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People who were bidding would all be holding up a special sign—indicating that they paid the deposit and had rights to enter.

Ordinary people wouldnt be able to afford that deposit at all.

If it werent for the fact that the people who bid just now all had the signs, everyone would think that these people were here to cause trouble.

So did these people who were bidding know what a hundred million was

Fan Yueqi dug her nails into her palms and felt her breath catch in her throat.

She was dizzy.

If this was Shi Jins publicity strategy, then she had spent too much money!

A big hit movie would pretty much only make that amount of money.

What the hell are they doing

If this was not a publicity strategy but just someone elses personal actions, then Shi Jin… someone was actually willing to spend tens of millions and hundreds of millions on Shi Jin.

Either way, it was enough for Fan Yueqi to swallow her pride and remain silent for a long time.

The auctioneer finally recovered from his shock.

“The current price for Shi Jins hair is 100 million.

100 million! Does anyone want to raise the price Anyone”

The crowd finally recovered from the silence and started discussing.

However, no one raised the price anymore.

“Then a hundred million, deal! Shi Jins hair, a hundred million! Thank you again for your contribution to charity!”

The auctioneers voice was hoarse as he shouted the last words with all his might.

Everyone looked towards the person who had shouted out a hundred million, but they could not see what he looked like at all.

Compared to everyones shock, Shi Jin only had a light smile on her face.

“Thank you for witnessing our act of charity.


She turned and left.

She came and went like the wind, as if she had never existed, but the entire venue was filled with her figure.

Jian Liang followed her, unable to hide her surprise.

“Shi Jin, are we really going to donate the ten million for the brooch”

“Mm.” Shi Jin nodded and saw Yao Jiahong coming over.

Yao Jiahong pulled out the box and said, “The check for ten million has been signed.

We got the brooch.”

Shi Jin picked up the brooch and pinned it to Jian Liangs chest.

Jian Liang felt that her breathing had stopped.

Shi Jin was clearly much younger than her, but no matter what she did, she was so calm and composed.

It was as if she could only lay at her feet and worship her.

It also made people sincerely willing to submit to her.

“You can have the brooch.

Now go back to the fashion magazine event and you can still make it in time for the final round of photographs.”

“Ill send you back, Jian Liang,” Yao Jiahong said.

Jian Liang followed Yao Jiahong into the car.

When Fan Yueqi saw this scene, she twisted her fingers and recalled that she was the one who had been in the movie with Shi Jin back then!

However, she was also the one who was moved by the benefits midway.

After something went wrong, she was also the one who stood up to stab Shi Jin in the back.

Shi Jin must hate her guts, surely

Regret stirred in her heart.

If she had not thought that way and betrayed the crew of Phoenix Tree, would Shi Jin have given her everything that Jian Liang had obtained

“Shi Jin!” Fan Yueqi called after her although she still didnt know what to say to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin lazily lifted her eyelashes and sized her up.

There was a hint of confusion in her eyes, as if she did not know who she was.

It was as if… Shi Jin had never taken her to heart.

There was no love or hate.

It was as if she was a complete passerby.

Fan Yueqis words were stuck in her throat.

If Shi Jin hated her, she might feel a sense of accomplishment.

However, Shi Jin ignored her completely.

She was completely indifferent to her.

The horror of this feeling was far greater than hatred.

Shi Jin looked away and walked in the other direction.

For a moment Fan Yueqi was too exhausted to stand.

Wearing a mask, Jiang Ning ran over and hugged Shi Jin.

“Hey! We finally meet again!”

“Why didnt you tell me that you were coming to the capital” Shi Jin patted her.

“I know youre busy too.

I thought Id meet you when you were done.

Arent we meeting now”

“You havent even seen me, but youre already offering tens of millions.

Miss Jiang, youre really something!”

The person who got the man to bid in the corner was Jiang Ning, and the person who bid was her assistant.

“Hey, when I came to the capital originally, Grandpa asked me to spend some money on charity and gain a good reputation for being charitable first before expanding my business.

Anyway, this money has to be spent, so its definitely better to spend it on you.

Besides, you didnt let me spend it, right” Jiang Ning didnt care about this bit of money at all.

The diamond mine alone was enough for her to squander.

It was just that she had experienced many things to get to this point.

Now, she was much calmer and did not like to spend money recklessly.

“How long are you staying this time” Shi Jin asked.

“Three or five days.

I have to go back when Im done.”

“Alright, lets find some time to eat together.”

“Okay.” Jiang Ning glanced at the time.

“I have an appointment to discuss something.

Ill get going first.”

“Ill contact you later.”

After she left, Shi Jin walked toward the corner and pulled someone by the ear.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch!” Yue Lanchen covered his ears.

“You also know that it hurts.

You can shout out tens of millions casually.

If you really managed to get the bid, how are you going to pay for it” Shi Jin knocked his head.

The other voice in the corner was naturally his.

“I… I just cant stand seeing anyone bully you.”

‘I followed my dads friend over to see.

He left first and I stayed a bit longer when I saw you coming.

“Ha, Young Master Yue, youre really something.

How are you planning to raise tens of millions”

Yue Lanchen had indeed not considered this outcome just now.

Now that he thought about it, he was indeed covered in cold sweat.

He could not afford to give that price, so he would definitely be beaten up when he returned.

Not only would he be beaten up, but he also couldnt afford to pay the price.

Wouldnt that cause Shi Jin to be mocked by the crowd At that time, many people would definitely say that she was deliberately putting on airs.

“I was wrong, I was wrong! Fortunately, didnt Brother Xiuyuan pay 100 million later” Yue Lanchen rubbed his red ears.

As he spoke, Fu Xiuyuan walked over from not far away.

The streetlights seemed to favor him especially, casting clear light and shadow on him, outlining the alternating images of light and dark.

“Hubby!” A smile appeared on Shi Jins usually cold face.

The complete switching of her face! Hmph!

“The check has been given.” Fu Xiuyuan held a delicate brocade box in his hand.

“The hair is here.”

This brocade box looked very exquisite.

Those who didnt know would find it hard to imagine that it only contained a strand of hair.

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