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These words were murderous.

If word got out, people would think that Shi Jin was willing to spend money for publicity and refused to spend it for charity.

This Fan Yueqi was indeed very scheming.

Everyone was still staring at Shi Jin.

They shook their heads inwardly when they saw how she was unprepared.

It was indeed not sincere to come with nothing, right

“Forget it, Shi Jin.

None of us blame you for not being prepared.

I think we should just forget it.” Fan Yueqi continued to fan the flames.

Everyone could not help but be disappointed in Shi Jin.

A faint smile appeared on the end of Shis eyes.

It was true that she had brought nothing with her, nor had she prepared anything.

However… if she dared to come over, she would not be suppressed and beaten by Fan Yueqi.

She really did not take Fan Yueqis petty schemes to heart.

She raised her arm indifferently and reached over her shoulder.

She picked up a strand of hair that had fallen and said, “I did come in a hurry and wasnt prepared, but since Im here and Im doing publicity and contributions for charity, I cant possibly have come for nothing, can I Everyone, Ill auction this.”

She raised the hair in her hand and looked at the crowd.

A single strand of hair was completely invisible in the light.

It was ordinary.

Her fair fingers seemed to be twisting a wisp of air.

Only those who were very close could see that she was indeed holding something.

“This” Everyone was surprised.

“Is she really going to auction this”

“This is too childish.

Theres still some value in collecting other things.

At the very least, they can be used.

Shi Jins hair… who wants it”

Would anyone want to auction for just a strand of hair

On this occasion, Zeng Guangzhi had specially arranged for Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng to come over.

Actually, it was because their fans were among these celebrities that the auction looked decent.

Obviously, Shi Jins fans were not among this group.

Even though Shi Jin looked like a fairy that had descended to the mortal world, she might not be everyones type.

Shi Jin was a little too confident in herself to arouse everyones enthusiasm for the auction with just a strand of hair, right

The hostess stepped forward and took Shi Jins hair.

She brought it to the stage and placed it in a brocade box.

Looking at how they treated a strand of hair so preciously, the people couldnt help but reveal mocking smiles.

“Now were auctioning a strand of Shi Jins hair, donated by Shi Jin…” The auctioneers face was a little hard to explain, but he was experienced enough to quickly suppress his emotions and say in a businesslike manner, “The starting price with the auction now is… a thousand dollars.”

This was indeed not easy to price, so the auctioneer used a moderate price.

The audience was silent.

No one spoke.

The auctioneer called out, “Any bids”

Everyone remained silent.

Fan Yueqi couldnt help finding it funny.

Shi Jin was indeed very popular and powerful.

She had been doing well in the entertainment industry for the past two years, but did she really think that everything in the entertainment industry could be applied to other industries

She might be on a pedestal in the entertainment industry, but in the larger world outside, it was nothing more than a joke.

She wanted to know what the passers-by would say about her when this matter became popular tomorrow!

For a moment, no one below the stage made any bids.

The main reason was that… this strand of hair seemed to be useless.

On the other hand, some men did have a good impression of Shi Jin.

If they get close to her through buying her hair, they would be willing to pay.

However, it was obvious that a lofty flower like Shi Jin seemed to be difficult to approach, let alone make do with them.

Wouldnt it be ridiculous for them to bid for a strand of hair

“Does anyone have a bid” the auctioneer asked again.

“This is Shi Jins hair.

Whoever makes the bid might get a strand of Shi Jins hair.


He tried his best to channel his emotions and do his job, but it sounded like he was shouting about slow sales.

It felt like a ridiculous racket.

Just when everyone thought that no one would bid for the hair, someone finally started to move.

“A hundred thousand.” Yao Jiahong, who had followed them, raised his hand and offered a price.

Hence, everyone understood that Shi Jin was going to donate money again.

Other than passersby, only her own company would foot the bill.

It was funny.

This charitable nature was indeed admirable.

“One million,” a man sitting in the corner shouted.

Beside him was a young girl wearing a mask.

They couldnt tell what she looked like, but she had an extraordinary aura.

She didnt look like she often hung out in the capital.

Everyone was shocked.

Before they could recover from their shock, their pupils dilated as they heard another voice.

“Ten million,” someone shouted from the corner.

“This…” The crowd was in an uproar.

This increase in price was too high.

Forget about the brooch just now.

After all, it wasnt for sale and it was J Jewelrys brand.

Everyone was willing to bid because it was worth that price.

However, this hair… What could they do with it

According to scientific data, a normal person would lose 50 to 100 strands of hair every day.

In other words, even though this hair belonged to Shi Jin, it did not have any uniqueness or rarity.

It was not worth collecting at all.

Zeng Guangzhi couldnt help but look around.

Fan Yueqi couldnt help but look in the direction of these people.

Were these people crazy to do such a thing for Shi Jin

Even if they were going to do charity, couldnt they find some other reason Or auction for something else

Why could a strand of Shi Jins hair fetch such a price!

“Twenty million!” the man sitting next to the masked girl said again.

There was a sharp intake of breath.

Clearly, this price had shocked everyone.

“Fifty million!” said the person in the corner who had just shouted twenty million.

The audience was in an uproar!

Even hair made of diamonds wasnt worth that much, let alone a strand of human hair!

An unfamiliar voice gave a number flatly.

The auctioneer held up the small hammer.

For a moment, he couldnt believe his ears.

“Did the friend in the corner with the number seventy-eight offer a hundred million Let me confirm the same again.

Is it a hundred million Please give me an accurate answer!”

“Yes.” The voice was soft but firm.

With that, the entire place fell into dead silence.

Everyone was shocked speechless.

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