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Unexpectedly, all he needed was a chance.

Seeing Yue Lanchen kill everyone, Manager Lu was overjoyed.

Finally, the match ended and Danger won easily.

His teammates surrounded Yue Lanchen and shook his hand.

They patted his shoulder and officially acknowledged him as a member of the team.

Everyone was shouting his name.

“Killer! Killer!”

In the bullet screen, it was also flooded by people spamming the name Killer.

“Killer is indeed a killer.

What a ferocious bayonet aimed at the enemy!”

“Hes too powerful! Hes already at this level in his first competition!”

“Danger, forever the best!”

Yue Lanchen ran towards the backstage, unable to suppress his excitement.

He had never thought that he would reach this step.

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In the past, when he was scolded for playing games, he had never thought that he could also treat this as a profession.

When he was looked down on on the field just now, he had never thought that he could become famous in one battle and conquer everyone.

Shi Jin was standing at the edge of the backstage.

Yue Lanchen rushed over and opened his arms to hug her, but Shi Jin poked his chest with her finger and blocked him.

Yue Lanchen recalled Fu Xiuyuans murderous gaze and understood what this meant.

He could only scratch his head.

“I won!”

“Congratulations,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

“I thought I wouldnt have a chance to go on stage today, but I went, and youre here too.

How nice.” Yue Lanchen was still smiling.

“Opportunities are left for those who are prepared.”

“Thats right.

Our usual training has not been in vain.”

“Lanchen, come here!” Someone called out to him.

“Come and take a photo.

Theres also a reporter interview!”

Yue Lanchen ran towards them.

Seeing Yue Lanchen appear in the interview, Yue Feng frowned, but did not say anything.

Recently, many people in the family had been talking about Yue Lanchen.

He was under a lot of pressure.

In the interview, Yue Lanchen was smiling brightly.

The youths high spirits made people smile knowingly.

Yue Feng turned off the screen and thought to himself, even if the family puts pressure on them, there was still him to bear it.

After this competition, Yue Lanchen had become an official member of Danger.

There were many competitions and activities to participate in next, and time was tight.


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After handing Yue Lanchen over to Team Danger, Shi Jin was busy with “Wind Cloud.”

Yao Jiahong reported to Shi Jin.

“Wind Cloud has already passed the review.

Now were just waiting for it to be released.”

“Then there might not be time for publicity.”

“Theres no need for much publicity.

The work is worthy of good ratings.

We can publicize it as its broadcasted.” Shi Jin had already seen the entire show and was very confident in the production.

She had always agreed that stories were greater than individual actors.

The overall ability of the production team was greater than the popularity of actors.

She had watched this drama herself, so she was confident.

“Alright, then well broadcast it on Time TV as soon as possible.”

When she heard that Wind Cloud had been approved, Yue Xiu was not worried at all.

The Millennium Journey in her hand had also been approved.

Not only that, but the male and female leads had also negotiated quite a few advertisements.

She was still waiting for the television stations schedule to broadcast the television series.

“Miss Yue, if we broadcast it a little later, will Shi Jin snatch all the popularity” The assistant was a little worried.

“Whats there to be afraid of We need to cooperate with the publicity and drop the show directly.

How many viewers know about our show The advertisements for the male and female leads have also been set at a fixed time.

The beverage endorsements we accept also follow the plot.”

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