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After taking the tea leaves, Old Master Li walked out, and Shi Jin followed him to send him off.

“Shi Jin…” Old Master Li said.

“Huh Grandpa, what is it”

“Its nothing.

The entertainment industry is chaotic and there are many messy things.

You have to take care of yourself.”

“So thats what youve been worried about.

Dont be nervous.

I can handle it,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

When Old Master Li got into the car, the doubts in Shi Jins heart also increased a little.

Grandpas emotions were a little strange today.

Did he not like Yue Lanchen or something However, Yue Lanchen had been quite obedient just now and did not make a fuss.

Shi Jin thought for a long time, but could not figure out this question.

A call interrupted her thoughts.

Yao Jiahongs voice sounded from the phone.

“Shi Jin, Ive already contacted the Team Danger you asked me to contact.

They said that they can let Young Master Yue report and try out.

However, they also said that whether he can stay or not will depend on his own performance.”

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“Okay, I understand.

Arrange for him to go over.”

After hanging up, Shi Jin sent a program meant for practicing finger speed to Yue Lanchen.

“Whats this” he replied quickly.

“It seems interesting.”

“Practice your hand speed more.”

“Roger! Definitely!” Yue Lanchen replied with an OK gesture.

He took his phone and went upstairs.

Yue Xiu, who was at his house as a guest, could not help but shake her head.

She felt that her uncle and aunts family had really spoiled this cousin too much.

She took a sip of tea and said, “Auntie, apart from going to school, does Lanchen only play”

“Its already very good that he can go to school properly now.

Furthermore, he has become more responsible.

His grades are not bad.” When Madam Yue mentioned her son, she was filled with pride.

“Auntie, Lanchens background is different from other children.

Just his grades alone are not enough.

At the very least, he has to work hard in other aspects,” Yue Xiu said.

Her words more or less made Madam Yue feel a little uncomfortable.

It was not only the attitude of a junior towards an elder, but also the high and mighty meaning in her words.

However, Madam Yue was a very gentle person.

Even if she was dissatisfied, she would not show it.

She said with a smile, “Every childs situation is different.

As for Lanchen, I hope he can live a happier life.”

Yue Xiu did not say anything else.

Seeing that Yue Lanchen was addicted to games every day, she knew that her uncle and aunt would regret it one day.

She only hoped that a useless person like Yue Lanshen would not affect the outside worlds evaluation of the Yue family, she thought to herself as she stood up.

Over the next few days, Shi Jin specially looked for Old Master Lis assistant and asked about his health.

Knowing that there was nothing wrong with his body and that he still went to the fields every day to look at the various seedlings in the field, Shi Jin was relieved.

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Perhaps on that day, it was really because Old Master Shi was a little tired and worried about his work that he felt uneasy.

After Yue Lanchen used that small program to practice for a few days, he ran over to look for Shi Jin.

“Sister Shi, how far should I go with this This is not bad, right”

Yue Lanchen immediately sat in front of the computer.

His hand speed was very fast.

After switching to his phone, his speed was also very fast.

“Three hundred and fifty times a minute,” Shi Jin said after glancing at the stopwatch.

“Its okay,” Shi Jin said indifferently.

In fact, she was very shocked in her heart.

In her previous life, the top-notch esports experts she knew only had three hundred when they used such a small program to measure their hand speed.

Yue Lanchen actually had 350!

In other words, his talent far exceeded that of ordinary people.

He was an excellent eSports seedling.

He was relatively old, but fortunately, he was not yet 18 years old.

He was very suitable.

“Its just okay Then Ill work harder.”

“You have to take care of your collaboration ability, teamwork, and positioning awareness.”

Yue Lanchen usually played games secretly.

No one encouraged him like Shi Jin did, making him treat this as an aboveboard matter.

He immediately nodded.

“I got it.

Ive been trying to contact people now.”

“Then go here.

Ive spoken to their Manager Lu.

If you pass the assessment, you can enter their reserve team.” Shi Jin sent him a WeChat business card.

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