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The cinema naturally would not bear such a loss for the movie.

If the first screenings did not receive good results, the screening would naturally decrease.

A few days later, the number of screenings for “Phoenix Tree” gradually increased.

Only then could it meet the needs of the audience who were buying tickets.

On the other hand, the screenings for “Ask the Devil” had already fallen to a very low position.

Under such circumstances, it was naturally impossible for “Ask the Devil” to have any chance of getting more attention.

“Ask the Devil” crashed extremely miserably, almost falling face-first onto the ground.

They had not even taken back one percent of the production cost.

Zeng Guangzhi sat in front of Qin Fanya and did not speak.

There was no such thing as a completely profitable project in the world.

He did not believe that Qin Fanya did not understand this logic.

Qin Fanyas face was dark.

She placed the documents on the table and reached out to knock on the table.

“Phoenix Tree has been rising all the way.

Xiao Ming and Jian Liang have become famous, and they have won so many business endorsements that their hands are sore.

According to reliable sources, all the awards are already considering them.

And this, there are already many investors considering investing in Liang Han.

The scripts that they handed to Xiao Ming and Jian Liang have already become mountains.


Qin Fanya smiled a little frighteningly.

“Back then, I supported you so that you could suppress Liang Han.

I didnt want to see someone like him succeed.

And you handed me such a result”

“Im sorry.” Zeng Guangzhi indeed had nothing to say.

Qin Fanya closed her eyes.

What had she done wrong How could she let Shi Jin ride on her head like this Even a Liang Han could step on her

“Alright, you can leave.” Qin Fanya had already gotten sick of Zeng Guangzhi.

She would just pretend that she had never supported him.

Zeng Guangzhi stood up and left.

The assistant advised, “Miss Qin, its just a project.

Dont worry too much.

Well just earn it back from other projects.

Someone like Zeng Guangzhi can only be an assistant director to others in the future.

His career might be over.”

However, was that what Qin Fanya was annoyed about

She waved her hand to stop the assistant from talking.

During the popular screenings of “Phoenix Tree”, the fantasy drama “Wind Cloud” that Shi Jin had invested in had also finished filming.

Sitting in the office, Yao Jiahong reported the situation.

“They finished wrapping up.

Were just working on post-production.”

“No matter what, we cant save money in the later stages, and we have to be fast.” Shi Jin had never been stingy with spending money on her works.

“Ive already gotten people to work on it as quickly as possible.”

“Our project is very similar to “Millennium Journey” that Yue Xiu invested in.

Furthermore, its all fantasy-type works.

If were not fast, it will clash with their schedule.

The director that Yue Xiu invested is not like Zeng Guangzhi, who only knows how to market and has no actual talent.

Whoever goes first will be able to eat the dividends in this market.”

Yao Jiahong nodded and recorded everything she said.

Shi Jin gently wrote eleven words on the paper: In the world of martial arts, only speed cant be beaten.

After Yue Lanchen took in the stray dog, he raised it at home.

After getting a vaccine, doing lice removals, and taking a bath, the originally down and out puppy was a beautiful Samoyed.

It was very obedient.

Yue Lanchen would feed him puppy biscuits whenever he had time.

“Alright, stop fooling around.

Its time to eat.” Madam Yue got the butler to arrange dinner.

Yue Lanchen dawdled for a while before washing his hands and coming over.

He took a look at the dishes on the table and saw that they were all made by the nanny.

Only then did he pick up his chopsticks in relief and say, “Dinner is good today.”

“If its good, eat more.”

“Hehe, okay.” Yue Lanchen suddenly raised his head and said, “As long as its food cooked by the nanny…”

“What” Madam Yue looked at him.

He realized that he was about to spill the beans and decided not to say anything.

“Speaking of which, when are you going to ask Shi Jin to come for a meal again Ill cook personally.

She contributed a lot to you being able to attend this university rightfully.”

When Madam Yue thought of Shi Jins pretty eyes, she could not help but smile.

“If you really want to thank her, go and watch her movie a couple more times.

Forget about dinner.

She doesnt have time anyway.”

“Dont you go over often I heard that she even cooked for you last time”

“Eh…” Yue Lanchen shook his head.” Dont say anymore.

Her cooking skills are almost as bad as yours.”

“Child, what are you talking about! How can you say that about Shi Jin!” Madam Yue knocked him on the head once and then a second time.

“No, you said that my cooking is bad Say that again!”

“I was wrong, Mom.

I was wrong, okay”

After eating, Yue Lanchen returned to his room and casually read for a while before his classmates invited him out to play.

He thought about it and agreed.

After leaving and getting into his classmates car, he said, “We agreed that we can play games, but we cant go to a bar.”

“Got it.

Were just going to the internet cafe to play games.” The classmate with glasses had a good temper.

This was a friend that Yue Lanchen had made after going to university.

He was different from his previous friends.

When they reached the internet cafe, the two of them turned on their computers.

Everyone else around them were also playing games.

It felt good to play in such an environment.

The two of them played for a while before Yue Lanchen was patted on the shoulder.

He turned back and saw that it was his high school friend, the one who always carried a basketball around.

“Yue Lanchen, I asked you out but you didnt come out.

So you came out to play by yourself”

“Thats right,” Yue Lanchen said indifferently.

“Im not playing the same game as you, so I wont accompany you.”

That person played with the basketball and lowered his head to his ear.

“I heard that you know Shi Jin”

Upon hearing this name, Yue Lanchens hand trembled.

The game displayed the words Game Over.

The person laughed.

“You really know her.

How about it Bring her out for us to play with!”

“Qian Hao! I advise you to shut up quickly!” Yue Lanchen heard the frivolous meaning in his words.

His face darkened, and his usually handsome face was enveloped in anger.

“Hahahaha, look at you being anxious.

Do you think Shi Jin belongs to you alone You probably havent seen any other videos of her, right”

Qian Hao turned on the video on his phone.

A woman who looked very similar to Shi Jin appeared in it.

She was with a man…

From those sounds, he knew what was in the video.

Yue Lanchen shouted with certainty, “Bullsh*t! This is not Shi Jin!”

“Thats not her Hahaha, thats true.

You must know better than us…”

Before he could finish speaking, Qian Hao took a heavy punch to the face.

Yue Lanchen went forward and grabbed his collar, pressing him onto the chair and punching him again.

“Yue… Lanchen… you…” Qian Hao said angrily and reprimanded loudly.

However, before he could say anything, he was punched in the face by Yue Lanchen again.

Qian Haos friends rushed up.

“What are you doing Lanchen, lets talk nicely!”

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