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Yue Lanchen quickly glanced at the front row and locked his gaze on a person wearing a baseball cap.

It was indeed Shi Jin, who waved back to him.

The first half of the competition was very intense.

Just as it was about to end, Danger suddenly made a mistake and fell behind.

Before they could turn the situation around, it was time for halftime.

When Manager Lu, the leader, and the others saw the team members come, they realized that Mei Mei was supporting his abdomen with his hand, and sweat was dripping from his head.

It was because of a major mistake in Mei Meis position that they had lost points.

“Mei Mei, whats wrong” Manager Lu quickly asked.

He was already in so much pain that he could not speak.

LJ, who was beside him, said, “Looking at him, it should be acute appendicitis.

He needs to go to the hospital first.”

“But…” Mei Mei forced out these two words.

He was still thinking about the unfinished competition.

“Theres no buts.

The competition is important, but your health is even more important.” Manager Lu immediately called the emergency number.

“Dont worry.

Go to the hospital for a checkup first.

If theres any problem, well resolve it first.

After dealing with it, you can go back to competing.”

Soon, Mei Mei was sent to the hospital.

Yue Lanchen was Mei Meis substitute.

Manager Lu had not expected to use him so quickly.

After all, Mei Meis health had always been very good, and his condition had also been top-notch recently.

With such a situation suddenly happening, Yue Lanchen had to take over.

Fortunately, this was a very important official competition for Yue Lanchen, but to the entire team, it was not an important competition.

“Lanchen, you go.

Relax, dont be nervous.” Although Manager Lu knew that Yue Lanchen was fast and had outstanding consciousness, he also knew that he was not experienced enough and was not familiar enough with his teammates.

It seemed like he could only use this match to practice.

Yue Lanchen could see this attitude in the eyes of the others.

Clearly, everyone did not trust him enough.

Shi Jin knew that today was very important to Yue Lanchen, so she came specially.

He might not have a chance to go on stage, but he could come to the scene personally and feel the atmosphere of the official competition.

Yue Lanchen went on stage.

The host was introducing: “The person who will replace us is the new contestant, Killer.

Killers hand speed is outstanding, but this is his first time playing.

I wonder what surprise he will give us”

Hearing Yue Lanchen appear, Shi Jin was a little surprised.

She had not expected him to have a chance so quickly.

Some of the audience had deep feelings for Mei Mei.

When they heard that Killer had replaced Mei Mei, everyone was a little displeased.

“Whats going on Although todays competition is not critical, its still an official competition.

Why is there a newcomer”

“Who is this Killer Ive never heard of him before.”

“His first appearance Dont tell me hes going to bring Danger crashing down”

When Shi Jin heard this, she could not help looking in Yue Lanchens direction.

He was wearing a headset and could not hear what was being said below the stage.

His eyes were firm as he stared at the screen.

Shi Jin was relieved.

Although Yue Lanchen had just started the competition, he was determined.

As long as there was a chance, he would definitely be able to seize it.

When the competition had just started, Yue Lanchen was inexperienced and did not cooperate well with everyone.

Team Danger seemed to be in a risky position.

There were shouts from the audience.

The people watching the live broadcast were also questioning this new contestant.

Many people asked where Mei Mei had gone.

If not for the fact that it was impossible for Yue Lanchen to have gotten into the team using dirty methods, they would have cursed him for buying his way in.

The people from the other partys team were also secretly surprised.

“Theyre already behind, but they still replaced Mei Mei and let the newcomer go on stage.

What are they thinking”

“It looks like they want to give up this match”

Two minutes later, everyone started to be shocked.

After this contestant called Killer seemed to become familiar with some rules and content, he began to quickly obtain points.

He seemed to have suddenly awakened some skill.

His hand speed was so fast that it made the other party tremble, and his cooperation gradually improved.

The opposing team, who had been surprised just now, did not have the mood to think about anything else at this moment.

It was already very difficult for them to focus on fighting.

They were filled with vigilance and respect for their true opponents.

Manager Lus thigh was swollen from his own slapping.

“Good, good! Not bad!”

He had originally thought that Yue Lanchen still needed time to grow before he could officially compete.

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