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Lisa looked inside and could not see anything clearly, but the only thing she was certain of was that Shi Jin had come in her own nanny van.

There was a special dressing room, and the makeup artist would also carefully prepare clothes and accessories for her alone and create suitable makeup for her.

Compared to someone like her who had no choice, but to blend into the crowd, the difference was like heaven and earth.

How could she come into contact with Shi Jin

This was clearly not an easy task, Lisa told herself.

Normally, first- and second-rate female celebrities brought bodyguards with them.

The extras could approach, but they could not get too close.

The people around them happened to be taking photos with their phones.

They attached great importance to being extras for this shoot and were also looking forward to it.

“Go over first and give these biscuits to that Samoyed,” someone ran over and said to an assistant.

“The photographer said that he was afraid that it would be difficult to film when it was hungry later and would waste Shi Jins time.

You also know that this Samoyed was brought by Shi Jins friend.

Its very expensive to begin with, so we cant neglect it.

Hurry up.”

“Got it.

Ill go over now.”

As she watched the little assistant run away with the small biscuits and dog food, Lisa thought to herself, so there was a dog in todays shoot.

Shi Jins friend had brought the dog for the shoot.

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She had a bold thought and turned to walk in the direction the assistant had gone.

The journey was smooth.

Perhaps it was because her face and figure were still useful.

She put her hat on her head.

Someone saw her and was shocked, but did not ask further.

Shi Jin and Little Yueyue had already taken a few photos.

She was efficient and had a high production rate.

In a short period of time, she had shown what the editor and photographer wanted.

“Let Little Yueyue rest for a while.

Well take some photos of Shi Jin alone,” the photographer said.

“Alright.” Yue Lanchen carried Little Yueyue into Shi Jins dressing room, and Little Yueyue started running happily.

Seeing that there was no one here, Yue Lanchen did not forcefully tie the leash to it.

He untied it and let it run away freely.

The photographer said with a smile, “I took so many pictures of animals.

The most obedient and photogenic one is definitely Little Yueyue.

If only Little Yueyue could specially come to be a model.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Then you have to ask its owner.”

Yue Lanchen played games as he took the small biscuits and snacks his little assistant had sent him and threw them at Little Yueyue from time to time.

Little Yueyue ran around his feet happily.

Lisa went straight to the dressing room door.

She pushed the door open and entered.

“Who are you looking for” Yue Lanchen asked.

Little Yue also barked.

He had always been obedient, and strangers could also tease him.

However, he was very good at distinguishing between kindness and malice, so he barked like this.

Yue Lanchen immediately stood up and said, “Who exactly are you What are you doing”

When Lisa saw the dog, she took the opportunity to walk towards it.

Little Yueyue barked even more crazily at her, clearly feeling that she was a person with malice.

“Ah! My leg!” Lisa sat on the ground, hugging her leg.

“Your dog bit my leg!”

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Little Yueyue had just moved closer to her and casually touched her.

He had not bitten her at all.

However, Lisa screamed in pain as if she had suffered an especially serious injury.

Yue Lanchen was a little helpless.

“Hey, dont extort me.

Our Little Yueyue never bites.”

However, as Lisa cried out in pain, quite a few staff and extras surged in from outside.

They surrounded her, taking photos and asking questions.

“Whats going on Whats going on”

“Little Yueyue is so obedient.

Why would he bite”

“But a dog is still a dog.

If its a dog, why wont it bite”

“Quickly call the emergency number.

No matter what, people are more important.”

Lisa was originally a performance personality.

With someone paying attention, she acted out her pain even more smugly and shouted, “Shi Jins dog bit me! It bit me! It hurts! Shi Jins dog bit me!”

The extras were all very gossipy.

They quickly recorded everything on their phones.

Yue Lanchen was extremely anxious.

He hugged Little Yueyue tightly in his arms and frowned.

“My hand is injured too, and my leg…” Lisa acted very serious.

The others comforted her and took photos.

“Everyone, dont release these videos and photos first, in case its bad for Shi Jin,” Lisa said.

“Give me all the content you took.

Otherwise, if you offend Shi Jin…”

Everyone thought about it and felt that it made sense.

Many people came to be extras not only for their entire lives, but they also wanted to survive in the industry in the future.

Hence, after some thought, everyone still sent everything to Lisa.

None of them posted it online.

The ambulance soon arrived and took Lisa to the hospital.

Shi Jin was filming over there.

When she heard that something had happened, she got someone to come and ask.

Yue Lanchen complained, “I dont know where that woman came from, but she barged in the moment she arrived.

Im certain that Little Yueyue didnt bite her at all! Isnt she scamming us”

“Brother Yao, go and see how that girl is doing.

After all, this matter started because of Little Yueyue.

Logically speaking, we should compensate her.”

“We still have to compensate her”

“If shes a reasonable person, this matter can be discussed quickly, and it wont cost us much.

What if its the other way around Anyway, weve done everything we need to do and wont spoil her other bad habits.

If she wants to make a fuss, its her business.”

This was Shi Jins temper.

If others respected her, she would return them tenfold, but if others bullied her, then they could not blame her for being impolite.

Yao Jiahong immediately went to the hospital and asked the doctor about the situation.

He also took out a sum of money and temporarily placed it in the hospital, letting the hospital deduct the treatment fees.

Then, he came to Lisas ward.

Lisa cried uncontrollably.

She expressed that many of her injuries hurt here and there.

Her injuries had also delayed her live broadcast, and the delay in work fees and so on added up to a very large sum of money.

She pointed at the wound on her face and said, “You have to treat my face too, or Ill be disfigured!”

Yao Jiahong had already recognized her as the internet celebrity who had defamed Shi Jin last time.

He said calmly, “How do you want us to compensate”

“Three million.

Ill forget about everything if you give me three million,” Lisa said greedily.

“Do you think your face is worth three million And its even when Little Yueyue hasnt touched you at all.

Is it because your face is big”

“My injuries arent injuries Shi Jins dog is more important than a person, right” Lisa said angrily.

“Do you believe that Ill go all over the Internet to suppress you”

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