates.

Ill get someone to investigate in a while.

If this is not done well, we really should give the people below a good lesson.” Department head Liang also had an angry expression.

Later, he would deal with his two subordinates and give Director Ren an explanation.

Yue Xiu said indifferently, “Then it looks like Jiang Yuheng wont be coming.”

Director Ren had already guessed that Department Head Liang might have secretly used his authority to deliberately block Jiang Yuheng.

However, without evidence, it was not appropriate for him to speak casually.

He was displeased that such a thing had happened, but he could only suppress his anger for the sake of the overall situation.

Shi Jin strode over and greeted everyone.

“Shi Jin.” Yue Xiu was finally standing together with Shi Jin, facing her.

Her gaze was arrogant and provocative as she looked down at Shi Jin, revealing her arrogance.

When everyone else liked and thought highly of Shi Jin, she had an inexplicable hostility towards her.

She had won beautifully tonight, so she naturally did not want to hide her high profile.

“Miss Yue.” Shi Jin walked up to her.

“Its my honor to meet you again.

Im really happy tonight.”

“Thats right, Im very happy too.

Why Didnt you bring Jiang Yuheng along I remember that Jiang Yuheng was someone you supported.”

Shi Jin smiled faintly.

“Minister Liang, Director Ren, Im really sorry.

I came first.

When Yaoshi arranged for a car to pick us up just now, this cars performance was quite good and it was quite comfortable to sit in.

However, its appearance is indeed a little unworthy of Yaoshis reputation.

Its fine if were criticized, but if Yaoshi said something because of this, that wont be good.

Therefore, I drove the car over and decorated it briefly to avoid damaging Yaoshis reputation.”

Her words were neither soft nor hard, neither servile nor overbearing, and they did not carry any resentment, but she explained the matter clearly.

Department head Liang had no choice but to say, “Ive already discussed this matter with Director Ren just now.

It was my incompetence that caused such inconsideration.

I apologize to you here.”

However, no matter what, it had already happened.

When the time came, Jiang Yuheng would not be able to turn the tables.

Minister Liang was flexible.

He was still good at acting.

“Its inevitable to make mistakes with so many people.

I understand,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

“Its precisely because I went to arrange a car just now that I got separated from Jiang Yuheng.

The traffic jam over there is serious, so we didnt wait for him to come with us.

At this moment, he should be thinking of a way to come over.

I guess he should be arriving soon.”

Department Head Liang smiled and said, “Then lets wait for him.”

He guessed that Jiang Yuheng would probably find a car.

However, other cars could not enter todays auto show.

Then, it was very likely that he had walked in.

No matter what, he could not snatch Zhang Yunfeis limelight tonight.

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