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Yao Jiahong nodded.

“That works too.”

Shi Jin walked in.

The assistant and Jian Liang were still searching up and down.

When she saw Shi Jin, guilt appeared on Jian Liangs slightly pale face.

“Shi Jin, Im really sorry…”

“Who else was here with you guys before”

The assistant and Jian Liang had been too busy changing to notice their surroundings, but the assistant remembered something and said, “I think someone was here.

Yes, it was Fan Yueqi! I saw her from the corner of my eye in the mirror, but I really didnt see what she did at that time.

And Im sure that the brooch was worn into the bathroom.

I took it off myself and placed it on the countertop.

Then it disappeared.

It couldnt have fallen off anywhere else.”

“Fan Yueqi” Shi Jin smiled at the name.

If anyone else had come in, Shi Jin would not want to think badly of them.

However, Fan Yueqi… Shi Jin had seen this persons character before.

It was not surprising that she would do such a thing.

“Okay, stop searching for now.”

“Then I…” Jian Liang looked at Shi Jin worriedly.

The thought of the high compensation made her heart turn cold.

“This matter cant prove that its your problem yet.

Dont worry about it first.

Brother Yao…” Shi Jin said to Jian Liang and walked to the door.

She asked Yao Jiahong, “Where is Fan Yueqi”

“She and Lu Feng were just called away.

Zeng Guangzhi has a charity auction and asked the two of them to participate.

This is also a form of publicity.”


Is it too late for us to go over to the auction”

Yao Jiahong immediately said, “There wont be too many people at such a charity event.

If you want to go, Ill call and arrange it immediately.”

“Jian Liang, youre coming with me.

Were going to the auction.

Also, get some more people and try to find the brooch.”

Jian Liang caught up with Shi Jin.

For some reason, she felt less panicked now.

Perhaps it was Shi Jins calm and unhurried manner that made her begin to feel calmer and less worried.

The two of them had just gotten into the car when the assistant rushed over “Shi Jin, Jian Liang, we found the thing! It was in the trash can under the sink.”

“Its good that you found it.

Give it to me.” Shi Jin reached for the brooch.

“So are you guys still going to the auction site” the assistant asked.

“Not going to walk the red carpet here”

“The pictures taken here are enough.

Naturally, we have to go to the auction.”

Since this matter was related to Fan Yueqi, she naturally had to meet her in person.

Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng had arrived.

Zeng Guangzhi led a group of reporters to welcome the two of them.

“Yueqi, Lu Feng… Come over quickly.” Zeng Guangzhi smiled and greeted them.

“Today is a charity auction.

We need each of you to provide some accessories for the auction.

The money obtained from the auction will be used for charity.

The two of you, get ready.”

Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng understood immediately.

Although this was a charity auction, it was also a good opportunity for artists to showcase themselves and promote their works.

When the news was released, people would consider them to be generous.

It could be said to be a profitable business.

As for who would come to bid for the items, apart from some rich fans, the rest were the members of the various celebrity companies.

Seeing Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng coming over, the reporters immediately came over to take photos.

Fan Yueqi said very nicely, “Everyone, make sure to photograph us well.”

“Of course, of course!” The reporters were all laughing and there was a happy atmosphere.

“Yueqi, its a righteous act for you to come to a charity event.

We have to photograph you beautifully.”

“Youre welcome.

I wish you all the best in advance!”

Fan Yueqi removed the earrings from her ear and handed it to the hostess.

The earrings were her personal belongings, so it was suitable for the auction.

Lu Feng took off a ring, which was also his personal item.

On the stage, the personal items of the other celebrities were also being auctioned one after another.

The prices that were auctioned off were also different, but most of them were not particularly high.

It was just for the appearances.

When they saw Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng enter, everyone looked over.

On Zeng Guangzhis side, he had already made arrangements with his assistant, “Make sure to auction a good price so that the reporters at the scene can go back and promote it more.

Buy all the hot searches and press releases, and keep up with the marketing in all aspects.”

The assistant understood and nodded immediately.


Since Shi Jins side had the support of luxury jewelry, the publicity here had to take a different approach.

The publicity fee had to be spent anyway.

It just depended on how it was spent.

“Alright, thank you to the guests who are here today, Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng.

Also, thank you for the support of your production team for our auction and for the charity event.

On behalf of all the people who accepted the donation, I would like to thank you.” After the auctioneer finished speaking, he took out Lu Fengs pinky ring.

“This is the pinky ring donated by Mr.

Lu Feng.

Its an accessory that he has always been wearing.

The starting price for the auction is 20,000 yuan.”

A rich young lady who was originally a fan of Lu Feng immediately raised her card.


She looked at Lu Feng and smiled.

Lu Feng knew that most of the people present were of high status, so he returned a polite smile.

Soon, under the arrangement of Zeng Guangzhis assistant, the price went higher and higher.

Finally, the young lady offered 880,000 yuan.

“880,000 going once, 880,000 going twice, 880,000 going thrice.

Sold!” The auctioneer gave the final word.

The parties were very satisfied with this price.

Zeng Guangzhi in particular, who had already planned to fork out this money from the publicity fee.

Who knew that Lu Fengs fans would be willing to spend this money

This price sounded nice and beautiful and would look nice when posted in articles and trending searches.

“Congratulations,” Fan Yueqi said to Lu Feng.

Lu Feng smiled handsomely, confident in his charm.

“Were auctioning off Fan Yueqis earrings now.

This is also an item often used by Miss Fan.

The starting price is thirty thousand.”

Fan Yueqi turned to the stage with a smile on her face.

Soon, someone started bidding.

Fan Yueqi had been famous for many years, so she naturally had fans.

There were two bosses who began to bid frequently.

Coupled with the bids arranged by Zeng Guangzhis assistant, the price slowly rose.

When someone shouted “1.8 million,” Fan Yueqi was stunned.

When she had bought the earrings, they had only cost a few thousand dollars.

Tonight, she had chosen them to match the color of her clothes.

Although it was a light luxury brand and was not embarrassing to take out, this price was indeed giving her a lot of face.

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