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Seeing that Yue Lanchen had received enough blows, Shi Jin said calmly, “Its okay.

Fu Xiuyuan is not the only expert in the world.

You can compete more and see more people.

Your chances of begging for defeat will also increase.”

Yue Lanchen burst into tears.

Could he recover

He knew his mistake.

Stop scolding.

Stop scolding.

Shi Jin saw the change in his expression and expected what he was thinking.

She said, “I heard that the eSports competition has already been included in the Asian Games.

If nothing unexpected happens, you will have a chance to enter such an official large-scale competition this year.”

“Really” Yue Lanchens frustration was gone, and his face was filled with joy.

“It was just a rumor that I heard, everything still has to wait for the official news.”

“Thats great! Since youve heard about it, it must not be far from being official! Our sport has finally been officially recognized.

Thats great!”

Yue Lanchen picked up his bag and stood up.

“Im going back.”

He had to practice more later.

There was always someone better.

He had truly seen this tonight.

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If he lay down and enjoyed himself just because he had some good performances, he would be beaten up at some point.

Seeing that he was in a hurry, Shi Jin did not stop him.

Fu Xiuyuan said from the side, “The eSports competition has indeed been included in the Asian Games.

Ive already seen the notice.

I think there will be news soon.”

“Thats great!” Shi Jin said with a smile.

“Its time for my game company to officially open for business.”

“Its not fast.

It took a long time to prepare and find a professional team.

With this, we can be listed soon.”

Fu Xiuyuan looked at her seriously.

“You grasped every opening very accurately.”

“After all, Im Fu Xiuyuans wife.

With such a good husband, being imperceptibly influenced will also make me very powerful, right” Shi Jin pounced into his arms.

Fu Xiuyuan hugged her in satisfaction and smiled.

After Yue Lanchen was dealt a blow, he did not dare to lower his guard after returning.

He took out more time to train than before.

When the team saw that he was already so powerful and still working so hard, they also trained with him.

In this way, the entire teams results improved by leaps and bounds.

Manager Lu was so happy that he could not close his mouth.

Who knew that after picking up such a treasure, the entire team would change

When the news that eSports had been included in the Asian Games officially spread, Manager Lu was even more shocked and happy.

This was equivalent to this sport being truly recognized by the entire mainstream society!

This was an unexpected surprise!

It was a huge boost to his and all his team members careers.

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Upon learning that this had been included in the Asian Games, Yue Xiu felt a little disdainful.

Even now, she could not tell if she disdained this sport, Yue Lanchen, or Shi Jin.

However, this matter could not be transferred with her willpower.

Things were already progressing steadily.

Yue Lanchen had also been confirmed as a participant and was now preparing for the preliminaries.

Some people in the Yue family expressed their worry about Yue Lanchen not focusing on important things in the past.

Now that they heard this news, their attitude changed drastically.

In the WeChat group, they directly tagged Yue Feng and said nicely, “Lanchen is really determined.

Hes really amazing.”

“Our Second Uncle teaches well.

As the saying goes, a tiger father will not have a dog son.”

“Its also because our Yue family has always produced talents.

Look at Yue Liang, look at Yue Xiu, look at Yue Yu, and look at Lanchen.

Which one of them isnt a dragon among men Our Yue family has good feng shui.”

Yue Feng looked at these people and found them funny.

Madam Yue brought him tea and said, “As the saying goes, there are dead branches in a big tree.

Our family really has too many people.

Over time, there are really all kinds of people emerging.

Fortunately, Lanchen himself is hardworking.

Otherwise, I dont know how these people would fabricate lies about him.”

“Its also good to let him train this time.

Theres no need to block what these people in the family say from him.

Hes not young anymore.

Its time for him to see more people and know the coldness and warmth of human nature.”


I wonder what this competition will be like” Madam Yue was a little worried.

“I heard that the career of an eSports player is quite short.

I wonder if our son will retire with any injuries.”

“Madam, youre worrying too early.

Dont think too much.”

While Yue Lanchen was preparing for the preliminaries, Shi Jin was not idle either.

The game was already on the market.

Her main job was to help Jiang Yuheng and Yan Xin gain a foothold in the entertainment industry.

These were the two newbies she had brought up with all her might.

They were both friends and precious talents of the company.

Jiang Yuhengs rise was faster, and she spent more time on him.

Previously, Yue Xiu had brought Zhang Yunfei along, but had not gotten Guangxings cell phone advertisement.

He was already quite afraid of Shi Jin and Jiang Yuheng.

This time, Yue Xiu was determined to obtain a new endorsement.

This time, a car brand, Yaoshi, was looking for a spokesperson in the country.

At the moment, quite a few male celebrities had already entered the waiting list.

Every year, at the auto show, Yaoshi would invite male artists to watch the show.

After watching it, they would have to go through a series of inspections before they could confirm who the spokesperson was.

This was the arrogance of the car brand and their usual way of doing things.

At the moment, Zhang Yunwei and Jiang Yuheng were the most advantageous competitors.

No matter what, in the entertainment industry, having representative works was the way to go.

Only if the work was broadcasted well would it be the foundation of everything.

Up to now, only two peoples works had been popular.

Naturally, both of them were competitive.

Before watching the show, a meeting was being held in Yaoshis marketing department.

The sales director was very optimistic about Jiang Yuheng.

“Ive seen this young man before.

Last time, when he was with Shi Jin, his attitude towards even the janitors was very friendly.

Furthermore, he does things with a sense of propriety and is very hardworking.

He doesnt have any bad habits or dark spots.

All the current data can support my opinion, so Im still quite inclined to Jiang Yuheng.”

The others nodded.

“Jiang Yuheng is indeed not bad.

During the popular broadcast ofWind Cloud, he was not arrogant or rash and maintained his usual humble attitude.

Such a young man has a healthy image and is beneficial to our brand.”

Everyone nodded.

However, the head of marketing shook his head and said, “I think hes still too young.

He hasnt debuted long enough.

Its only been a while since he became famous.

It might not last long.

Our car brand will take at least a year to sign a spokesperson.

What if he only becomes famous for three months and then quickly disappears Itll hurt our brands reputation.”

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