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Today was different.

She had appeared with Shi Jin on a promotional mission for Phoenix Tree.

Every appearance during the publicity period could bring popularity and discussion, so every appearance in public was extremely important.

The stylist was waiting backstage to dress up Shi Jin and Jian Liang.

Jian Liang was so nervous that her palms were sweating.

Shi Jin handed her a leaf.

“What is this” Jian Liang asked.

“Its for you to smell and refresh your mind.”

Jian Liang brought it to the tip of her nose and inhaled sharply.

It smelled really good, and had a little minty fragrance.

It was cool and comforting.

“Much better,” Jian Liang said quietly.

“Im sorry.

This is the first time Ive attended this kind of event so formally.”

“Youll get used to it.” Shi Jin smiled at her in the mirror.

“Brother Yao, give it to Jian Liang.”

Yao Jiahong, who had just entered, took out a box and placed it in front of Jian Liang.

Jian Liang picked it up and opened it.

The heart-shaped jewelry inside glowed with a warm and undeniable light, like the moon in the sky.

“Isnt this the heart brooch from J Jewelry I remember that this is a high-end brooch.

Its not for sale, and its not easy to borrow.

It seems to be worth more than seven figures!” Although Jian Liang had never worn it, she had seen others wear it.

J Jewelrys full name was Janes, commonly known as J Jewelry.

This was a high-end brand.

Normally, they would find artists to promote it at various fashion events.

Being chosen for promotion was already an honor that only popular celebrities could receive.

As for the heart-shaped brooch, it was even more unattainable.

As it was not for sale, it was purely to raise the price of an artist.

There was no need for it to be promoted.

“This is just right for your long dress.

Take it and wear it.”

“I dont think thats a good idea.

J Jewelry probably meant this for you.” Jian Liang immediately realized that this was not a resource she could reach.

“Theres nothing wrong with that.

Ive already communicated with them.”

Jian Liang touched the heart-shaped brooch and knew that what Shi Jin was doing was clearly beneficial to her.

Although it was indeed for the publicity effect of the film, it was extremely beneficial to her.

With this brooch, it should not be difficult for her to borrow branded clothes or jewelry in the future.

The manager immediately took it from her.

“Since Shi Jin said that she would let you wear it, dont let her down.

Ill keep it for you first.”

How could the manager dare to be negligent This brooch was more expensive than him and Jian Liang combined.

If anything went wrong, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Seeing that Jian Liang was still a little hesitant, he leaned close to her ear and said, “If you really feel embarrassed, hurry up and become popular.

When the time comes, wont there be more opportunities to repay Shi Jin”

Only then did Jian Liang say in Shi Jins direction, “Thank you.”

“Everyone, lets go backstage and take pictures,” the event supervisor said while walking over.

Only then did the manager carefully take out the brooch and hand it to Jian Liang.

“Jian Liang, you have to protect this brooch no matter where you go.

This is much more important than you are now,” the agent said.

“Understood.” Jian Liang touched the brooch.

It was cool to the touch, but it also seemed to have an ethereal heat that heated her heart.

There were a lot of people backstage today.

It could be said that half of the entertainment industry was here.

Most artistes would be willing to appear at such a fashion event.

Whether it was to promote their work or to show themselves, it was a great stage.

Fan Yueqi was also at the event today.

A lot of people were talking around her.

Her clothes today were sponsored by an international tycoon, but she selected the matching jewelry herself.

However, this outfit alone was eye-catching enough.

“Congratulations, Yueqi.

Ask the Devil is about to be released.”

“I still have to invite everyone to support me.” Fan Yueqi held her wine glass and smiled at everyone.

“A big IP like Ask the Devil already has its own fans and is extremely popular.

I really envy you.”

“Thats right.

“Ask the Devil” is definitely going to explode this time! I saw that everyone outside said that Director Zeng specially poached Yueqi over because he thinks very highly of her! He said that she and “Ask the Devil” are very compatible.”

Fan Yueqi recalled that she had indeed been poached by Director Zeng.

Now that she thought about it, this was a rare opportunity.

“The outside world is very optimistic about Ask the Devil now.

Just look at the luxurious clothes on Yueqis body.

If they didnt think that Yueqi would be able to make it big, why would they take the initiative to lend her such clothes To be honest, people like us wont be able to wear the brand Yueqi is wearing even in three or five years.”

Someone smiled and said, “Then you can buy it.”

“How can buying and sponsoring be the same!”

Fan Yueqi had a smile on her face and agreed with everyone.

As they spoke, someone whispered, “Shi Jin is here.”

Everyone shut up for a moment and looked at Shi Jin.

Shi Jin was wearing a very simple outfit today.

She walked over calmly with her eyes slightly lowered.

When everyone saw Shi Jin appear and looked at her face, although they were not surprised, they still subconsciously took a few more glances.

Her beauty was so striking that no one even cared what she wore.

When Jian Liang appeared, everyone was wondering why she looked so much better.

Popularity really made one prettier.

They were immediately attracted by the heart-shaped brooch on her dress.

“Is… is that J Jewelrys heart brooch Am I mistaken”

“Theres no mistake.

Its real!”

‘How could she have gotten hold of this Could she have bought it herself

“What are you talking about J Jewelrys heart-shaped brooch has never been sold! Besides, who would wear a fake To be able to wear it on such an occasion, she must be sponsored by the brand.”

The artist who could obtain this brooch was obviously recognized by the brand to a certain extent.

It could almost be said that she was a popular artist tonight.

When everyone looked at Jian Liang, they felt an indescribable sense of envy.

However, they knew that this was something they could only dream of.

“Jian Liangs movie hasnt even been released and shes already getting sponsorship from J Jewelry.

This is way better than those luxury clothes!”

“Thats amazing! Shes going to be in the limelight tonight!”

“Only now I realize that Jian Liang is actually quite good-looking.”

“For real.

I saw the commercial she shot for Dream of Nine States.

She actually sings pretty well.”

“The movie hasnt even been released yet, and you can rely on autotune to sing.

Whats there to be envious of”

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