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Now, reality had slapped her hard.

“Miss Yue, Wind Cloud is only halfway through.

If we release it now, we still have a chance to fight them,” the assistant said.

The longer it dragged on, the worse it would be for Millenium Journey.

Yue Xiu immediately contacted the television station.

The person-in-charge of the television station was also in a difficult position.

“The prime time television series is currently broadcasting, so its impossible to directly cut off someones waist, right Our stations few prime time variety shows also occupy some night time every week, so we really cant broadcast it for you in advance.

Miss Yue, you understand our difficulties, right”

“Then I want to find an online platform to broadcast it first.

Ill broadcast it on your television station later.”

The person-in-charge was shocked.

“But in that case, the popularity of the television series will be on the Internet.

Well be at a disadvantage if we broadcast it later.”

“When the time comes, Ill think of a way to compensate you.

Thats settled.” Yue Xius attitude was very firm.

After she hung up, she immediately found an online platform.

The current online platforms did not have that much say.

Compared to television stations, they were still considered a second-rate broadcasting platform.

Since Yue Xiu had taken the initiative to look for them, they were naturally happy to broadcast it first and grasp the popularity of this wave.

Millennium Journey was finally up.

Once it went up, Yue Xiu could only follow up with the advertisement that she had signed for the male and female leads previously.

However, the previous advertisements were all limited to the season.

For example, halfway through the show, it happened to be the Lantern Festival.

In real life, it also happened to be the Lantern Festival.

The endorsement of this Lantern Festival happened to coincide with the advertisement and television drama.

However, now that the television series was on first and the real-life holidays had yet to arrive, the expected effects would not be achieved if the advertisements were released first.

The advertisers were also complaining about Yue Xius actions.

Yue Xius reaction was very fast, and she had finally seized the initiative and snatched a portion of the audience from Wind Cloud.

However, as the dramas from both sides were broadcasted, the audience gradually became picky.

They compared the characters, plot, and acting skills of the actors.

The people Yue Xiu had chosen were the A-list celebrity, Zhang Yunfei, and the popular actress, Shangguan Yinyin.

Yet they were being compared to Jiang Yuheng and Yanxin, these two invisible people.

In this aspect, they had already lost.

Furthermore, the audience felt that Zhang Yunfei and Shangguan Yinyins acting skills were completely inferior to Jiang Yuheng and Yan Xin, and the overall story was also inferior.

The feedback on the Internet for Millenium Journey was suppressed from the beginning.

Yue Lanchen had finally taken a break.

The moment he came, he quickly went to watch this drama.

“My cousin spent so much money onMillenium Journey, but this is it” Yue Lanchen was puzzled.

“It cant even compare to a fraction ofWind Cloud.”

“Look, the cost of the costumes and scripts forMillenium Journey is more than three times that of ours.

Zhang Yunfei and Shangguan Yinyin, one is handsome on his own, one is beautiful on her own, but they dont look like a couple at all.

Your cousin also wanted to use the two of them to bring out some newbies and specially added a complete story line for the newbies.

Hence, before she could explain the main plot clearly, she went to talk about the secondary plot, causing everyone to drag it over when they saw the secondary plot line.

Thats why people said that the story was not good and couldnt understand it.”

Yue Lanchen was the kind of person who would skip everything over when he saw a branch that had nothing to do with the main storyline.

He said, “I understand.

Someone who wants everything cant catch anything.”

“Thats true,” Shi Jin said.

“Between doing things, the most difficult thing is to know what you want and advance towards this goal.

Even if you fail, its better than wanting to grab onto everything but being unable to grab onto anything.”

This could be said to be Shi Jins heartfelt words for so many years.

However, Yue Xiu did not understand this logic.

Millennium Journey looked good everywhere, but it was not satisfactory at all.

Soon, Shi Jin saw many people on the Internet slandering Jiang Yuheng and Yan Xins acting skills.

They were slandering them for having plastic surgery.

All kinds of rumors emerged endlessly.

She realized that Yue Xiu really could not sit still anymore.

She had even bought such low-level internet ghostwriters in an attempt to confuse the public.

However, most of the audience were not blind.

They did not need so many small essays to tell them who had good acting skills and who had bad acting skills.

They could see it.

As for plastic surgery, when Shi Jin chose actors back then, apart from having requirements for their character, she had eliminated those who had undergone plastic surgery at a glance.

Her eyes were even more poisonous than equipment.

How could she need people like these nitpicking

Yue Xius struggle indirectly showed that Wind Cloud had really become famous.

It was so famous that it made people jealous.

Yue Xiu still seized the opportunity and drank a bit of the soup.

If not for that, when Jiang Yuheng and Yan Xin stabilized themselves, it would be even more difficult for the “Millenium Journey” to obtain a share.

However, it was hard on those advertisers who had agreed to cooperate with Yue Xiu early on.

Many peoples marketing fees were wasted.

According to the original plan, when the last episode was broadcasted, the weather would turn hot.

The male and female leads had a scene where they were eating ice cream, and an ice cream manufacturer spent a lot of money to put up an ice cream advertisement.

However, it was aired a long time in advance.

At this time, the weather was still very cold.

When the ice cream advertisement came out, the effects were very bad, far from what the merchants had originally expected.

This also caused Yue Xiu to have some trouble if she wanted to promote her artists to take on other endorsements.

“Miss Yue, the brands we agreed on previously all said that they dont have any marketing plans for the time being, and they wont hire a spokesperson for now.” The assistant reported carefully.

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