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“Two million.” One of the bosses, however, didnt give up and continued to raise the price.

Lu Feng smiled and said, “Yueqi, it seems that you have more fans than me and they are more willing to spend money.”

“I was just lucky,” Fan Yueqi said modestly.

All things considered, it really had been a wise decision to give up the fashion magazine event and come here.

She could already predict how much noise she would make at the hot search tomorrow.

This matter was enough for the fans to show off for two to three years.

If the movie blew up, she could take advantage of it.

Even if it didnt blow up, she didnt lose out by having this wave of popularity.

While she was thinking, the price had reached 2.8 million.

In the end, one of the bosses had won her earrings.

The proceeds from this auction would be incorporated into charity for the various aid and donation events that followed.

“Thank you, Ms.

Fan and Ms.

Fans fans, and thank you, sir, for the successful bid.

On behalf of the entire organizer and all the staff, I wish Ms.

Fan and Mr.

Lu a great success in your new movie, Ask the Devil!”

There was a burst of applause.

The hostess came forward and gave the certificate of honor to Lu Feng and Fan Yueqi.

She asked them to sign their names on the medal of honor.

In the future, their names would be locked with the charity.

Everyone in the crew was pleased with this wave of publicity.

The auction was also coming to an end.

The host was about to say that the auction was over when the door suddenly opened.

Everyone involuntarily looked in the direction of the commotion.

Everyone was slightly surprised to see Jian Liang.

When their gazes landed on Shi Jin, everyone started whispering, “Is this Shi Jin”

“Shes coming to the event too”

The host had already received the news from the organizers and immediately stopped.

He did not continue to announce the end of the event.

Jian Liang glanced in Fan Yueqis direction, and Fan Yueqi guiltily tried to avoid eye contact.

Shi Jin looked at Fan Yueqi and could basically confirm that she had specially removed the brooch.

Jian Liang pulled out the brooch and held it up.

“The item Im donating to the auction will be this.”

Fan Yueqis pupils contracted in disbelief at the sight of J Jewelrys heart-shaped brooch.

Had she already found the brooch

No, she could actually take the heart-shaped brooch to the auction.

Was it her personal item

Evidently, the host had the same doubts.

“Miss Jian, as far as I know, this brooch was given to you by a sponsor, wasnt it We can only auction personal items.”

“This is already my personal iten.

Ill use this.” Jian Liang handed it over.

Immediately a hostess came forward and took the brooch.

Seeing the hostess take the brooch to the stage, Zeng Guangzhi, Fan Yueqi, and Lu Fengs expressions kept changing.

Shi Jins arrival had already exceeded their expectations.

Now, they were actually going to auction off the heart-shaped brooch.

Everything they had just created was about to be destroyed by this sudden move!

“Shi Jin, are you sure you want to participate in the event” There was a hint of warning in Zeng Guangzhis voice.

“Why Cant I participate in charity events Isnt this an event that everyone can participate in Moreover, wanting to contribute to those in need is something Ive wanted to do for a long time.

Director Zeng, do you not want me to participate in the event” Shi Jin looked at Zeng Guangzhi with a faint smile, her eyes revealing a faint coldness.

How could Zeng Guangzhi possibly refute her words

“In that case, well auction off Miss Jians brooch now!” The auctioneer began.

“The starting price for this brooch is three million! Any bids now”

Although all the guests were celebrities from all walks of life, most of the budget for today had already been spent.

Seeing this piece from J Jewelry that used to be not for sale, many people were tempted.

However, they could only give out tentative prices.

“Three million five hundred thousand.”

“Three million eight hundred thousand.”

Although the bids were not high, they still knocked down Fan Yueqis arrogance.

Thinking that Shi Jin might know what she had just done, she felt a wave of fear, but on second thought, there were no surveillance cameras in the bathroom.

Even if Shi Jin guessed that it was her, she could not do anything to her.

Various thoughts intertwined in her mind.

It was very complicated, and the expression on her face seemed to be out of control.

Even though the bids were not high, they were quickly raised to five million.

Shi Jin said calmly, “Ten million!”

Everyone looked at her in surprise.

Her bid had doubled the price.

It was indeed a little too generous.

At this moment, no one continued to bid.

The auctioneer shouted, “Ten million going once, ten million going twice, ten million going thrice! Sold! The brooch belongs to Miss Shi!”

It was equivalent to Shi Jin coming here and donating 10 million yuan.

This price, this setup, and this temperament immediately made Zeng Guangzhi and the others actions of secretly raising the price of Fan Yueqi and Lu Fengs items very obvious.

They wanted to publicize and gain fame and fortune at the same time, making their actions look despicable.

Everyone could tell the difference between Zeng Guangzhi and Shi Jin.

Reporters were also snapping away, intending to use it for publicity.

Fan Yueqi glanced at Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, since Jian Liang has already taken out something to auction, you cant come empty-handed, right”

Since she was already inferior to Shi Jin in the limelight, Fan Yueqi was unwilling to let Shi Jin take away all the reputation and benefits.

Didnt Shi Jin want to pay more Then let her pay more!

It would be best to take out a few more millions from her pocket to relieve Fan Yueqis hatred.

When the others heard Fan Yueqis words, they all looked at Shi Jin.

When Shi Jin came over just now, she had taken off all her accessories.

She had never had the habit of wearing jewelry.

She was clean from head to toe.

There was nothing but a dress.

She really couldnt come up with anything at the moment.

Fan Yueqi also saw this and said with a smile, “Its also fine if Shi Jin didnt prepare anything.

Its already very kind of you to have this intention.

After all, dont people with money spend money, and people with other intentions use it to for publicity You just helped Jian Liang donate 10 million yuan.

Its not that important.”

In other words, Shi Jin had just paid 10 million yuan for Jian Liangs publicity.

Shi Jin had no intention of doing charity.

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