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Chapter 77: Cut Them


Shi Jin swiftly wielded the scissors.

The yao orchid was in full bloom.

Three white unsullied yao orchids fell from its stem gently.

Just as the yao orchids were about to land on the ground, Shi Jin swiftly held them.

“What the hell are you doing” Chu Ling was in utter shock.

He could not wrap his mind around what Shi Jin was trying to do.

She held the flowers firmly in her hand as she looked at Chu Ling while he was in shock.

“I told you.

I want to give these flowers to the man I like.

Sadly, it is not you.”

The moment she finished her sentence, she turned to leave with one hand holding the yao orchid and the other holding its pot.

Everyone watched dumbfounded.

Shi Jin surprisingly did not give the flowers to Chu Ling.

Also, she even cut them off.

That had set her back $3 020 000! How could she just snip them off The orchids would be worthless after she cut the flowers off!

Chu Ling looked particularly awkward.

He clenched his fists firmly with his hands hanging at this side of his body as he did his utmost to control his emotions.

Now that Shi Jin had cut all three flowers off, it was undoubtedly more embarrassing than giving him three slaps.

The lights, props, and marketing were all in place.

However, Shi Jin surprisingly ended up doing this.

What on earth was she thinking Why did she do that

Hu Lai reached her hands out to stop the reporters and helped Chu Ling to leave.

“Stop taking pictures!

Hu Lai would rather get her assistant to bid for the flower if she knew this would happen!

Shi Xuexin did not dare to step forward and comfort Chu Ling since the reporters were around.

She could only watch as Chu Ling left with Hu Lai.

Hu Lai angrily glared at Deng Yufei before they left.

If Deng Yufei did not tell them about Shi Jin, they would not have committed such a huge mistake.

Deng Yufei knew she had offended Chu Ling and Hu Lai badly this time.

She was shocked by the scene as well.

Did Shi Jin have a change of heart Had she fallen for Fu Xiuyuan No way.

It was impossible! Why would Shi Jin snip off its flowers if she genuinely wanted to give the yao orchid to Fu Xiuyuan

Shi Jin purposely took the other exit when she left so that she would not run into Fu Xiuyuan.

Fu Xiuyuan got a shock when he saw her snipping off the flowers and saying those things to Chu Ling.

He quickly ran in Shi Jins direction.

By the time he caught up with Shi Jin, she had already left in a car.

In her hurry, she had left something behind.

Fu Xiuyuan hurriedly went over, picked up the notebook, and opened it pensively.

On the first page, she wrote something with her lovely handwriting: [Xiuyuan didnt sleep well tonight.

Song Fan says normal medicine already doesnt work on him.]

On the second page: [I feel terrible seeing how lousy he feels.]

Initially, Fu Xiuyuan looked stern before his face gradually relaxed.

By the time he got to the third page, his aura was completely different.

His fury had disappeared and he seemed calm.

On the third page, she wrote: [I finally came across a plant in “Ancient Flower Collection” that resembles orchids, but has different properties.

It is particularly effective in calming and inducing sleep within patients.

It is very effective for treating insomnia and manic depression.

The plant existed in ancient times, but I am not sure if it can be cultivated now.]

After he was done reading the third page, he felt a stabbing pain in his heart.

Shi Jin had come to the auction to get the yao orchid for his sake.

The most important man in her life that she mentioned was none other than him!

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