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“But this really shows that Phoenix Tree is really willing to spend money! Jian Liang is really going to be famous this time!”

For a moment, there were various opinions.

Jian Liang walked toward the group with her head held high.

Fan Yueqi had already heard everything that everyone had said.

She subconsciously touched the borrowed accessory she was wearing.

The words in her heart were indescribable.

She was already a much bigger star than Jian Liang.

Now “Ask the Devil” was about to be released, yet her sponsorship was nowhere near as good as Jian Liangs.

Moments ago she had been content, content with the present and confident and hopeful for the future.

Now, compared to Jian Liang, she knew the difference in the world.

She looked wistfully at Jian Liang.

Jane Liang put a hand to her chest.

It was clear that she was still not used to this extreme luxury.

She was also afraid that if anything went wrong, she would not be able to compensate for this expensive accessory.

“Alright, everyone can start taking pictures.

Lets start with a group shot!” the person in charge and the cameraman said as they walked over quickly.

There were many people, so everyone began to find positions.

The men modestly gave up their places to the ladies.

The higher ranking celebrities were pushed toward the center.

Fan Yueqi had a luxury brand of clothes backing her today.

So although her position was not at the center, it was definitely not bad.

However, standing beside Jian Liang, she was dwarfed.

“Here, Jian Liang, stand a little closer to the middle,” the man in charge called.

Jian Liangs original position was even more remote than Fan Yueqis.

She knew her identity well and was very clear-headed.

If she stood in a position that did not match her, the photos would definitely be mocked by the various fans.

Therefore, she naturally chose a position that was inconspicuous.

Hearing the person in charge call her name, she subconsciously looked at Shi Jin.

Shi Jin gave a small nod that told her not to worry.

The person in charge smiled and said, “Miss Jian, youre wearing the brooch from J Jewelry today.

You should be standing in this position!”

People of his status were all smart and knew very well how to arrange their positions.

Fashion magazine events were basically sponsored by various luxury brands of clothing and jewelry.

In Jian Liangs current situation, wouldnt he have to arrange a good spot for her

Jian Liang walked towards that position.

Everyone nodded to themselves, knowing that this position should indeed be Jian Liangs.

As the photographer got to work, Fan Yueqi felt even worse.

Clearly, during this event, her celebrity status had been suppressed by Jian Liang.

Lu Feng was relatively less affected.

Compared to Xiao Ming, his suppression was not too obvious.

After the photos were taken, the photos were already sent to the various managers and artistes.

“Shi Jin, Jian Liang, Xiao Ming, stay for a while,” the person in charge said with a smile.

“You have a separate photo session.”

Everyone couldnt help turning around.

When they saw the jewelry on Shi Jin and Xiao Ming, they knew that it must be special photos for J Jewelry.

“Everyone else, lets go out on the terrace and take some more pictures.”

Fan Yueqis agent received the photos and sent it to Zeng Guangzhi.

“Director Zeng, take a look at the situation today.” The agent was obviously not expecting this situation today.

Zeng Guangzhi was at a charity auction.

This was not the first photo he had received.

The agent said, “In this situation, if we keep letting them advertise like this, theyre really going to steal all the limelight from our movie.”

How could Zeng Guangzhi not understand He was not afraid that the limelight of the movie would be stolen, but that the limelight of the artist in his hands would be stolen.

However, to Zeng Guangzhi, the movie was something he had to care about.

If the movie became popular, he lived, if it flopped, it would be difficult for him to meet an investor like Qin Fanya again.

Zeng Guangzhi waved his hand and summoned his assistant.

“Arrange for Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng to come over.”

Fan Yueqi was washing her hands in the bathroom when Jian Liang came in with a female assistant beside her.

She said anxiously, “That person is really too careless.

They poured a whole glass of red wine on you.Your clothes are borrowed.

How are you going to return them”

“Send it to the dry cleaner immediately and see if you can find a way to remedy the situation,” said Jian Liang.

“Youll need to take care of all that wine on your body too.

Ill see if the new clothes are here yet.

Theres a red carpet to walk later, and lots of pictures to be taken.”

In a flurry, the assistant took a towel to clean the wine stains on Jian Liangs skin.

She also needed to change, and the scene was very chaotic.

The brooch was removed and placed on a nearby sink.

When Fan Yueqi came out to wash her hands, the assistant and Jian Liang had their backs to her and were busy changing.

Looking at the expensive brooch in front of her, glowing softly in the light, Fan Yueqi reached out and pushed it into the trash bag beside her.

Then she stepped outside.

Shi Jin sat in the dressing room to rest.

She had already taken two rounds of photos and there were more to come.

She needed to maintain a good state.

She was about to close her eyes and rest for a while when Xiao Ming pushed open the door and entered.

“Shi Jin!” Xiao Ming looked very anxious.

“Jian Liangs brooch is missing.”

“What happened” Shi Jin stood up immediately, her eyes sharp.

“When we were filming at the scene just now, a staff member accidentally spilled red wine on her.

The assistant took her to the bathroom to change and wash her clothes, but we couldnt find the brooch.

What should we do” Xiao Ming was very worried.

If they could not find this brooch, they wouldnt even be able to pay for it.

“Dont worry too much.

Lets look again,” Shi Jin said after some thought.

Actually, it was not a big deal if it was lost.

This brooch was provided by Jiang Ning.

If was lost, she could just tell her.

Jiang Ning also planned to gift the brooch to Shi Jin anyway.

However, the photos had just been taken and the red carpet had yet to be walked.

If Jian Liang walked out like this later, it would definitely cause a lot of controversy.

Others would think that something had happened to her that caused J Jewelry to suddenly take back the jewelry and not lend it to her.

This was the deadly consequence.

Shi Jin followed Xiao Ming and quickly walked to the washroom.

This bathroom was only for guests.

It was wide and generous, not inferior to a hotel room.

Almost all the people coming and going were celebrities and managers.

At the moment, it was surrounded by security guards.

Jian Liang, her manager, and her assistant were all inside.

Yao Jiahong also stood in the doorway.

“Have you found it” Shi Jin asked.

“Not yet,” Yao Jiahong said.

“Why dont we use the other jewelry for now”

“Its probably inconvenient to use any of them now,” Shi Jin reminded him.

“If it really doesnt work out, just dont make Jian Liang walk the red carpet later.”

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