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Seeing Shi Jin, Jiang Yuheng was very surprised.

“Shi Jin, why are you here”

Shi Jin briefly explained what had happened.

The matter was too serious.

Jiang Yuhengs face immediately flushed red, and he was anxious to explain.

“Its not like that.

I can explain, I can explain!”

He was so anxious that he almost stuttered.

An assistant director standing by the side stepped forward and said, “I was wondering what it was.

So its this.

Shi Jin, Yuheng bought the medicine for me.”

“Whats going on” Shi Jin already had an idea, but she still had to understand.

“Shi Jin, youre a medical student, right Then let me explain briefly, and youll understand.

I have pulmonary hypertension.

You also know this illness.

The medicine I need is similar to the ingredients in Viagras medicine.

I didnt expect the filming mission to be so difficult this time.

The illness is a little serious.

I finished the medicine and didnt have a place to buy it for a while.

Our phone reception here isnt even good… Thats why I got Yuheng to help me buy some medicine from the pharmacy at the foot of the mountain.”

When Shi Jin heard this, she knew that he was not lying.

“Can you give me your medical records”

The assistant director naturally did not want to implicate Jiang Yuheng and immediately gave all the information to Shi Jin.

“Thank you.

Then, you can rest well.

If you need any medicine, Ill arrange for someone to send it to you,” Shi Jin said.

The assistant director had a good impression of her.

He said with a smile, “Alright, thank you.”

Shi Jin sorted out the information he had given her and said to Jiang Yuheng, “Rest assured and film.

Dont worry.

Ill help you resolve the matter here.”

“Alright, I believe there wont be a problem.”

Shi Jin sorted out the other things before returning with Fu Xiuyuan.

The mountain path was difficult to traverse, and Fu Xiuyuan had not rested at all.

“Hubby, let me drive for a while.” Shi Jin did not want him to work too hard.

“Didnt you also not rest” Fu Xiuyuan patted her hand.

“Dont worry, its okay.

When we reach the highway intersection, someone will pick us up.”

Although Shi Jins heart ached for him, she did not dwell on it and immediately posted the information she had obtained.

The matter had blown up, and Shi Jins clarification quickly became a hot topic.

In the hot search, everyone saw the truth behind Jiang Yuhengs purchase of medicine.

“I know this assistant director.

He previously filmed a few dramas likeLate Night andUndercurrent.

He took a back seat because of pulmonary arterial hypertension and didnt continue to be the executive director.”

“Thats right.

Previously, he almost had an attack during the award ceremony.

Fortunately, he took medicine in time and it eased.

At that time, I remember that a doctor and a professional medicine blogger came out to explain this illness.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Looking at this medical record, he has a medical history of more than twenty years.”

“But why dont you buy professional medicine Why buy such medicine”

“Have you seen the video Jiang Yuhengs manager posted If not, go take a look.”

Then, everyone went to watch the video.

It turned out that Jiang Yuheng was filming a military-themed project in a remote mountain area.

It was very far from the city, so far that the cell phone signal was very bad.

In the video, every actor and director was disheveled.

They seized the time to film.

For more than ten days in a row, everyone was busy day and night.

Their activities were so tight it was suffocating.

Under such circumstances, the medicine the assistant director needed was naturally not convenient to buy online, nor was it easy to find someone to send it over.

Jiang Yuheng buying medicine for the assistant director was naturally valid.

“Heavens, so Jiang Yuheng sleeps for only three to four hours a day.”

“What can he do with this little time”

“If he really wants to use this medicine, wont he die suddenly in the mountains over there”

“The person who spread the rumors is really bad!”

“Theyre filming a military theme.

The paparazzi are really too much.

I dont believe these paparazzi dont know that this assistant director is filming together.

For the sake of popularity, they dont care about the truth and slander them.”

“How tragic.

The paparazzi can all die!”

“Im looking forward to Jiang Yuhengs television drama!”

Once the rumors were cleared, the fans immediately started helping Jiang Yuheng with his new drama.

This drama that no one originally cared about or knew about suddenly had a name.

Everyone also knew that this drama was very difficult to film and everyone was very diligent.

Difficulty and effort were basically equivalent to a good story in everyones hearts.

The “I Am a Special Soldier” that Shi Jin had invested in had used one trending search and a night of running around for Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan to achieve an effect that even spending 50 million yuan to publicize could not achieve.

The people who were originally mocking Jiang Yuheng had also begun praising him.

Some people even praised the assistant director for his professionalism.

Anyway, there was all sorts of praise.

The production team took the opportunity to release a trailer.

In short, this drama had everything.

Seeing that public opinion had been reversed, Shi Jin put down her phone in relief.

She turned back and saw that Fu Xiuyuan was still accompanying her.

Her heart softened.

She held Fu Xiuyuans face and kissed him.

The mans cold face suddenly turned red.

Clearly, he had not expected to be kissed by her in such a way.

However, the blush quickly dissipated.

He stood up, supported the back of Shi Jins head, and returned the kiss to her doubly.

Yue Xiu had not expected such a situation.

She had worked hard to get someone to mess with Jiang Yuheng, but in the end, she had benefited Shi Jin and made her take the opportunity to promote a new drama.

This also made her understand that creating scandals without any dirt was also a skill.

It was very likely that she would spend a lot of money, but she would only help others raise their status.

This also proved that Jiang Yuheng indeed had no dirt on him.

There was no value in messing with him.

Shi Jin had already guessed that it was Yue Xiu.

Yao Jiahong said softly, “Shi Jin, Yue Xius status is not something ordinary people can compare to.

She is determined to support her own people now.

I think we should avoid her.”

“Why should I Shes already stepping on my head.

Why should I avoid her” Shi Jins tone was indifferent, but her attitude did not hesitate at all.

“Then… should I tell Master Fu” Yao Jiahong had never been afraid of any competitors in the industry over the years.

However, Yue Xiu was not from the industry.

He was worried that something would happen to Shi Jin if she fought head-on.

“No need.

Ive already said that I wont look for Fu Xiuyuan unless I have no choice.”

His accompaniment was one thing, his power was another.

Yao Jiahong nodded.

“I understand.”

“Doesnt Yaoshi want to choose between Zhang Yunfei and Jiang Yuheng Then lets see who has the ability to obtain the endorsement for that car brand!”

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