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Yaoshis new car exhibition continued as scheduled.

Many celebrities were invited to the auto show.

However, the ones who were valued the most were Zhang Yunfei and Jiang Yuheng.

Yaoshi arranged for a special car to pick up the artists.

This was not only a good opportunity to showcase the brand, but it also allowed artists to ride in the companys cars and increase their popularity.

Department Head Liang, the head of marketing, specially arranged for a top-notch luxurious car to pick up Zhang Yunfei.

Zhang Yunfei was with Yue Xiu, waiting for the car to arrive.

Seeing the latest Yaoshi car appear in front of him, all of the parts top notch, Yue Xiu smiled.

“Yunfei, get in.”

Zhang Yunfei followed her into the car.

Yue Xiu was very satisfied with this arrangement.

“This is the most luxurious and top-notch car in Yaoshi this year.

When it appears later, there will definitely be many reporters taking photos.

Remember to perform well.”

“I definitely will.

Speaking of which, is this a chance that Yaoshi released for me” Zhang Yunfei was a little excited.

In the entire entertainment industry, those who could obtain a car endorsement were either celebrities with top-notch works, celebrities with high popularity, or… celebrities with extremely good personal image and temperament.

Although Yaoshi was not a top-notch car, it was still a very good domestic car.

It was famous and the annual publicity was very good.

If he really worked with Yaoshi, his pictures would definitely be spread all over the S Nation.

In fact, Yaoshi would even bring its spokesperson to many variety shows to boost his reputation.

“Of course.” Yue Xiu patted the leather seat beneath her.

“Even if youre not, the reporters today will help you.”

Many of the reporters who were invited were people Yue Xiu had connections with.

Zhang Yunfei came in a top-notch car, so they naturally reported immediately.

This was a two-way choice between Yaoshi and Zhang Yunfei.

No, this was how much Yaoshi valued Zhang Yunfei.

When the time came and both sides were tied up, when Yaoshi saw such a good publicity effect, they would naturally be more inclined to choose Zhang Yunfei.

Zhang Yunfei was a little worried.

“Then, will the others take this car too”

“Apart from Jiang Yuheng, everyone else is in an old car.”

Zhang Yunfei understood.

It was just like being invited by a luxury clothing brand to watch a show.

The more valued an artist was, the more they would wear new products that had yet to be released.

As for ordinary artists, it was already not bad if they could wear the brand at all.

Some who were not famous enough could only borrow old models.

In the entertainment industry, the ranks were even more serious and cruel than imagined.

He immediately said, “Jiang Yuheng is also riding this type”

“Thats right, but he might not… be able to sit in it.

He should just ride in the old model of Yaoshi.” Yue Xiu had already gotten someone to change Jiang Yuhengs car into a very ordinary old model.

If he came in that car, he would definitely lose face and drag Yaoshi down.

The outside world did not care about his reasons.

They only knew that he had ruined things.

If he did not come or changed to another car, that would be even better.

The endorsement of Yaoshi would have nothing to do with him.

Zhang Yunfei could already see the successful scheme on Yue Xius face, so he was no longer worried about this.

Jiang Yuheng had just returned from the set and had become a little tanned.

However, his mental state was very full.

He had lost his overly fair and milky side and instead revealed a little masculinity.

Under Shi Jins picky gaze, she thought that his effects on camera were even better now.

The stylist had specially chosen a black casual suit for him.

It was capable and formal, but it would not be too old-fashioned.

“Not bad.

Do your best today,” Shi Jin encouraged with a smile.

Jiang Yuheng nodded.

“After the event ends, Ill return to the production team quickly.

I wont delay todays filming.”

His ambition was also extremely strong.

A moment later, Yaoshis car arrived.

Jiang Yuheng was a little stunned.

“This car…”

Not only was the style old, but it was also a little shabby.

Why would Yaoshi make such an arrangement

Shi Jin immediately saw that something was wrong.

“Yaoshi definitely wouldnt arrange for such a car to pick you up.

Today is a good day for their brand to promote.

Even if they didnt consider the artists, they wouldnt destroy their own reputation.

Someone else must have arranged it.”

“Then how are we going to get there” Jiang Yuheng had not expected anyone to use such a method.

“Its indeed very difficult.

If you take this car over, the Yaoshi will definitely deal with the relevant employees after this, but their impression of you will definitely be down.

They definitely dont want their new car to be tied to an old model.

Youre already bound to lose in this round.”

Shi Jin had not expected Yue Xius methods to become more and more obvious and despicable.

She actually openly used other peoples brands to achieve her own goals.

“Yaoshis new car is not on sale and cant be sold on the market.

Its very easy to find other cars, but if you casually find a car not from Yaoshi, others will also suspect you.

Wasnt it originally given to you Why didnt you come with the new car”

Jiang Yuheng understood.

“When we go to the scene, if I say that theres a problem with the car, it will definitely not be good for Yaoshis reputation.

I have to bear this grievance myself.

This move is really going to kick me out.”

He was suddenly famous and had seen quite a few ruthless methods in the entertainment industry.

However, it was really rare to see someone reach this stage.

“Miss Shi, Mr.

Jiang, please get in,” the driver said politely as he got out.

He was also very puzzled as to why his higher-ups had instructed him to drive such a car to pick them up.

However, this was not something that he could do, so he could not ask and just do as he was told.

Shi Jin asked Jiang Yuheng in a low voice, and he nodded.

“Alright, lets do that.” Shi Jin turned and got into the car.

Jiang Yuheng walked in another direction.

The driver asked, “Miss Shi, this…”

“As Jiang Yuhengs staff, Im also invited.

Ill go over first.”

Zhang Yunfei and Yue Xiu were already at the scene.

Because he was riding in a new car that had yet to be released, Zhang Yunfei attracted the attention of everyone present and the reporters took photos.

“Yunfei, look here.

Over here!”

“Quick, take photos of the person and the car!”

The reporters took photos of Zhang Yunfei crazily.

“So Yunfei is riding the latest model of the Yaoshi car today!”

“I can tell that Yaoshi thinks very highly of him!”

“Dont tell me Yunfei took this car as his endorsement”

Everyone knew that one of the endorsements that celebrities wanted the most was cars.

It was not only stylish, it could also greatly boost their reputation during publicity.

There was no need for fans to worry about sales.

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