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She had once despised these things, but now, she became the one who used these methods.

As for why, wasnt it because… she could not defeat Shi Jin with her strength Otherwise, would she have done this

“You still have to listen to me,” Old Master Qin reminded.

Qin Fanya lowered her head.

Her assistant walked over and told her softly, “Master Fu called and wants to meet you.”

“He returned to Hong Kong”


This is the address and time.” The assistant handed her a note.

Qin Fanyas eyes lit up.

Fu Xiuyuan had actually taken the initiative to meet her!

Who said that these lowly methods were useless

Perhaps destroying Shi Jins reputation and popularity was indeed an effective method.

If her image in Fu Xiuyuans eyes was destroyed, her halo would disappear.

She immediately changed and put on makeup to go to the appointment.

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The moment she saw Fu Xiuyuan in the private reception room of a high-end clubhouse, Qin Fanyas heart turned cold.

All her thoughts just now could not help but disappear.

The man was sitting on the sofa in black clothes and black pants.

His black clothes made him look even more cold and stern.

There was only endless coldness on his tall nose and thin lips, as if the darkness in the sky had all landed on him.

“Brother Xiuyuan…” Qin Fanya called out softly.

“I hope this is the last time I have to deal with a situation like Lisa.

This is the last bit of face Ill give for the sake of the friendship that lasted for decades between the Fu and Qin families.”

Fu Xiuyuan stood up, his slender figure like the dark night, casting a shadow.

“No, I can explain about Lisa…” Qin Fanya hurriedly organized her words.

She wanted to say that Lisa being bitten by a dog this time had nothing to do with her.

She really did not know anything.

She wanted to say that she had already given Lisa money and told her not to stay in the capital.

However, Fu Xiuyuan did not listen to a word she said and turned to leave.

He had come to say those last words, his only words.

There was nothing else.

Qin Fanya watched his figure disappear in disappointment.

Thats right, she mocked herself in her heart.

Even her grandfather had reminded her that once a little thing was related to her, everything else would be blamed on her.

How could she expect Fu Xiuyuan to believe her

If she could crush Shi Jin in her career path, she would naturally be praised by thousands of people.

In fact, if she had only fought with Shi Jin in the work competition, Fu Xiuyuan would not have even participated personally.

However, the method she used far exceeded that.

She directly pushed the relationship between the Qin family and the Fu family into the final desperate straits.

She knew very well that after Fu Xiuyuan said this, it would be the last and greatest favor.

In the future, if anything happened to the Qin family again, the Fu family would only stand by and watch.

If necessary, they would even step on them…

A chill ran down Qin Fanyas spine and she couldnt help but tremble.


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Yue Lanchen came to Orchid Pavilion to take Little Yueyue away.

“Bring him back soon,” Shi Jin instructed.

Butler Chen walked in and said, “Young Madam, Old Master Li is here.”

“Quickly invite my grandfather in!” Shi Jin said happily.

Old Master Lis loud laughter sounded.

“Did you miss me Why havent you come to see me for so long”

“Grandpa! I originally planned to visit you, but I heard from your assistant that you went to a remote place to farm again.

I was afraid that I would not find you at the manor, so I didnt go over.” Shi Jin smiled and invited Old Master Li to sit down.

Although Yue Lanchen had never seen Old Master Li before, he knew his name.

He immediately said politely, “Grandpa Li.”

“You are” Old Master Li had not lived in the capital for a long time, so he could not recognize all these children of the younger generation.

“His name is Yue Lanchen.

His father is Yue Feng.”

“Oh.” Old Master Li nodded indifferently.

“What are you doing here”

Seeing that his mood had suddenly lowered, Shi Jin thought that he did not like these noisy juniors and explained, “Yue Lanchen is a friend of mine.

He occasionally comes to play on the weekends.

In the past, he was very noisy and naughty, but hes much more obedient now.”

“You two are on good terms” Old Master Li asked.

“Yes, thats right.

Grandpa, whats wrong”

“Nothing.” Old Master Li shook his head.

Yue Lanchen had originally planned to leave anyway.

Seeing that Old Master Li did not seem to like him being here, he quickly said, “Then Ill leave first.

You guys have a good chat.

Ill come back later.”

Shi Jin retracted her gaze.

“Grandpa, I made new tea leaves.

How about I make you a cup to try Youll definitely like it.”

“Go ahead.

Im craving some too.”

Shi Jin went to make tea.

Old Master Li looked in the direction of Yue Lanchen and was a little lost in thought.

He recalled those old things and his thoughts were filled with melancholy.

Those things back then… he had already kept them in his heart for many years.

He did not know if he should tell Shi Jin these things.

What would happen after he told her

“Grandpa Grandpa” Shi Jin walked over with tea in hand.

Seeing that he was in a daze, she called him a few times.

Only then did Old Master Li come back to his senses.

He said with a smile, “Look at me.

I was distracted.”

While he was finishing his tea, Shi Jin patted the coffee table and said, “Put your hand up.”

“What You want to take my pulse”

“I want to see if your body is healthy and if you need to recuperate.” Seeing her grandfather in a daze a few times just now, Shi Jin was a little worried.

Some old peoples symptoms were inexplicable absent-mindedness.

Then, their minds would slowly become unconscious.

This was an especially common precursor to Alzheimers disease.

Old Master Li laughed and said, “Its okay to take my pulse, but I definitely dont have the illness youre thinking of.

If you dont believe me, Ill recite Li BaisHard Roads in Shu for you now.

‘The difficulty of the Shu Road, as difficult as ascending to the skies…\'”

Shi Jin did not stop him and allowed him to recite.

When she checked his pulse, there was nothing wrong.

After she finished checking his pulse, Old Master Li had just finished reciting the last line.

“Theres indeed nothing wrong.

Its just that your spleen is a little weak and the food is not easy to digest.

Ill give you some tea to nourish your spleen and stomach.”

As Shi Jin served tea, she instructed Butler Chen, “Grandpa will stay for dinner.

You can prepare dinner early.”

“I wont stay.” Old Master Li did originally plan on eating before leaving.

However, after seeing Yue Lanchen just now, his mind was in a mess.

He had a lot to think about, so he was not in the mood to eat dinner here.

“I still need to head back.

Those seedlings in the field are everyones hard work.

They cant survive if Im not there.

Ill rush back now.”

Shi Jin also knew that he had always valued these studies, so she did not insist on keeping him here.

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