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He directly entered the second part, operational ability.

He had to complete the mission according to the instructions on the screen.

In the given time period, the faster he completed it, the better his results would be.

Three minutes later, Yue Lanchen completed the mission.

“Isnt this a little too simple” Yue Lanchen leaned back in his chair and muttered to himself.

The chair made a sound, and the people who were taking the exam could not help but look at Yue Lanchen.

“Dont make any noise and disturb the others.

Those who have been eliminated early can go out and wait.” The person in charge saw that he had made a sound and immediately interfered.

Yue Lanchen could only stand up and walk out to wait.

He was a person who could not stay idle.

He was afraid that if he sat inside, he would unconsciously make all kinds of sounds.

After leaving, he immediately called Shi Jin.

“Arent you taking the assessment” When Shi Jin heard his excited voice, she immediately raised her wrist to look at the time.

It couldnt be that fast, right

“Thats right.

Im participating, but Im already done.”

“So the current situation is”

Hearing his relaxed voice, Shi Jin knew why he was so smug.

“Pride makes people fall behind.”

“Hehehe, I thought that I would tell you the good news immediately.

You have to praise me properly.”

In the assessment room, seeing Yue Lanchen leave, the person-in-charge couldnt help but shake his head secretly.

Indeed, he was just here to go through the motions.

Many people completed the assessment and revealed happy expressions.

Suddenly, a figure appeared at the door.

He came in a hurry and tried his best to tread lightly.

“Manager Lu.” The person in charge immediately greeted him in a low voice and said to the young manager, “Whats the matter”

“I just received news that there is an exceptionally outstanding seedling here.

I wonder where he is.” Manager Lu had rushed over.

His breathing was still a little unstable, but he was very excited, and his eyes were faintly glowing.

He was desperate for talent.

As long as there were outstanding results, it would automatically connect to his phone and send it over.

The person-in-charge was immediately overjoyed.

“Theres really such a seedling Thats great! He must be a rare genius!”

Normally, Manager Lus assistant would be the one to deal with any good seedlings.

However, even if it was an assistant, they would only come occasionally.

To let Manager Lu come personally, who knew how powerful they were

The person in charge also rubbed his hands excitedly.

“Hes called Killer.

I want to see him immediately,” Manager Lu said.

The assessment had already come to an end, and the last person had finished their assessment.

The person in charge said, “Ill call Killer over immediately.”

He started looking for the person on the list.

However, after searching everywhere, he could not find such a person.

“Whats going on Why isnt he registered” Manager Lu was furious.

The person-in-charge was also very confused.

How was that possible He had always registered everyone personally!

Manager Lu immediately used his phone to locate the computer Killer used for the assessment and strode over.

The word PASS was still written on the computer!

The first part of the assessment was hand speed, 380 per minute.

The second part of the assessment was to complete all the missions, and the time was three minutes.

The person in charge opened his mouth in shock.

The average hand speed of the number one top god of the team, the Asura War God, was close to 300.

This Killer had actually reached an astonishing 380!

As for the second part of the assessment, the average speed at which missions were completed was four minutes.

He only had three minutes!

It was almost as if he had cheated!

No, it could not be described as cheating.

All these computers were installed with super powerful anti-cheating devices.

No one could use cheating devices here.

They had really picked up a treasure this time!

He suddenly remembered.

Wasnt this where Yue Lanchen was sitting

Because it was Yue Lanchen, he had not registered his information seriously just now, so he did not know that he would use the user name Killer!

Also, just now, after Yue Lanchens assessment, it was him who had mocked Yue Lanchen.

He had even personally chased him out!

“M-Manager Lu…” The person in charge immediately dug out Yue Lanchens copy from the pile of resumes.

“Its him, its him! Fortunately, his phone number is on here! ”

Manager Lu immediately grabbed it and called Yue Lanchen according to the contact number on it.

When the call connected, a voice sounded from the phone.

“Im sorry, the number you called is currently in the middle of a call…”

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