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“Tch! If you dont want to go, then dont go.

Whats there to be proud of! Who doesnt know that you can only rely on your family to go to university What can you make up for in these two days Do you really think you can reach the heavens in a single bound”

“Thats right.

Even if we dont work hard, we dont have to worry about the future.

My father has already arranged my future work!”

“Forget it, Yue Lanchen is definitely just putting on an act.

Lets go play basketball!”

Yue Lanchen felt a headache coming on when he heard this.

He slammed the book on the table and said, “If you want to play, then play.

There are still many people here who are willing to do the questions and work hard for the last two days.

If you dont want to work hard, then dont disturb the others here! If you want to leave, leave!”

Seeing that he was really angry, these people really did not dare to continue speaking.

However, after going out, they still muttered, “Tch, he really thinks too highly of himself.

What is he without his family background”

“Id like to see what kind of score he can get.

He thinks hes so great.”

They were all fair-weather friends.

Usually, they were on good terms, but when they really slandered each other behind their back, none of them were easy to deal with.

Yue Lanchens ears were sharp, so he heard many things.

He felt inexplicably frustrated and felt that he had missed too much over the years.

Why did he have to mix with such a group of people back then

It was not until he touched the leaf in the pencil case and recalled Shi Jins calm appearance that he calmed down.

After leaving the school, Yue Lanchen held the test paper and his bookbag.

A car swished to a stop in front of him.

The car door lowered, revealing Yue Xius face.

Yue Lanchen didnt refuse.

He got into her car.

Yue Xiu reached out and handed him a file.

“What is it” Yue Lanchen asked.

“The teachers predicted questions.

I got it specially for you,” Yuexiu said indifferently.

“Even if I dont guarantee you full marks, the top few places will definitely not be a problem.”

Yue Lanchen threw it away as if it were hot.

“I dont want it.”

“Yue Lanchen, are you stupid Do you think you can get a good score just because you want it Although the University of Technology isnt as good as the Imperial Capital and Qing University, its not that easy to get in.

Others are paying to find what you dont want.”

“I dont want it anyway,” Yue Lanchen said, shaking his head.

“Alright, take it or leave it.

Do you think I would be willing to care about these things if Grandma hadnt instructed me to come and see you” Yue Xiu placed the documents on him.

Yue Lanchen just didnt speak or take the documents.

He tightened his grip on the bag, thinking that maybe he hadnt wanted that untouchable freedom before, but had seen enough of it to hate the way these people did things.

“Its not that I want to say this, but if you follow Shi Jin every day, what future can you have If shes really as good as people say, would she still be in the entertainment industry as a small celebrity She would have long gone to do something big.”

“Cousin!” Yue Lanchen interrupted her.

“Dont say that about Shi Jin.”

Yue Xiu was amused.

“Except for the face…”

“Thats enough.

Stop the car!” Yue Lanchen had lost all desire to speak to her.

The car screeched to a halt.

Yue Lanchen got out and slammed the door.

He turned to leave, not taking the information Yuexiu had brought.

He didnt even look back.

Yue Xiu leaned back in her seat, just amused.

Men in this world were easily fooled by womens looks, even brats.

Unfortunately, looks were useless.

They could be replaced at any time.

Only intelligence could accompany a person forever.

The next days training was also the last day of training.

Yue Lanchen took advantage of this time to eagerly learn every bit of knowledge taught by his teacher.

The students who were originally on good terms with him sneered and ran to play basketball.

Clearly, they had distanced themselves from him.

Madam Yue personally drove him to the examination hall.

“Its okay.

Even if you dont do well, we can still go back and study again.

Youre not old, so theres still time.” Mrs.

Yues voice was gentle, and her tone was pleasant.

She expected her son to be bored, but instead she saw him listening with a smile.

“Are you my son or not” Madam Yue reached out to pinch his ear.

“Mom, drive properly.” Yue Lanchen blocked her hand.

“Okay, okay, okay.

Got it.

You do your exams properly too.” Satisfied, Madam Yue stopped the car and watched her son get out.

Yue Lanchen finished his exams.

When Shi Jin returned home from work, she heard Butler Chen say in a low voice, “Young Master Yue is in the kitchen.”

Shi Jin calculated the time.

It was the day he would finish his exams.

She understood.

“Ignore him.

Lets leave it at that.”

He had just finished the exam.

There were always some nervous feelings that needed to be relieved.

Shi Jin understood.

As expected, when they were eating at night, Yue Lanchen kept biting his chopsticks and did not eat for a long time.

Shi Jin tapped his bowl.

“You dont have to worry too much.

Even if you dont get into college, you can still be a chef, right”

“Pfft.” Yue Lanchen laughed.

“With your skills, you can open two or three restaurants in the capital.”

Shi Jins words pierced through his nervousness.

Yue Lanchen picked up his chopsticks and started eating.

Fu Xiuyuan was not around today, so he was obviously much more comfortable.

As he ate, he said, “Actually, its not that Im afraid I wont do well.

I just think there are people who cant wait to see me do badly, and I especially dont want to give in to their wishes.

When I think of their faces, people dont look so good.”

“Did you get an estimate of your score” Shi Jin asked.

“Wouldnt that be groundless Anyway, you have to live with your worries and your happiness, right”

“Thats true.” Yue Lanchen started shoveling rice into his mouth.

People his age had large appetites, so he quickly ate two big bowls.

Shi Jin picked up her car keys and cocked her head.

“Lets go,” she said.

Yue Lanchen did not ask where they were going and followed her out.

When they reached the underground parking lot and saw the racing cars lined up in the garage, he stroked one and said enviously, “This is the car I want most.”

“Get in.” Shi Jin opened the door.

After the two of them got into the car, Shi Jins car sped out at just the right speed.

Once they were out of the city and in a secluded area, a door slowly opened.

They were on a special runway, so they didnt have to worry about their speed.

The car shot off at lightning speed.

Yue Lanchen let out a delighted shout and reached out to embrace the wind from the convertible.

In the darkness, in the forest, the wind howled.

All emotion dissipated here.

When they reached the finish line, Shi Jin stopped the car.

Yue Lanchen looked down the mountain at the entire city.

“It feels good!”

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