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As she was playing, a hand with defined fingers reached out from the side and placed a cup of warm milk beside her.

“Wow, this hand has appeared before!”

“How could our cute Shi Jin do those things!”

“Thats right.

This should be Shi Jins real boyfriend, right”

“I think so too.

Looking at the fingers of this hand, I can imagine how good-looking this man is.

He must be a match made in heaven with Shi Jin.”

As Shi Jin played, the number of people in the live-stream that would not have been too many at this time actually increased.

After playing for a while, Shi Jin even interacted with them and answered some of the questions his fans were concerned about.

Then, she said, “Its really not early anymore.

No matter why you cant sleep, you should go back and have a good rest.

Put down your phones, everyone.

Good night… No, good morning.”

Shi Jin turned off her phone.

Everyone was still unwilling to put down their phones as if they had obtained a treasure.

Some people watched the replay of the live broadcast again before putting down their phones and going to sleep in satisfaction.

Shi Jin turned back and saw Fu Xiuyuan sitting by the side waiting for her.

Seeing her get up, he reached over and placed his beautiful and slender hands on her waist.

“You should sleep too.”

The next morning, the video that the “paparazzi” posted of the woman meeting the old man at night became a trending topic.

Of course, she was still using Shi Jins name.

Indeed, if she did not use Shi Jins name, how could she have such popularity

“Shi Jin is really becoming more and more unrestrained! Shes already been filmed live, but shes still being stubborn!”

“Look, this is your idol.

How disgusting!”

“How can such a person still be an idol Shes leading the children astray.”

“Its not that I want to say this, but what exactly does Shi Jin want now She did such a shameful thing.

Can you return me the money for a movie ticket forPhoenix Tree”

Everyone was arguing, wishing they could press Shi Jin to the ground and step on her.

However, at this moment, the term #Shi Jins Live Stream in the Middle of the Night# quickly became a trending topic.

In the live-stream, Shi Jin was wearing simple, pure-colored home clothes.

As she played, she chatted briefly with her fans, looking relaxed and elegant.

At this time, the live broadcast video could not be faked.

It was the time that woman had met the old man in private.

In other words, there was no need for more proof to know that Shi Jin was Shi Jin, and that woman was just a woman who looked like Shi Jin.

This was Shi Jins clarification and her counterattack.

The fans who had been on the livestream with Shi Jin last night were about to cry.

“So Shi Jin is using such a method to clear her name! Its all our fault for not protecting her well!”

“Some people are really too much.

Forget it if they want to ride on Shi Jins popularity, but they also want Shi Jin to bear these groundless ugly things for you! To put it bluntly, if you ride on Shi Jins popularity, youll die!”

“Are you satisfied now Youre slandering Shi Jin all the time.

In the past, Shi Jin said that she was in love and had someone she liked.

Now that shes together, you can still slander her.

Do you have a heart or not”

“Just those old men that woman slept with, which one of them can provide resources Which one of those are famous Are you blind”

“Lets not talk about anything else.

Just thePhoenix Tree that Shi Jin is currently starring in is still fresh in my mind.

How many people looked down on her in the past and how many times was she scolded for her lousy script Who is going to criticize Shi Jin for obtaining resources”

The passersby indeed understood that the woman in the video was completely riding on Shi Jins popularity and had nothing to do with Shi Jin.

If they had to say there was some connection, it was probably that she did look a little like Shi Jin after wearing heavy makeup.

Although the haters were still jumping around, in front of powerful evidence, they were like grasshoppers after autumn and could no longer jump around.

Shi Jin woke up in the middle of the night to do a livestream, so she had to go back to catch up on her sleep.

When she woke up, it was already late.

She looked up and saw Fu Xiuyuan sitting by the side.

He was wearing a white shirt and his sleeves were rolled up, revealing his forearms.

The slightly visible veins added a hint of manliness to him.

She turned over and hugged Fu Xiuyuan, rubbing against him.

Fu Xiuyuan patted her head and said, “Its time to get up and eat something.”

“Okay,” Shi Jin replied, but she was too lazy to move.

She actually did not have much of an appetite after staying up late.

“Do you need me to kiss you to get up, hmm” Fu Xiuyuans fingers pinched her earlobe and twisted it gently.

Shi Jin sensitively opened her eyes and met the intense lust in his eyes.

When Shi Jin woke up again, it was almost afternoon.

After eating a little, Fu Xiuyuan said, “Weve already caught that woman last night.

Shes an internet celebrity.

In the past, she specially disguised herself as you and swindled tips from the live-stream platform.

This time, she must have taken money from someone behind the scenes and specially came out to defame you.”

“She doesnt know who is behind the scenes.

She received cash.”

Shi Jin curled her finger.

“Let me see her recent photos.”

Fu Xiuyuan took out his phone and got Song Fan to send a close-up photo of that woman.

The recent photos were sent over.

Shi Jin took a look.

This was not just plastic surgery to look like her.

Her makeup and clothes were completely based on her.

She was pretty impressive.

However, looking at the bones on her face… they had moved too much.

Some of the angles were indeed very similar to her.

However, if one really looked at the real person, there would be a huge difference.

Hence, this person only dared to hide in a corner of the gutter to defame her.

“Then where is she now” Shi Jin asked.

“She was taken away by someone.

Her whereabouts are unknown.”

“Then shes really impressive.

She can actually escape.”

“Lets see what other means she has.”

If there was really a next time… Fu Xiuyuan had already planned a beautiful future for her.

Yue Lanchen carried his Samoyed to visit Shi Jin.

“Little Yueyue, come over quickly,” Yue Lanchen called out, and the Samoyed rushed over.

“Wait.” Yue Lanchen picked it up first.

“Shi Jin, are you afraid of dogs”


Let me stroke it.” Shi Jin reached out and rubbed the dogs head.

The white, warm, and long fur felt very good.

The Samoyed narrowed its eyes and enjoyed it.

“Wow, it likes you,” Yue Lanchen said with a smile.

“Although hes not afraid of people usually, hes rarely so obedient.”

“Ill carry it.” Shi Jin hugged it and it obediently lay on Shi Jins body, waiting quietly.

“Little Yueyue, who gave you this name”

When she played with the dog, she revealed a smile.

Her entire expression was relaxed and happy.

“Its my mother! I was going to call him the Degas Asura, but my mother insisted on calling him that.

And it responded to that name.

Dont you think its infuriating”

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