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“What nonsense!” Yue Lanchen continued to beat Qian Hao up.

The group of people quickly grabbed Yue Lanchen.

Qian Hao took the opportunity to break free and beat him back ruthlessly.

Yue Lanchens friend also rushed over and fell into a chaotic battle.

Until the owner of the internet cafe called the police and the police came to stop them all.

When Yao Jiahong received the call, he rushed to the police station.

Because it was a fight between students, it was not a big deal.

With Yao Jiahong as a guarantor, he quickly brought Yue Lanchen out.

“Qian Hao can also be taken away” Yue Lanchen asked.

“His injuries are more serious than yours,” Yao Jiahong explained.

“Then do you know how he fabricated Shi Jins story” Yue Lanchen asked.

There were some things he could not say.

Yao Jiahong could tell what was wrong from his gaze.

“Got it.

Ill make a call,” Yao Jiahong said and immediately made a call.

Qian Hao had already been led out by his mother.

Before he could walk halfway, he was called back.

“I still need you to cooperate with the investigation.”

“Ah Why Arent we done I dont want to go back!” Qian Hao struggled, but all his efforts were in vain.

“Ah How did you do that” Yue Lanchen asked in shock.

“I called Master Fu,” Yao Jiahong said indifferently.

Yue Lanchen silently followed him out.

Yao Jiahong asked, “I heard from the police that there are other videos”

“The person in the video is definitely not Shi Jin! I could tell at a glance, but that person does look very similar to Shi Jin.

Its very easy to mistake her for her at a glance.

Furthermore, that kind of video is too much… It will definitely bring about a lot of bad effects.

Quickly deal with it,” Yue Lanchen said.

“Got it.

Ill take care of it.”

Yao Jiahong got someone to investigate.

It turned out that these videos were circulating on the external network and had not been circulated on a large scale.

They were all on some extremely small-scale websites.

People like Qian Hao liked to watch these videos to begin with.

Now, such videos were already rampant.

People who knew Shi Jin would be able to tell it was not Shi Jin, but be it her looks, makeup, or actions, she was imitating Shi Jin.

Even Shi Jins usual coldness was imitated by her.

Yao Jiahong arranged for the companys legal department to contact those small websites and delete the videos.

However, they could not be sure who that woman was yet.

However, three days later.

On the trending searches, the number one entry suddenly appeared as #Shi Jin meeting five men in private#.

This was the content released by a new marketing account.

It was not very normal for a new marketing account to have this many views and this many fans.

Furthermore, they could become the first trending search.

He posted both videos and photos.

They were all very high-definition.

However, some parts were covered, and she looked especially like Shi Jin.

However, if one looked carefully, they would not be able to see it clearly.

As a popular female artist, Shi Jin undoubtedly attracted the most attention.

There were all kinds of discussions under this entry.

Some fans firmly denied that this was Shi Jin, and some passersby were curious.

However, most of the haters insisted that this was Shi Jin herself.

“Its obvious that its Shi Jin.

It cant be anyone else!”

“Didnt Shi Jin obtain so many good resources because she was willing to go all out and sleep with these men Otherwise, why would all the good resources be hers and not others”

“Bullsh*t! When Shi Jin took these resources, no one had ever said that they were good resources.

They only became good resources after she took them!”

“Its not that I want to say this, but how many people in the entertainment industry are innocent If these things didnt get exposed, wouldnt it all be in the past Anyway, if the female artistes dont pay anything, can they obtain resources”

In the eyes of the haters, this was Shi Jin.

Shi Jin was eating with Fu Xiuyuan.

When she saw these photos and videos, she said in a low voice, “If I didnt return to Orchid Pavilion every day, I would have believed that I was fooling around outside every day.”

Fu Xiuyuan glanced at the content and a cold glint flashed across his brows.

“Didnt Yao Jiahong already delete this content”

“Its obvious that they came prepared.

Theres no use deleting it.

There must be someone behind this woman.

The most important thing is to find her and see who it is.”

Fu Xiuyuan nodded and said something to Song Fan.

The matter had blown up and affected Shi Jin greatly.

Shi Jin told Yao Jiahong not to sue that marketing account for now and to see if that woman still had any movements.

Indeed, that woman was unwilling to give up so early.

Before the next day, in the early morning, she was photographed by the “paparazzi” in a hotel in the capital meeting a man.

The “paparazzi” immediately started a live broadcast.

They witnessed an old man enter.

She wore heavy makeup and waited for the old man to enter and intimately hooked onto his arm as she entered the hotel.

Yao Jiahong had originally gotten someone to monitor all clues about this woman.

Seeing that she was making moves, he immediately called Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin.

Although Shi Jin had woken up from her sleep, she was very energetic.

“She chose this time to be captured.

Although the attention is a little low, its easier to believe that its me.

Tomorrow, things will be even more explosive.

Shes indeed pretty clever.”

Fu Xiuyuan looked at the screen coldly.

“But by doing so, she quickly exposed her residence.”

“She thought that since it was the middle of the night, no one would pay too much attention to her.

She does have some smarts.”

Fu Xiuyuan made a call.

Someone was already heading towards the hotel.

Shi Jin started a livestream.

At this moment, there were only a few people chatting in the live-stream.

They could not sleep and were browsing around on the internet.

Of course, there were a few fans from overseas.

When they saw that Shi Jin was actually online, they could not help but be shocked.

“Shi Jin, is that you Is that you”

“Of course its me.

Hello, everyone.” Shi Jin walked towards her piano with her phone in hand.

“Coincidentally, I cant sleep because of something.

I want to play some songs.

Do you want to accompany me to listen to them for a while”

“Not only will we accompany you now, but we will also accompany you in the future.”

“We will always be with you!”

“Shi Jin, Shi Jin, well always love you!”

“Dont be sad because of the rumors.

We wont believe those rumors!”

In the video, everyone looked at Shi Jin and listened to the melodious piano music slowly pour out of her fingertips.

She did not specially play any specific songs, but rather played whatever she thought of.

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