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“So this is what it is like to participate in fashion events.”

“Theres no media tonight.

Its easier.”

“Ill get another glass of fruit juice.” Yue Lanchen stood up and took two more glasses of fruit juice.

He handed one to Shi Jin.

“Sister Shi, here you go.”

“Your method really works.

I brought my parents a midnight snack and they agreed to let me participate in the training and competition.”

“Thats because they love you.”

Yue Lanchen was stunned for a moment.

He suddenly recalled his parents attitude.

It was very difficult for him to sense many things that he was used to.

However, after having it pointed out, it was completely different.

He was stunned for a moment before suddenly smiling.

“Yes, why was I so ignorant in the past”

From the side, someone saw the two of them and frowned.

They turned around and walked towards a private room.

In the private room, Yue Xiu was drinking and chatting with a few friends.

“Yue Xiu, your good cousin is with Shi Jin, talking and laughing outside.”

“Shi Jin” Yue Xiu was immediately displeased.

“How could she bring Lanchen to such a place”

The man who had spoken just now shook his head and said, “Its not that I want to say this, but your cousin is at an age where he cant withstand temptation.

Shi Jin is in the entertainment industry.

I dont know how smart she is.

How can she not know what Lanchens background is I wonder what her motive is for pestering him like this.”

A girl beside her shook her head and said, “I dont think so.

Shi Jin is from the Li family.

No matter what, the Li family…”

“No matter what, the Li family has declined.

They have long been kicked out of the four great families.” The man from before continued, “Do you dare to say that Shi Jin doesnt have the mood to hook up with Lanchen and revive her family”

Another man with slightly curly hair also said, “I think Shi Jin is too scheming.

Its fine if Lanchen is an adult, but how old is he now”

A ghostly fire burned in Yue Xius heart.

She was not concerned about Yue Lanchens future.

The future of the children of the second branch was not within her consideration.

However, the reputation of the second branch and the person with the surname Yue were closely related to her.

It was her face!

She immediately stood up and walked out.

The others were just watching the commotion and followed Yue Xiu out.

They walked out and saw Shi Jin and Yue Lanchen drinking fruit juice and chatting happily.

“Yue Xiu, you saw it too.

This is the situation,” the man standing behind Yue Xiu said with a shrug.

Yue Xiu walked towards Shi Jin, and the others stood either far or close.

Shi Jin had long sensed someone walking over and was surrounded.

She glanced at them indifferently and did not take them seriously at all.

On the other hand, Yue Lanchen saw Yue Xiu.

He stood up and said, “Cousin, what a coincidence.

Youre here too”

“It is a coincidence.

If not for such a coincidence, I wouldnt have known that you were here too.

Lets go, come home with me.”

“Ill go back myself later.”

Yue Xius expression collapsed.

“Come back with me.”

Yue Lanchen also lost his temper.

“My mother didnt even say anything about me.

What right do you have to make me go back”

He was already filled with anger towards Yue Xiu.

Why was she so bossy to him

Yue Xius friends were all around her.

When everyone heard Yue Lanchen flare up at her, Yue Xiu could no longer maintain her composure.

“Yue Lanchen!”

Yue Lanchen had a rebellious personality.

In the past, no one could control him, let alone Yue Xiu.

He decided to ignore Yue Xiu and sat in front of Shi Jin.

“Sister Shi, there are flies here.

Lets go to the side.”

Yue Xiu gave her friend behind her a look.

Someone immediately understood and called Madam Yue.

Yue Xiu walked up to Shi Jin and said, “Shi Jin, I know that youre already famous in the entertainment industry and have earned quite a lot of money.

As for the Li family, its not an unpresentable family.

However, compared to the Yue family, the Li family is still… I can understand if you want to find a ladder to help you climb up the ranks, but you cant use Lanchen.”

“What did you say” Yue Lanchen threw the cup in his hand onto the ground.

Shi Jin pressed him down and gestured for him not to lose his composure.

Under Shi Jins gaze, Yue Lanchen suppressed his temper.

Shi Jin stood up and faced Yue Xiu.

She was slender and tall, her gaze cold and indifferent.

“So, Miss Yue, what are you trying to say”

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