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The way Fu Xiuyuan held the box made people think that there was only one strand of hair left in the world, which was why it was so precious.

Yue Lanchen picked up two or three strands of hair from Shi Jins shoulder and held them in front of Fu Xiuyuan.

“Brother Xiuyuan, come, this is worth two to three hundred million.

Ill give you a discount.

Give me a hundred million!”

Fu Xiuyuan tapped him on the head.

Yue Lanchen held his head.

“Im about to be knocked silly by you guys!”

“You make it sound like you were actually smart.” Fu Xiuyuan rolled his eyes at him.

On the side, Shi Jin laughed uncontrollably.

This auction had given Zeng Guangzhi a tight slap in the face.

He had put in a lot of effort with the reporters and bought a lot of articles to send out.

However, compared to Shi Jin and Jian Liang, it was like comparing a person who had picked up a sesame seed to the person who picked up the watermelon.

Nothing good had been gained except a round of ridicule.

Shi Jin and Jian Liangs publicity was simply too good.

“Alright, Ill buy the tickets as soon as Phoenix Tree opens! I really have a good impression of celebrities who do charity!”

“I told you early on that Shi Jin is really beautiful and kind.

No one else can compare to the charity shes done.”

“Upstairs, if you want to brag about our daughter, just do it.

Theres no need to bring anyone else in case we attract criticism.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Brag on our own.

Also, brag about Jian Liang.”

“Jian Liang and Shi Jins relationship is really good.

Moreover, Jian Liangs rise is visible to the naked eye.

J Jewelry actually gave her the brooch! Not bad!”

With this charity event, Jian Liangs business endorsement improved visibly.

It wasnt just that she was doing charity and getting J Jewlerys brooch.

It was that at this fashion magazine event, she had indeed worn clothes borrowed from a brand, but she wore it well.

J Jewelrys brooch also complimented her.

Some brands had yet to reach the threshold of touching Shi Jin.

They would have to choose representatives from artists like Fan Yueqi and Jian Liang.

Under such circumstances, it was obvious who they would choose.

It was also around this time that Yue Lanchen would receive his grades.

The grades of this kind of exam would not be available online.

Instead, they had to go to school and wait for the teacher to give them the results.

Madam Yue personally drove him to school again.

“Son, its alright.

Even if its not especially good, we can still…” Madam Yue said earnestly.

“Then Ill wait for you here.” Madam Yue stopped the car and watched her son jog away.

The other madams that came were all driven by chauffeurs.

When they saw Madam Yue, they greeted her with a smile.

“Its Lanchens mother.”

Madam Yues status was actually higher than these people.

However, she had always been approachable and gentle.

Everyone was used to calling her Lanchens mother.

This made them seem close, as if their relationship had pulled tighter.

It was the relationship between the childrens parents, not the difference in other statuses.

“Hello,” Madam Yue said with a smile.

“I heard that this exam is quite difficult.

Moreover, the higher-ups have ordered that the entire invigilator process is very strict.

No one is allowed to cheat or anything like that.

Although the questions are a little different from the college entrance examination, the rest are according to the requirements.”

“Yeah, so its really hard this time.

Ive been thinking about finding my son a new school.”

Two of the mothers started communicating.

A mother wearing a bucket hat asked Madam Yue, “Lanchens mother, do you want to change schools for Lanchen I heard that theres a school that can enroll as long as you sponsor the school.

I think we shouldnt make things difficult for the children.

Lets choose a relaxed path for them.”

“Thats right.

Actually, being able to take the exam doesnt necessarily mean that you can adapt to this society.

Anyway, you still have to look at other social experiences in the future.”

Madam Yue asked, “Which school Are you all going”

The mother wearing a bucket hat said with a smile, “The Imperial Capital Vocational Technical School.

Shall I help Lanchen make contact”

“Are your children going” Madam Yue asked.

“There shouldnt be any problem with my childs exam this time.

Im just asking around for Lanchen, arent I” said the bucket hat mom, looking rather pleased with herself.

Only then did Madam Yue realize that these people were looking down on her son.

They werent worried about their own sons at all.

They were clearly showing off that their sons results were better than Yue Lanchens!

Madam Yue was usually a smart person.

It was just that today she was worried.

Now that she heard the implied meaning, her face darkened slightly.

“Then theres no need.

Isnt the vocational technical school suitable for your children If youre willing to go, Ill help you contact them.

Our Lanchen has no use for it.”

She looked gentle, but she was still very scary when she got angry.

These mothers just wanted to do a little mocking.

Seeing that she was angry, they stopped talking.

However, they could not help feeling like they were watching a joke.

The Yue family was such a wealthy family, but they had only raised a son like Yue Lanchen.

On the surface, everyone was envious of Madam Yues family background, but in their hearts, they were mocking her for not teaching her son well.

Madam Yue also looked at these people.

They were the wives of her husbands colleagues, and all of them were in high positions of power.

However, she did not expect them to have such petty thoughts.

They were no different from those shrews who had never seen the world.

At this moment, the children came over after getting their results.

“Mom, I got in.” One of the kids came running, laughing.

His mother was overjoyed.

“Oh my, my son has really made something of himself!”

As the children returned one by one, some of them did well and were in high spirits.

Others did not do well and were crestfallen.

The mother in the bucket hat, who had been acting up the most, saw her son approaching with a basketball.

“Hows it going” she asked.

“Dont ask.

Lets go.” He threw the basketball, venting his frustration.

He obviously hadnt done well.

The basketball hit someone elses car and scraped off a piece of paint.

It bounced back and slammed into a stray dog, making it shiver and howl in pain.

He pretended nothing had happened.

Looking at his unruly appearance, Madam Yue shook her head secretly.

Bucket hat mother was about to leave with her son when Yue Lanchen walked over.

She didnt move for a moment, wanting to see Yue Lanchens score.

“How is it, son” Madam Yue asked cautiously.

“Mom…” Yue Lanchen raised his deer-like eyes and glanced at her.

Madam Yues heart ached and she was worried.

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