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However, as long as Madam Yue was not stupid, she could definitely tell what she was reminding and hinting at.

The smile on Madam Yues face did not change.

She was already very disgusted with this niece of hers.

If she did not know that Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan were together and that her son was personally entrusted to Shi Jin by Old Madam Bai, she would have believed Yue Xius brainwashing.

The people around them were all Yue Xius friends.

They did not think that there was anything wrong with her saying that.

Looking at Madam Yue, she was probably going to lose her temper tonight.

Shi Jin might not be able to bear the consequences.

“So you werent the one who called me, nor were you the one who got someone to call me,” Madam Yue said.

“I thought it was you who cared about Lanchen so much.”

Yue Xiu had no choice but to say, “I am concerned about Lanchen, but I dont want to alarm you.”

Madam Yue walked up to Yue Lanchen.

Yue Lanchen was afraid that she would say something harsh to Shi Jin and immediately stood in front of his mother.

“Mom, lets talk when we get home.”

“Theres nothing I cant say here,” Madam Yue said indifferently, looking at Shi Jin and Yue Lanchen calmly.

Then, she turned to ask Yue Xiu, “So who called me”

The curly-haired man standing behind Yue Xiu said, “Auntie, I called you.”

“The reason you called is” Madam Yue had a noble expression and an indifferent tone, but she had a temperament that made people have no choice but to submit.

“Its like this.

I saw that Lanchen had not returned home at such a late time and was afraid that something had happened to him.

I was a little worried, so I wanted to call you and ask you to rush him back early.”

Madam Yue replied, “Oh, isnt this a formal event What can happen Look at all of you.

Arent you all here to participate”

“I also saw Lanchen with this female artiste.

Auntie, you also know that we are still different from these people in the entertainment industry.

Their circle is messy.

If something happens to Lanchen, that wont be good.

After all, our Lanchen is not an adult yet.

As a man, he wouldnt be the one losing out, but if he causes any scandal and is written by reporters, that will really be a headache.”

This man was thinking the same thing as Yue Xiu.

What he meant was also what Yue Xiu meant, and it was also what they wanted.

“Wang Zhen, what bullsh*t are you talking about” Yue Lanchen asked angrily.

“Look, look.

I was just saying it casually.

Youre even angry and said dirty words.” Wang Zhen had an innocent expression.

Madam Yues expression immediately darkened.

Yue Xiu did not persuade her and thought that she was about to cause trouble for Shi Jin, ruthlessly making Shi Jin unable to step down in front of everyone.

“Wang Zhen.” Madam Yues tone was dark, completely different from her indifference just now.

“Shi Jin is a mutual friend of Lanchens father and me, and she is also a VIP of our Yue family.

She frequents our home, and our relationship is not ordinary.

His father and I dont think theres anything wrong with handing Lanchen to Shi Jin.

Do you think theres anything wrong”

He was not the only one.

Everyone else was shocked.

Madam Yue actually regarded Shi Jin as a friend

One had to know that with Madam Yue and Yue Fengs status, the parents of everyone present might not dare to say that they could be friends with them.

She actually said that she treated Shi Jin as a friend

Yue Xiu couldnt help but look at Shi Jin.

What did Madam Yue mean Had she been bewitched by Shi Jin

Wang Zhen was a little embarrassed.

Madam Yue raised her voice and her tone became even more stern.

“Also, you said that Lanchen is still underage, and will cause a scandal I want to ask, what scandal are you talking about What kind of scandal is it What kind of scandal is it”

“I… I…” Wang Zhen retreated a little.

“You also know that our Lanchen is not an adult yet.

You keep saying that he wants to cause a scandal.

Condemning someone is easy.

Are you going to frame our Lanchen from the beginning and pour dirty water on his head first”

Facing Madam Yues questions, Wang Zhen could not explain for a moment.

He was really taking the blame for Yue Xiu.

Madam Yue sneered.

“There are so many of you, and you can all be considered Lanchens elder brothers and sisters.

What Dont you want him to be a little better Whenever you see him make a friend, must you put a hat on him first to feel good about yourselves Hes just drinking fruit juice and attending an event with his friend.

That means hes not doing well and wants to have a scandal”

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