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Chapter 75: Utterly Embarrass Her

“Is it Shi Jin” Both Chu Ling and Hu Lai found this unfathomable.

Why would Shi Jin want to buy this orchid

In an instant, a thought rose in their hearts, “Was she bidding for it because of Chu Ling”

Deng Yufei was certain Shi Jin was here to do just that.

After all, she knew best how lousy her relationship with Fu Xiuyuan was.

Hu Lai felt the same way.

“Chu Ling, what do you think Do you think Shi Jin is doing it for you”

Chu Ling thought about the cold look in Shi Jins eyes before thinking about the way she implored him to go back to her previously.

He nodded gently.

Hu Lai understood what he was driving at.

Chu Ling could afford to buy the orchid.

However, the hype it would bring if Shi Jin was the one bidding for it and publicly giving it to Chu Ling would be completely different.

The effect might even be better than getting Shi Xuexin to do it.

If Chu Ling publicly rejected Shi Jin, it would help repair the damage Shi Jins song, “Get Lost”, had done to Chu Lings brand.

There were a lot of reporters present, so the marketing would be even more effective.

“Feifei, go tell Xuexin about it.” Hu Lai contemplated before deciding to put her faith in Shi Jin one more time.

It was impossible for Shi Jin to give the orchid to anyone other than Chu Ling.

Otherwise, why bother bidding for it at such a high price

Deng Yufei hurriedly went over to Shi Xuexin and spoke to her softly.

Shi Xuexin clenched her fists tightly.

“Are you going to get her to give the orchid to Ling”

“Isnt it a great idea to let her do it That way, Ling can give her a slap in the face and embarrass her completely.”

Shi Xuexin pondered briefly, “Then again, that is true.

After Shi Jin gives up on Ling completely, she will finally have a clean break from him.

Otherwise, everyone will just think of her when they talk about Ling.

That would be absolutely disgusting.”

Even though they kept whispering to each other, time passed very quickly in reality.

Shi Jin knew just what they were saying.

Since Deng Yufei was present, she was certain that Deng Yufei had recognized her.

She stopped increasing the bid in huge increments.

Instead, she simply outbid Shi Xuexins offer marginally, “$3 020 000.”

“The bid has now reached $3 020 000! Does anyone want to make a bid $3 020 000 going once.

$3 020 000 going twice.

$3 020 000 going thrice! Sold! Congratulations on winning the bid for the yao orchid, Madam!”

The auctioneer pounded the hammer to close the auction of the yao orchid!

Shi Jin stood up and Chu Ling, Hu Lai, Shi Xuexin, and Deng Yufei all turned to look at her intently.

This time, she was bound to give the flower to Chu Ling! Also, Chu Ling would have the opportunity to reject her.

Everything will be under Chu Lings control! Shi Jin could forget about ever gaining hype using Chu Ling ever again!

Shi Jin could keenly sense one more person looking at her intently in the crowd.

Someone was looking at her coldly.

Even without turning back to see, she could sense the powerful aura.

Deng Yufei was around, so even without thinking hard, she was certain it was Fu Xiuyuan looking at her.

Although she had already earned Fu Xiuyuans trust during this time, his jealousy was only temporarily suppressed and was not eradicated at its root.

Shi Jin knew this well.

She could empathize that after abusing him for years, these things couldnt change overnight.

It was fine.

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