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Yue Lanchen took a look and was shocked.

“Team Danger Heavens, is that the team with the top god, Asura War God, LJ, and Mei Mei One of the best teams in the country”

“Sister Shi! Youre the best sister in the world!”

Shi Jin pushed his arms away.

“Dont be mushy.

If you want to go, go early.

They wont wait for you.”

“Ill go now!” Yue Lanchen made a salute and turned to run out.

Shi Jin could not help but smile.

This little brat.

Esports was a future development trend.

Since he liked it, he should be able to shine here.

Shi Jin thought highly of him.

Yue Lanchen found the building where Team Dangers address was and went to the floor.

After entering, what he saw was a metal furnished room.

Many people were sitting in front of computers and typing on the keyboard.

Everyone was wearing earpieces, so only the sound of keyboards could be heard.

“Who are you looking for” a man in the front row asked.

“Im here to look for Manager Lu.

Im here to participate in the assessment of the reserve team,” Yue Lanchen said.

Yue Lanchen quickly handed him the resume that had been prepared last minute.

Actually, it was not a proper resume.

He had never undergone systematic training or had any experience.

The only thing that could be considered experience was that during this period of time, he had formed a team with Shi Jin to play around.

It was far from the professional experience needed by professional players.

The person in charge took it and scanned it.

He could not help but frown.

What was going on How could this be considered a resume Was this a joke

He glanced at Yue Lanchen.

The young man in front of him was smiling piously.

He sized up Yue Lanchen and saw that he was almost 17 or 18 years old before coming to participate in the reserve team assessment.

He could not help shaking his head.

Many professional eSports players retire in their early twenties.

They enter the professional golden period at about sixteen years old.

Yue Lanchen did not have any experience in this aspect at his age.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for him to even have the chance to take the assessment today.

Forget it.

The person in charge of the assessment thought that since Manager Lu had introduced him, he should give him a chance.

However, in this industry, strength spoke for itself.

Anyone could see if they were good or not and judge fairly.

It was not an industry that could be done by relying on favors.

It was good to let him lose any false hope.

“Go into the room over there,” the person said casually.

“Itll begin in a while.”

“Alright.” Yue Lanchen walked in and saw that everyone here was younger than him.

All of them were still childish.

He actually had a mature attitude among this group of people.

“Can I sit anywhere” he asked the person beside him.

The child beside him was only fourteen years old.

He was an outstanding person who had stood out from all kinds of training and selection.

He looked at him and nodded.

Before long, the seats were filled.

The person-in-charge walked in and said, “Alright, the assessment is divided into two parts.

The first part is to test your hand speed.

Those who pass the basic passing line will automatically enter the second part.

Those who dont pass the first part will be eliminated and can leave automatically.

The second part is to test your operational ability.

After it ends, they will directly tell you if you have passed.

Everyone, do you understand”

“Understood.” The young mens voices were young but filled with energy.

“Then if theres no problem, well begin.”

Everyone expressed that there was no problem.

The person-in-charge glanced at Yue Lanchen.

“What about you Are there any problems”

Everyone raised their heads to look at Yue Lanchen.

They were curious about his existence, but they also looked down on him.

The others were all at an excellent age.

At Yue Lanchens age, he should have been an official member long ago, and compared with people his age.

Everyone found it funny and secretly cheered themselves on.

They had to seize the opportunity and not become like Yue Lanchen.

The assessment officially began.

Yue Lanchen named himself Killer and entered the first part of the assessment.

This assessment was similar to the hand speed training Shi Jin had given him, but it was more professional.

Yue Lanchen quickly eliminated the discomfort.

Soon, the results of his hand speed appeared.

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