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“Then go.” With that, Yao Jiahong ignored her and left.

“Hey, Yao Jiahong, come back! Mr.


After Yao Jiahong walked out, he called Shi Jin.

“The person who was bitten is the internet celebrity who scammed you last time.

I reasonably suspect that she also wanted to scam you this time.

She wants three million, but I rejected her.”

“Three million” Shi Jin smiled lazily.

“Who does she think she is”

Shi Jin had never been stingy with spending money anywhere, but she refused to spend money on such a person.

“She said she would post everything on the internet and ask for justice.”

“Let her take it.

If she wants to make a fuss, well play with her.”

After Yao Jiahong left, Lisa couldnt call him again and was blocked.

She was not to be outdone.

Taking money if she could was her first step.

If she could not take the money, she would cause trouble.

She had long prepared for this.

A moment later, the matter of Shi Jins dog biting Lisa was posted on the Internet.

Along with it was the bloody “wound” on Lisas body.

She even took the opportunity to cry in the group chat of the extras, saying how detestable Shi Jins team was.

They were not even willing to compensate her for the registration fee and hospitalization fee.

Their attitude towards her was very bad.

Although the extras were a little afraid of offending Shi Jin, when they encountered such a thing, quite a few people were hot-blooded.

They said, “Whats so great about her being a big star Her dog bit someone, so she has to compensate! This has nothing to do with status! If she doesnt compensate, well make a fuss until she does.”

There were a lot of extras here to begin with.

They were posted one after another and scattered all over the Internet.

Lisa knew in her heart that even if Shi Jins team wanted to delete these content, they might not be able to do so completely.

Because being bitten by dogs was a topic that many people paid attention to, Lisa being injured by a dog naturally became a hot topic.

In a moment, she became a trending topic without any marketing.

There were people who sympathized with Lisa, people who scolded Shi Jin, and people who questioned the real situation.

However, most of them criticized Shi Jin for raising a dog and not using a leash.

She also did not put special anti-bite equipment on the dog.

“Your dog bit someone and you dont compensate.

This is too much!”

“How can such a celebrity be called human”

“Why is it that something happens to Shi Jin every day Cant you let her leave the industry early”

“I have to say that this Lisa is quite good-looking.

Shes quite interesting.”

“I heard that Lisa is an Internet celebrity.

Shes not bad and has a good reputation.

Shes not the type to mess around.”

Yue Lanchen was about to flip off when he saw this.

“I clearly tied a dog leash to Little Yueyue.

It was that shameless woman who deliberately barged into my private space, but now shes blaming me.

What did our Little Yueyue do wrong What did Shi Jin do wrong”

“Calm down,” Yao Jiahong said.

“Shi Jin isnt angry.

Why are you angry”

“Then what should we do now Wait for everyone to scold Shi Jin”

“There are a lot of people scolding her, but cant you see that there are also a lot of people speaking for her I asked the doctor previously to understand the situation.

At most, Lisa has a little scratch on her skin and nothing happened.

If she continues like this, our lawyer will be able to work better.”

“Oh… Then youre planning to sue her for slander”

“If things get out of hand, the time shell be locked up for will be longer.”

With Lisas situation, everything made a fuss and began scolding Shi Jin online.

Lisa came out and covered her face as she cried bitterly.

She started a live broadcast and attracted a lot of attention.

When she cried and said, “I believe Shi Jin didnt do it on purpose.

Everyone, dont scold her anymore.

Ill negotiate with her properly later.”

The public sympathized with her a lot more and gave her a lot of gifts.

Lisa was fearless now.

Her reputation had been made known.

The original live-stream platform came to look for her with a contract, hoping that she could sign a long-term contract with generous benefits.

The people who sent her gifts did not hesitate to give her money.

Although the matter had not really been settled, it made a small number of people start to pay attention to her.

They sympathized with her and expressed that they wanted to walk down the path together with her.

Compared to the people who supported Shi Jin, this group of people was actually very small, but to Lisa, this was her success.

It had pushed her to a level where she could obtain more resources.

Her goal had indeed been achieved.

Some busybodies even called the hospital to ask about her bite and expressed their willingness to sponsor her hospitalization fees.

Someone even provided various medicine for healing wounds.

It was not convenient for her attending doctor to reveal the patients privacy, but seeing that so many people were blindly offering to sponsor her, the doctor still felt the need to come out and guide them.

“Everyone, you dont have to continue calling the hospital or sending medicine.

Lisas condition is very stable, and treatment is also being carried out in an orderly manner.

The medicine for wound healing is temporarily useless.”

His tone was so tactful, but it made the people who supported Lisa very displeased.

“Are you indirectly saying that Lisas injuries are not that serious Have we wronged Shi Jin”

“As a doctor, you should not speak nonsense! You speak for others when you see that they are celebrities.

You are going against your conscience.”

“Thats right.

I advise you not to take sides easily.

Be careful not to get slapped in the face!”

The crazy Shi Jin hater from before was very dissatisfied with this.

He sent a message to Lisa.

“Why dont you take out the medical record and slap Shi Jin in the face Sue her, make her compensate, and ruin her reputation!”

“Forget it.

Theres no need to make things so awkward.

The dog is also very cute.

I cant bear to.”

“Lisa, youre too kind!” The crazy hater was extremely touched by her.

Then, he made a decision.

He would go to the hospital and steal Lisas medical record to punish Shi Jin!

He quickly found his way into the hospital and relied on his knowledge of Lisa to enter the doctors office.

The doctor was already busy with many things to deal with.

Seeing that he was Lisas family, he did not think too much about it and said, “Sit down for a while.

I have to do a ward checkup here.

Ill tell you about the patients exact situation later.”

“Alright, Doctor, go do your thing.”

After the doctor left, he immediately went forward to search for information.

Lisas information was right in front of him.

Because he had just called himself a family member, the doctor did not hide anything from him.

He immediately took photos of all the medical records.

Before he could take a closer look, the doctor returned.

He got up and bade farewell.

“Arent you going to listen to the details of Lisa”

“I have something urgent to attend to.

Ill come back and listen next time.”

He immediately posted all the medical records he had taken online to denounce Shi Jin.

“Look, this is Lisa, who Shi Jin got a dog to bite.

Lisa didnt do anything wrong at all, but she framed her and took the blame for her! Last time, Shi Jin slept with a man outside herself and pushed everything to Lisa.”

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