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“Alright, Ill freeload off you.” Shi Jin did not reject.

Shi Jin had already heard from Manager Lu, who was thanking her for the talent she had recommended on WeChat.

Now, it was possible that Yue Lanchen himself was still ignorant of his own strength and did not have a clear understanding.

Manager Lu had already arranged for people and funds to nurture him.

During dinner, Yue Lanchen was extremely active, but after eating, he couldnt help but fall into deep thought.

“After I sign this, Ill have to train and prepare for the competition for a long time.

I havent even said anything to my parents yet.” Yue Lanchen only remembered this realistic question after his excitement subsided.

“Go back and have a good chat with them.

Your parents are not difficult to communicate with.

Pack some delicious food for them to go back with.” Shi Jin ordered a few specials and got the waiter to pack them up before handing them to him.

Yue Lanchen smiled.

“Yes, you must be nice to people who feed you.

I have to send the sugar-coated bullets over first to shut them up.”

When he reached home, Yue Feng and Madam Yue were both present.

Yue Lanchen placed the takeout on the table.

“Dad, Mom, try it.

I brought it specially for you.

Eat it while its hot.”

“Where did you go so late at night” Yue Feng put down the newspaper and was very serious.

“Alright, alright.

Go get your chopsticks and try the food your son brought back.” Madam Yue got up to get chopsticks and stuffed them into her husbands hand.

Shi Jin had ordered all the specialties.

They were delicious and fresh.

The couple took a few bites and were very satisfied.

“Its delicious, right, Dad”

Yue Feng pursed his lips.

“Its just so-so.”

“Where did you buy it, son Buy some more next time.”

“As long as you like it, Ill buy it for you every day,” Yue Lanchen immediately said.

“Alright, my son is getting more and more obedient.”

Yue Feng did not reply, but his chopsticks did not stop.

He was enjoying himself.

Seeing that they were almost done eating and looked very satisfied, Yue Lanchen said, “Dad, Mom, I want to specially go to the gaming team to play games.”

“What” Yue Feng threw his chopsticks away.

“Alright, alright.

Wait for our son to finish speaking.” Madam Yue immediately comforted her husband.

“Ive already passed the assessment.

After that, Ill have long-term training and competitions.

With this, I can also earn money and become the top in the industry.”

“Does our family lack money What about your studies” Yue Feng was so angry that he took off his slippers.

“I like this.

Its not just about earning money.

Ill also work hard to catch up to my studies.

I could do it in the past, so I can do it while attending university also.

Dad, believe me.

Let me try.”

Madam Yue stopped her husband firmly.

“Hubby, so what if you let your son give it a try Didnt he rely on his own ability to get into university previously Hes still young, so whats wrong with wasting a little time”

Yue Feng was very helpless.

Looking at the food his son had brought back on the table, he could not harden his heart to beat him up.

“Forget it, forget it.

Ill be angered to death by you sooner or later.” Yue Feng threw his slippers on the ground and kicked them away.

“Alright, your father has agreed.” Madam Yue quickly pressed her son onto the sofa.

“Whats going on in the team Whats the situation Tell me properly.”

Yue Lanchen told his mother everything that had happened today.

When Madam Yue heard this, she felt that this was not very reliable.

Not to mention wasting time, the length of his career was also very limited.

However, looking at her sons determined expression, she knew that if she did not let him try now, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

After making up her mind, she said, “Alright, go do what you want, but Lanchen, I can only give you two years.

You also know how many eyes are on our Yue family.

If anything happens to you, who knows how many people will laugh at you I can protect you now, but it will be very difficult to protect you forever.”

“Mom, dont worry.

Ill work hard,” Yue Lanchen said softly.

“Go and see my father quickly.

Dont let him be angry.”

When Madam Yue went upstairs, Yue Feng was indeed still angry.

“Look at how obedient our daughter is.

Why is this son so useless”

“Lanchen is already much better.

You have to give him more time.

I think its actually quite good for him to follow Shi Jin.

Theres no need to force him.”

Yue Feng shook his head.

“Oh, you.”

He could not bear to say anything about his wife.

Someone in Yue Lanchens family group quickly heard the news.

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