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Chapter 76: A Fan

It was fine.

It was the perfect opportunity for her to destroy Fu Xiuyuans doubts in one fell swoop.

She wanted to thank these lovely folks for working so hard to help pave the way and helping to accomplish what she had set out to do.

The reporters around them stepped forward to ask Shi Jin when Shi Jin headed towards the stage, “Why did you spend so much money bidding for the yao orchid”

Shi Jin looked at the reporter before taking off her sunglasses, keeping only her mask on.

She spoke brightly using her real voice, “I bought the flower for a very important man… No, correction.

I bought them for the most important man in my life.

I will personally place the yao orchid in his hands when the time comes.”

“Then he must be very important to you,” teased the reporter.

“Of course.

He means more than my life to me.” Shi Jin subtly glanced in Fu Xiuyuans direction while she deliberately avoided his intimidating stares.

This time, she was not going to explain and would let him find out on his own.

Nothing would leave a greater impression on him when he personally investigated the matter and discovered his misjudgment.

She hoped this would help eradicate all doubt in his heart so that he would stop having suspicions about her.

Shi Xuexin held her breath.

How could Shi Jin continue to harbor fantasies about winning Chu Lings heart How could she

Chu Ling looked smug.

He just knew Shi Jin did not forget about him.

She simply performed all those songs about freedom during the program to let off her steam.

Deng Yufei furtively observed the man standing against the light.

He seemed cold and distant and felt as intimidating as Satan as he gave off an imposing and threatening aura.


It felt as though everyone would get what they want today.

Shi Jin solemnly took the yao orchid from the auctioneers hands.

A reporter had just recognized her and said in surprise, “Are you Little Stone fromUltimate Singer-Songwriter”

“Thats me,” admitted Shi Jin candidly.

“Little Stone, that important man you were talking about… Were you talking about Chu Ling” asked the reporter.

Shi Jin glanced at Chu Ling coldly.

No one noticed the contempt she had for Chu Ling.

Instead, everyone thought she fancied Chu Ling.

“I hear Chu Ling is at the auction to do some charity work.

Little Stone, this is the perfect time for you to give Chu Ling the yao orchid.

All of us can bear witness to this special moment.

Orchids symbolize elegance and purity, so they are perfect for Chu Ling.

It was so thoughtful of you.

You must have bought the orchid because you are his fan right”

Since Hu Lai paid for the reporter to be here, he said nice things about Chu Ling.

A fan Shi Jin sneered in her heart.

Perhaps on the day he died, she might offer him a pot of chrysanthemums.

No one noticed the agitated man standing in the corner as fury capable of destroying the world boiled in his heart.

His fury could even be capable of consuming them and sending Shi Jin and him straight to hell.

All these other people might get implicated as well.

Chu Ling had already stood up graciously.

Chu Ling had already come up with the words to use for rejecting Shi Jin.

He had to candidly reject her and be gentlemanly about it.

“Little Stone, I…” said Chu Ling gently.

“You dont have to say anything,” interrupted Shi Jin decisively.

She took out a pair of scissors as they glinted under the light.

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