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Everyone felt a chill down their spines.

In their impression, Madam Yue had always been a very gentle person and rarely lost her temper.

Even if she encountered a huge problem, she would always move her emotions and use reason.

At this moment, it could be seen that she was furious.

Yue Xiu sensed this even more.

Clearly, Madam Yue was pointing at the mulberry and scolding the locust.

She did not scold Yue Xiu, but every word she said could not escape her ears.

Facing Madam Yues accusation, no one dared to speak.

Yue Lanchen was very surprised.

He was originally worried that his mother would come and scold him and blame Shi Jin, but the truth was the opposite.

Seeing that everyone had stopped talking and that she was almost done venting her anger, Madam Yue said amiably, “Wang Zhen, Im also very grateful for your attitude towards Lanchen.

Its rare that youre still concerned about him at all times.

In the future, Ill have to rely on you for many things.

Dont stand on ceremony.

I was just concerned.

What I say might not be entirely right.”

Wang Zhen was already drenched in sweat.

When he heard Madam Yues soft words, he hurriedly said, “Its okay, Auntie.

Ill definitely understand the situation in the future before I speak.”

Madam Yue smiled and said, “Then I hope everyone can take care of Lanchen in the future.

If theres anything wrong with him, feel free to tell me.”

Everyone was frightened by her at this moment.

Who would dare to interfere with Yue Lanchens matters in the future

Yue Xiu was slapped in the face by Madam Yue.

She did not say anything and just stood by the side, thinking about something.

“Mom, our activity is about to end.

Ill go back with you,” Yue Lanchen said.

“What about Shi Jin Do you want to go back first, or do you want to stay a little longer” When Madam Yue faced Shi Jin, her eyes were kind and filled with respect and love.

“Since Lanchen is leaving, I should go back.”

“Alright.” Madam Yue walked forward and stood by Shi Jins side.

As they chatted, they walked out happily.

Yue Xiu had not expected Shi Jin and Madam Yue to have such a good relationship!

What was it about Shi Jin that Madam Yue valued so much

“Yue Xiu, your aunt is really protective of her child,” Wang Zhen said.

“I dont dare to interfere with Yue Lanchens matter next time.

My head is numb from Madam Yues scolding.”

The people beside them couldnt help but say, “Yue Xiu, since they all want to protect Shi Jin, its useless for you to interfere.

Lets see what Yue Lanchen will do in the future.

I think, tsk tsk tsk…”

They did not say the rest, but they already had the attitude of watching a good show.

Yue Xiu felt that her uncle and aunts family could not differentiate between right and wrong.

They would cry in the future.

She couldnt care less.

Let them be.

As they were sending Shi Jin back, Madam Yues attitude was very sincere.

“Dont take what happened tonight to heart.

Some of them are like this.

They think the wind immediately signals rain.”

“I know best what exactly is between you and Lanchen.” Madam Yue was very grateful that Shi Jin had helped Yue Lanchen get out of that detour.

Furthermore, the person beside Shi Jin was Fu Xiuyuan! How could she use Yue Lanchen for anything

Shi Jin smiled.

Madam Yue was amiable and gentle.

She was not a bad person and was much better than people like Yue Xiu.

After sending Shi Jin off, Madam Yue said nothing to her son, her expression very gentle and calm.

A few days later, Yue Lanchen was going to participate in the competition with Danger.

Although they said that he was participating in the competition, he was actually just a substitute.

Manager Lus attitude towards him was also very simple.

“Lets observe and feel the atmosphere of the competition first.

Take it slow.”

Yue Lanchen asked Shi Jin, “So will you come to watch the competition”

“I have to see if Im free,” Shi Jin said.

“Ill try my best to come over.”

“If you really cant come, then forget it.

Anyway, I dont necessarily have a chance to go on stage.

The official team members are all in very good shape.

It shouldnt be my turn.”

Although he said that, he still hoped that Shi Jin could come.

After all, this was his first official match.

What if he had a chance to go on stage

However, before the competition, he did not see Shi Jin.

Yue Lanchen could only let it go.

After Manager Lu finished giving everyone some encouragement, he said, “The competition has started.

Everyone, go in.”

Yue Lanchen stayed in the substitute position and waited.

His phone vibrated.

He took it out and saw that it was from Shi Jin.

“Im in the front row.”

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