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“Shi Jin, leave Lanchen.

Name your conditions.”

Seeing that Shi Jin was moved, Yue Xiu knew that if there were conditions to discuss, Shi Jin would definitely agree.

She had seen many such women.

“Of course its true.

I have so many friends here to testify for me.

Cant it be true”

A smile slowly curled up on Shi Jins lips.

“In that case, can you leave the Yue family and not take your position as the Young Miss”

“You!” Yue Xiu was enraged.

“Didnt you say that I could give you any conditions” Shi Jins smile faded.

“If you cant afford to play, Miss Yue, dont give me any promises.”

Yue Xiu only felt that Shi Jin was shameless.

As long as she asked for money and jewelry, she would give it to her directly.

It would also let Yue Lanchen completely see through her.

However, Shi Jins answer put her in a difficult position.

Shi Jins voice became even colder.

“Or do you think that my friendship with Yue Lanchen is not worth such a condition Since you think that you can pay any price for your cousin, why do you think it touches your interests”

When the people around them heard her words, their attitude was similar to Yue Xius.

They felt that Shi Jin was too much.

However, Yue Xiu had indeed boasted just now.

If she wanted to take it back now, it would be extremely embarrassing, like smearing saliva on her own face.

Yue Lanchen could not help but laugh.

“I think its reasonable too.

If any of you come and say these words in front of me again, think about Sister Shis conditions first.”

The man behind Yue Xiu quickly walked over and whispered into her ear, “Madam Yue will be here soon.”

“Very good.” Yue Xiu smiled.

She wanted to see what this aunt had to say.

She wanted to see how Shi Jin would explain herself in front of Madam Yue again.

The people around them also felt that it was getting lively.

Since Shi Jin was not afraid of losing face, they would let her have a taste of death.

If Yue Xiu could not control Yue Lanchen, could it be that Madam Yue could not

“Madam Yue is here!” Someone saw Madam Yue and immediately said.

“What is my mother doing here” Yue Lanchen was very surprised.

Shi Jin glanced at Yue Xiu and guessed that it was her idea.

Yue Xiu met Shi Jins gaze, as if saying with her eyes, since you dont know whats good for you, dont blame me for being impolite!

When Madam Yue walked in, everyone immediately made way for her.

Everyones gazes at Shi Jin looked like they were reminding her, “Danger!”

Madam Yue usually had a good temper, but if she encountered anything related to her children, who didnt know that she was the most protective and could flare up

Seeing Madam Yue approach, Yue Lanchen shouted, “Mom!”

“Whats going on Why are there so many people here” Madam Yue said with a smile.

“Yue Xiu is here too”

“Aunt, I was attending an event with a few friends here.

I saw that Lanchen was here.

Hes still young.

I persuaded him to go home early, but I couldnt persuade him.

I dont know who called you and alarmed you.

I shouldnt have troubled you with such a small matter.

I can send Lanchen back myself.”

With those words, she removed her blame entirely.

“I see.

Then who called me to say that something big had happened to Lanchen here” Madam Yue asked.

“Its not a big deal.

They just thought that Lanchen had a girlfriend and were a little worried.

They didnt expect it to be Shi Jin.

Perhaps everyone just thinks that Shi Jin is a female celebrity after all.

If she is photographed by the paparazzi or reporters, it will not be good for Lanchen, so…”

The hidden meaning in Yue Xius words was layer after layer.

It was very complicated and contained an extremely derogatory meaning.

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