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Chapter 78: The Most Important Man

The moment the thought rose in Fu Xiuyuans mind, he was overwhelmed by joy and also deeply regretted doubting Shi Jin and for being so jealous.

Shi Jin had been good to him ever since she promised to spend her life with him.

She never went against her word and was perfect.

However, he kept keeping an eye on her even though he had promised to trust her.

Fu Xiyuan kept checking to see if she had fallen for Chu Ling again.

He kept tabs on everything she did and spoke.

He also thought about every word she said and speculated what they truly meant.

Every moment, he was trying to figure out how she felt about him without actually being completely honest with her and trusting her.

He might have even hurt her in the process.

He almost let her down once more.

Fu Xiuyuan felt overwhelmed by his emotions.

His fingers trembled slightly as he continued reading her notebook.

[I finally know where to get the plant.

Its called the yao orchid.

It got exported abroad a long time ago.

Even though no one is able to cultivate it locally anymore, it is still being cultivated abroad.

I have to buy it, extract its essence, and give it to Fu Xiuyuan!]

Her handwriting was just like her.

It was beautiful and intelligent.

He could almost hear her uttering every word he read.

Fu Xiuyuan held the notebook tightly in his hand as he clenched his fist.

A thought kept running through his mind.

He was the most important man in her life!

From now on, he would never trust rumors.

Song Fan ran over hurriedly with his head covered in sweat.

Ever since Fu Xiuyuan strode out of the auction, he followed closely behind Fu Xiuyuan.

He was worried something bad would happen.

Song Fan ran the wrong way, so it took him some time to catch up with Fu Xiuyuan.

By the time he caught up with Fu Xiuyuan and gasped breathlessly, he noticed Fu Xiuyuan was not as agitated as he expected and seemed calm.

However, there was an intimidating look in Fu Xiuyuans eyes.

“Mr Fu” asked Song Fan cautiously.

“Lets go home,” said Fu Xiuyuan immediately.

After the car pulled up, Song Fan did not think too hard about today.

After all, he genuinely did not know what happened.

For the first half of the auction, he wanted to strangle Shi Jin and ask her whether she had a conscience.

For the second half of the auction, he was completely oblivious of what happened.


Shi Jin had already gone back to Repulse Bay Villa.

She had deliberately left her notebook behind for Fu Xiuyuan.

She certainly did not search for the yao orchid high and low because of Chu Ling.

She wondered if Fu Xiuyuan would read the notebook carefully.

She had cut the yao orchid earlier so that she could use it on him immediately.

The moment she got home, she placed the yao orchid petals in water and prepped them for use.

As she understood, the stem could be used for something else.

Just as she contemplated, she heard the butler shouting, “Welcome home, Mr Fu!”

Shi Jin sat up straight.

Fu Xiuyuan gave off a cool imposing aura.

Song Fan followed behind Fu Xiuyuan.

He had a nagging feeling that Fu Xiuyuan was about to raze the villa to the ground any moment now.

However, he didnt text Shi Jin to warn her.

If Shi Jin had fallen for someone else, she deserved this!

Fu Xiuyuan looked emotional as he approached her.

Shi Jin kept wondering in her heart if he had read the contents of her notebook as he approached her.

If he had not read her notebook, she would have to spend some time explaining it to him.

In an instant, Fu Xiuyuan pulled her up and drew her into his arms.


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