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Someone immediately tagged Yue Feng: “Second Uncle, you really want Lanchen to play games Hes already grown up, why is he still playing games”

“Thats right.

Why dont you let Lanchen follow me and intern in my company”

“Hes already a university student.

He can skip classes, but playing games…”

Although everyones words were spoken out of goodwill, the worry they showed towards Yue Lanchen still made Yue Feng inexplicably frustrated.

In the group, Yue Feng did not reply.

Many people came to message Yue Lanchen alone.

“Lanchen, what do you like to do Tell me, Ill help you! Or you can come to my company in name.

I dont need you to do anything.

Just help me manage people!”

Yue Lanchen originally replied to some, but then he decided not to.

Who did they think they were

Until Yue Yu looked for him alone, he could not avoid her.

After all, Yue Yu was his biological sister.

“Lanchen, what exactly happened” Yue Yu was currently overseas.

When she heard about this, she was so anxious that she didnt sleep at night and sent Yue Lanchen a message.

“Sister, its really nothing.

Didnt I get into a university I have the freedom to arrange my own career now, so I want to do something I like.

Dont worry, I know what to do.”

“I heard that youve been very close to a female celebrity recently You should interact less with people in that circle.”

“Sister! Shi Jin is not that kind of person.

Dont talk nonsense.”

Yue Yu clearly sensed his rejection.

This younger brother had not had such an attitude towards her previously.

She frowned.

“Brother, what happened”

“Its really nothing.

Im just going to do what I want to do.

Why cant you believe me”

“Alright, I wont ask anymore.

Ill be back in a while.

Take care of yourself.”

“Got it.

Take care of yourself too.

Be careful outside.”

Because of these peoples words, Yue Lanchens mood immediately sank.

The next morning, he went downstairs for breakfast.

Yue Feng was already gone, and only Madam Yue was left.

He quickly finished his food and was about to leave when Madam Yue pulled him back.

“Your father gave it to you.”

“He said that he had asked around.

Good competitive equipment costs money.

Since you want to play, you have to use good equipment.”

Actually, there was too much good equipment in the team.

They were all top-notch.

However, this was Yue Fengs silent way of showing love for his son.

Yue Lanchen accepted it.

“Then Ill leave first.”

He quickly reached the team.

After going over, Manager Lu brought him to meet everyone and introduced everyone in the team to him.

Looking at Yue Lanchens age, everyone had lost interest in him when they heard that this was his first time participating in official training.

Participating in the first training camp at this age

No one believed in his strength and talent.

Manager Lu came over to comfort him.

“Lanchen, they dont understand you yet, but its okay.

Theyll understand you eventually.

Train in peace.”

“Understood, Manager Lu.” Yue Lanchen nodded.

“We have an important elimination match in two days.

Watch and learn first.

Then, well arrange for you to officially compete.”

Shi Jin had a fashion event.

After Yue Lanchens training in the day ended, he heard that she was going to participate in an event and was very interested.

“What event Is it fun Can I go”

“I cant say if its fun or not.

If you want to go, just go with me.”

Shi Jin got Yao Jiahong to lend him a set of custom-made clothes.

Yue Lanchen was tall and had long legs.

Although his face was still a little childish, he looked good in it.

The fashion event tonight was not public.

It was an internal event.

If he went, he would not attract the medias attention, so Shi Jin was quite at ease.

Yue Lanchen rarely had the chance to participate in such activities.

His family treated him as a child and did not give him such a chance.

He was very excited to be at such an occasion.

He followed behind Shi Jin and tried his best to act like an adult.

He imitated Fu Xiuyuans usual manner and strode forward.

Soon, he got used to it.

Just as he was about to take a glass of wine from the waiter, Shi Jin knocked his head.

He put it down and chose a glass of fruit juice.

“Is this okay”

“Thats more like it,” Shi Jin said.

“Lets go.

Ill introduce you to a few friends.”

She and Yue Lanchen walked over.

After getting to know a few people and completing their basic social missions, they found a place to sit.

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