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Shi Jin had been sitting by the side.

When she saw Yue Xius attitude, she could not help but shake her head.

Was this the temperament of the so-called Young Miss of the Yue family

Then Yue Lanchen could really be said to have had a good upbringing.

Manager Han turned around and said in a helpless tone, “Miss Shi, Im really sorry.

Actually, we thought very highly of Yuheng from the beginning.

We didnt want anything to happen midway.

Fortunately, things have returned to their original state.”

“Its okay, Manager Han.

I heard that you want the spokesperson to play games”

“Thats indeed the case.

After all, our phone is mainly suitable for gamers.

In this way, the market were targeting is more for men.

If the spokesperson plays the game well, it will reduce the resistance male customers have towards him.”


I wonder if Manager Han has seen Yuhengs information”

“Ive seen them all.

I heard that Yuheng is good at games”

Jiang Yuheng said humbly, “I like to play when I have nothing to do.

Im a loyal fan of mobile games.”

“Thats great.” Manager Han was deeply satisfied.

Without the interference of an arrogant person like Yue Xiu, the discussion between the two sides was very harmonious.

They quickly finalized the details and procedures of the cooperation.

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After signing the contract, Shi Jin thought for a moment and said, “Manager Han, you just said that you want to place an advertisement at the Asian Games and might even cooperate with a professional gamer.

So, is e-sports going to enter the Asian Games now”

“I wont hide it from you.

This is the internal news I received.

It says that eSports is about to be included in the Asian Games.

Just this once, there will be news soon.”

Shi Jin nodded.

“Thats really good.”

She remembered that there was such news in her previous life, but it was only many years later that e-sports was recognized by mainstream society.

Now, it seemed that Shi Jin had come early.

Then, there would be even more opportunities for Yue Lanchen.

“Manager Han, have you found a partner I know some gaming teams.”

“Really Thats great! Miss Shi, can you introduce us” Although Manager Han had some understanding of the current domestic eSports teams, if they were to talk about cooperation, there had to be a middleman.

It was more convenient.

Shi Jin left Manager Lus contact information to Manager Han.

Seeing that it was Team Danger, Manager Han was very happy.

“Ive seen this teams competition.

Its really not bad! Its also one of the top teams in the country.

It looks like this time, it will really help our new cell phone launch.”

After the contract was signed, Shi Jin and Jiang Yuheng left.

After getting the driver to send Jiang Yuheng off, Shi Jin called Yue Lanchen.

“Hows the competition recently”

“Take a guess.” Yue Lanchens voice was filled with smugness.

Shi Jin had actually seen his matches.

He was getting more and more skilled each time.

As his cooperation with his teammates increased, Yue Lanchens skills were simply soaring.

Coupled with his already good hand speed and consciousness, he had already become famous.

“I dont know.

Tell me yourself.”

“Me Well, lets put it this way, being the best is lonely, Im begging for defeat.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Come over tonight.

Ill see if you can beg for defeat.”

At night, Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan had dinner.

They sat on the sofa and did their own things.

Fu Xiuyuan watched the financial news and Shi Jin wrote her own music.

Only when people saw that her feet were on Fu Xiuyuans legs would they notice how intimate they were.

Yue Lanchen really came obediently.

The moment he entered, he was shocked by such a scene.

Shi Jin retracted her feet.

Fu Xiuyuan, on the other hand, had an expression that said, “Why are you here”

Yue Lanchen sat on the sofa casually.

“Sister Shi, have you seen me in the recent competition Arent I performing extremely well”

“It is very good.

Why dont you play with me” Shi Jin asked.

Shi Jin asked Fu Xiuyuan, “Do you want to play”

“No.” Fu Xiuyuan could not be bothered to accompany Yue Lanchen.

“Hubby” Shi Jin changed the way she addressed him and smiled.

Fu Xiuyuan put down the paused financial news and switched to the game interface.

When Yue Lanchen saw that the two of them had come, he did not take it to heart.

Shi Jins skills were not bad, but she lacked practice.

He believed that she could not compare to him.

As for Fu Xiuyuan, Yue Lanchen had never played games with him, but Fu Xiuyuan actually played games too

Anyway, it was very difficult for Yue Lanchen to connect Fu Xiuyuan with gaming.

Yue Lanchen slowly panned around the screen.

His actions were slow and calm.

He was thinking about how to give in to Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin and not let them lose so badly.

Only then could he show that he was very sincere and not reveal that he was deliberately going easy on them.

He had to give his sister and brother-in-law face.

“Shall we begin” Shi Jin asked.

“Begin!” Yue Lanchen immediately took an extremely strong stance.

On the other hand, Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan were more relaxed than the other.

Then, amidst their leisurely expressions, Yue Lanchen lost!

He had participated in so many formal competitions.

The title of the Lonely Champion was not him bragging, it was given to him by countless eSports audiences!

He had yet to fail so far, and his teams overall performance had also increased.

Yet now, in the hands of the two of them, he had been defeated just like that Defeated


It had to be a mistake.

“Again,” Yue Lanchen shouted.

Hence, Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan started again.

This time, Yue Lanchen was filled with energy.

He was no longer as indifferent as before and went all out to fight.

This time, he lasted longer than last time.

However, he did not last long enough.

In a moment of disbelief, he still lost.

Fu Xiuyuan exited the game.

“Im not playing anymore.

You two can play by yourselves.”

Yue Lanchen widened his eyes.

“What games do you usually play Whos playing with you”

“I dont usually play, apart from accompanying Shi Jin sometimes.”

Yue Lanchen: “So youre a complete newbie”

“Not new.

Ive been playing with Shi Jin for half a year.”

The blow came too suddenly and was unacceptable.

What did he mean by playing for half a year! Can he let a professional player like him live

He had been training in the training room day and night!

He had been dealt a heavy blow.

He suddenly felt that the title of Lonely Champion was quite ironic.

It was quite funny that he had accepted that title so calmly and happily.

He almost lay on those words and slept soundly.

Tonights scene was like a blow to the head.

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