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“Ill teach you when youre an adult.”

“Sure!” Yue Lanchen found a rock and sat down.

“Ive acknowledged you as my sister.

Youre really better than my biological sister!”

Shi Jin smiled, but said nothing.

The post-production of Phoenix Tree was almost done.

It was scheduled to be released at the end of September.

Shi Jin and Liang Han started doing promotions with Xiao Ming and Jian Liang.

Preheating publicity was important to the movies box office.

That applied to all movies these days.

Manager Tao from Dream of Nine States gave Shi Jin a call.

“Can we publicize our game videos now”

“Totally,” Shi Jin replied.

“Thanks, Manager Tao.”

“Speaking of thanks, shouldnt we be thanking you How many streams and new users have your two songs brought to our game”

Dream of Nine States revealed the advertisement video that Xiao Ming and Jian Liang had specially filmed for the game.

On the screen, the two of them had outstanding figures.

Every move they made had an ancient charm to it.

Every move they made was elegant and graceful, which suited this game very well.

When the video was released, Manager Tao also announced the two ancient songs.

The composer was Shi Jin.

The fans were immediately excited.

“These two songs are really too good.

Ive replayed them countless times before.

I really didnt expect it to be Shi Jins work.”

“Shi Jin has broken through her old style again.

Its really amazing.”

“Moreover, this is actually a character song from Phoenix Tree.

This is too compatible! To be honest, Im really looking forward to this movie!”

“I didnt know Xiao Ming and Jian Liang could sing!”

“Im really looking forward to the movie Phoenix Tree!”

Liang Han never thought the publicity effect would be so good.

He was so happy that he sent red packets to the production team group chat.

“Previously, I was worried that the publicity would cost a lot of money and the effect might not be good.

Now, I finally know that I can make money while promoting @Xiao Ming @Jian Liang.”

Xiao Ming and Jian Liang also snatched the red packets with everyone.

Xiao Ming sighed.

“Director Liang, are you asking me to give out red packets too”

Liang Han said, “Thats right.

Im just trying to start the trend!”

As he spoke, Jian Liang had already sent out red packets.

Xiao Ming also sent a few big red packets.

Instantly, the production crew group chat was very lively.

On Zeng Guangzhis side, the situation was much worse.

As a highly anticipated big IP, “Ask the Devil” had also signed the capable actors Fan Yueqi and Lu Feng to play it.

It should have been popular, but the effect was not as good as “Phoenix Tree” which was previously a script nobody cared about.

They had spent a lot of money on promotion, making Zeng Guangzhi feel a little upset.

Actually, if they didnt compare it to “Phoenix Tree”, the publicity effect of “Ask the Devil” would still be alright.

The advertisement shoot for “Heavenly Dragon” previously was also done with great effort.

However, the combination of the game advertisements and the movie was not as seamless as Shi Jins, so the effect was average.

Besides, the theme song of their game was only a replica, so it naturally could not compare to the original.

Reporters were everywhere.

Shi Jin and Jian Liang got out of the car hand in hand at a fashion magazine event and entered the backstage area.

Jian Liang had participated in such fashion magazine events before, but she only existed as a foil.

She was completely ignored.

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