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This catfight was trending now.

Many people watched it the moment he posted it.

“Eh, so the person who scammed Shi Jin last time was actually Lisa She doesnt look like it.”

“There are indeed many angles.

Lisa looks like Shi Jin and her figure is also similar.”

“Oh my god, shes the internet celebrity who slept with men everywhere last time, but Shi Jin exposed her whereabouts with a live broadcast”

“Then can I say that Lisa is also scamming this time This is self-directed, right”

When Lisa was arguing this time, she did not put on the same makeup as Shi Jin and deliberately avoided the especially similar angle.

She did not want anyone to mention what had happened last time.

However, she usually pretended to be pitiful in front of this hater, so this hater really believed her and casually exposed these things.

Then, everyone went to look at the medical records.

The medical record showed that the dog had not bitten her at all.

It was only suspected to be a slight scratch.

Furthermore, it was not like the photo she had posted previously.

There were so many shocking injuries, when there were only one or two abrasions.

On the other hand, the injuries in the other parts of her body were clear—the aftereffects of the jaw angle surgery, the aftereffects of the hip bone surgery, the aging of the nasal filler, and the aging of the chest filler.

All of these required surgery.

The so-called being bitten by a dog was completely a groundless scam.

“Heavens, who on earth is this person Is her entire body fake”

“You still have the face to scam Shi Jin!”

“No wonder she dared to scam Shi Jin last time.

How many plastic surgeries did she do to make herself look like Shi Jin”

“Oh my god, how shameless.”

“Shes in need of money for the surgery, so she wants Shi Jin to compensate, right”

Only then did this crazy hater realize that the medical record he had taken showed Lisas true situation.

She was not born beautiful and could not give up, nor was she used and suppressed by Shi Jin just because she looked like her.

She was a liar!

As for him, he had always been deceived and trusted her unconditionally, but he was only a toy in her hands.

Now, many people also reacted.

This Lisa was simply a scammer.

No wonder the doctor had to remind everyone tactfully last time.

Lisas true identity had been revealed, and the fashion magazine had finally started to post photos of Little Yueyue and Shi Jin.

Many people swarmed over to take a look.

Then, they realized that Little Yue was extremely cute.

His large eyes were cute and lively, and he was very obedient.

The magazine published a small video.

Little Yueyue had a strong sense of the camera and was very photogenic.

He was obedient to everyone.

Ignoring the fact that dog lovers had been melted by cuteness, even those who did not like dogs could tell that Little Yueyue did not look like a dog that would bite.

Coupled with the fact that Lisas matter had been exposed by her own fans, it confirmed this point.

“I want to apologize to Little Yueyue!”

“Little Yueyue, Im sorry.

We all misunderstood you.”

“Little Yueyue, sister will buy you biscuits, okay”

“I really thought that it was a ferocious dog that would bite someone to such an extent.

Thats it Thats it Thats too cute!”

Shi Jin was at home.

As she fed Little Yueyue some bone biscuits, she called Yao Jiahong.

“Whats the situation with Lisa now”

“I originally wanted to get a lawyer to sue her for slander, but things have changed a little now.

I was just about to ask you if you want to continue suing.”

“Didnt a fan of hers cause a bunch of trouble and indirectly prove that our dog didnt bite her” When Shi Jin saw the news, she didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

It was hard to imagine that before she could do anything, Lisa would fall into the hands of her own fans.

The hospital could not bear the pressure and came out to confirm that the medical record was real.

It was confirmed that it had been taken by Lisas so-called family.

The hospital even took out the surveillance cameras to prove that the hater had claimed to be a family member.

Thinking of this, it only made people laugh.

So, what other problems would there be in the future

Yao Jiahong said, “Didnt that hater take out Lisas medical record Lisas various lies collapsed on their own.

She hates that hater to the core.

I think she scolded him and blocked him.”

“Uh-huh.” Shi Jin liked to hear about such dogfights.


“Then, in a rage, that anti-fan rushed to the hospital and stabbed Lisa.

The doctor couldnt stop him.” Yao Jiahong sighed.

“Lisa is still in the hospital, and theres something wrong with her face…”

“Oh, then lets reserve the right to not sue her for the time being.

Lets wait for them to fight each other for a while.”

Yao Jiahong understood what she meant.

If he sued Lisa and sent her to prison now, wouldnt that be a form of protection for her She wanted her to be baptized by her haters outside.

It was said that people would have the same type of fans as the main character.

Lisa had evil intentions, and the fans she attracted were all crazy.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have been really attracted to her and become her fans.

Shi Jin had won without a fight.

Qin Fanya was taking care of her grandfather in the hospital.

After Old Master Qin woke up, he was paralyzed.

He could not take care of himself now.

Although he had a nurse to take care of him, Qin Fanya had no choice but to appear from time to time.

“Fanya…” After taking a sip of the porridge she fed him, Old Master Qin shook his head to express that he was not drinking it anymore.

“Grandpa, do you want to eat anything else”


Listen to me…” Old Master Qin sat up.

Qin Fanya quickly helped him sit up and gave him a pillow.

“Grandpa, take your time.”

“I know that youre still very indignant.” Old Master Qin spoke slowly and with some difficulty.

“But… theres no use being indignant.

The Fu family has decided on that daughter-in-law, so theres no room for negotiation.”

“Dont be in a hurry to deny it.” He panted for a moment before continuing, “Ive also heard about that internet celebrity.”

Although he was lying on the hospital bed, he still had everything under control.

In the past, Qin Fanya had been high and mighty, using her strength to crush Shi Jin.

He did not have to say a word.

However, using this method was too much.

Qin Fanya said in a low voice, “I didnt arrange those things afterwards.”

“You didnt arrange it, but it started because of you! If you really defeat Shi Jin professionally, everyone will only admire you and worship you.

This method is not advisable.”

When Qin Fanya thought back to what she had done, it was indeed the result of her embarrassment.


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