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At the same time, they could also take it as an advance publicity for Shi Jins movie.

Zeng Guangzhi was really helping Shi Jin save publicity fees again and again.

Yao Jiahong didnt even have to step in to clarify this matter.

Ouyang Ping released Shi Jins learning records for the past year.

All the homework she handed in was almost impeccable.

In addition, all the reports and medical records of her previous internship in the hospital could also prove that although she had yet to graduate, her ability was enough to support her to obtain this professional qualification certificate.

She didnt get these by swiping her face.

She got them step by step with her own ability.

After these things were released, they evoked memories that were not considered distant.

During the college entrance examination, she was outstanding and was only a little away from scoring full marks in every subject.

This shock had only happened a little more than a year ago.

She treated the injured members of the national team and even became a trending topic because of this.

Now, they could often see the team doctor and team members silently reposting news related to Shi Jin.

Their feelings for her were obvious.

“If she cant get a doctors professional qualification certificate, who else can get one”

“If such an excellent person cant get such an opportunity, who should it be given to”

“Our Shi Jin has always been in a place where no one can see her.

She has been silently outstanding, but she has never flaunted herself.

Haters, listen up.

If it werent for your repeated unreasonable actions, Shi Jin wouldnt even have revealed these things to us.”

“Sometimes I really have to thank the haters.

It gives us a chance to know more about Shi Jin and to better know how to love her.”

“If such an outstanding person is still slandered by the haters, I think this is the difference between the world and the diversity of species.”

“Alright, lets stop arguing.

Please pay attention to our Shi Jins new work, Phoenix Tree.

Its a very good ancient martial arts film.

Youll regret it if you dont watch it!”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Line up forPhoenix Tree!”

In the end, “Phoenix Tree” became a trending topic.

Only then did many people realize that Shi Jins new movie had already been filmed.


I didnt even know Shi Jin had a new movie.”

“Were definitely going to have to support it.”

“Where should I watch it Has it been released”

“It hasnt been released yet.

Everyone can look forward to it first.

The quality of the film will definitely not be bad.”

Zeng Guangzhi saw the Weibo comments: “…”

He had been filming “Ask the Devil” for so long, but he had never received such good treatment or had everyone want to follow his news, but Shi Jin took advantage of this and rose to the top.

The assistant was speechless.

“Director Zeng, we might have to speed up our filming.

Why dont we…” The assistant also watched helplessly as Zeng Guangzhi spent a lot of money on Shi Jin and directly raised her reputation.

Wouldnt it be nice to spend the money on the crew

With this time, he could have shot many spare scenes.

This series of events had a negligible impact on Shi Jin.

She sat in the living room reading and drinking tea.

In the kitchen, Yue Lancen was cooking.

Butler Chen said in a low voice, “Young Madam, Young Master Yue rejected any help and stayed in the kitchen making three meals a day for three days straight.

Wont he be tired”

“Let him be.

We cant control him,” Shi Jin said calmly.

“Why is he doing this” Butler Chen was afraid that he would not be able to answer to the Yue family and the Bai family.

Shi Jin knew too well what Yue Lanchen was thinking.

During this period of time, he felt that Shi Jins recent troubles were caused by him posting that embarrassing video on Shi Jins Weibo, causing Shi Jin to be scolded so much.

Shi Jin had repeatedly told him that this had nothing to do with him.

Even without the video he had posted, people would still hate on her no matter what.

Besides, Shi Jin had indeed not suffered a loss this time.

Liang Han was smiling every day and had saved a lot of money on his publicity fees.

His smile made people think that he was the mastermind.

However, Yue Lanchen still blamed himself.

When he blamed himself, he became nervous.

When he was nervous, he needed to relax.

When he wanted to relax, he bought groceries to cause trouble in Orchid Pavilions kitchen.

Shi Jin took a bite of fruit and smiled.

Actually, it was quite good to meet a little brother with such a trait.

After the meal, Yue Lanchen quietly put down his chopsticks.

“Then Ill be leaving.”

Fu Xiuyuan ignored him.

If it wasnt for the fact that his cooking was really good, he wouldnt even be allowed to enter the Orchid Pavilion.

“I have an exam in two days.

I wont be coming for a few days,” Yue Lanchen added.

“Okay, take the exam.

Just do it like you usually do your practice problems.”

He turned and walked away.

Shi Jin called out to him.

“Come back.”

He turned back.

Shi Jin plucked some kind of flower leaf and placed it in the pocket of his T-shirt.

“Good luck.”

Encouraged, he turned and ran out.

There were two days of training before the exam.

Yue Lanchen was driven to the school gate by the driver.

Those who could participate in the training were all children from rich families.

As soon as Yue Lanchen entered, he saw many familiar faces.

“Hey, hey, hey, Lanchen, you havent contacted us for so long.

Where have you been” A boy with a basketball came over and hooked his arm around his shoulder.

“Just doing practice questions.” Yue Lanchen put the books on the desk.

“Why are you doing the questions Its too tiring.

Arent we just going through the motions Anyway, I told my parents that my ability only allows me to get that score, so theyd have to help me pass no matter what.

I dont want to do the questions anymore.”

Yue Lanchen knew that his family was rich and the two of them had always been quite close.

Hearing him say this, Yue Lanchen felt that there was a huge difference in their ideals.

Therefore, this was how others usually looked at him.

He relied on his familys wealth to be domineering and did not care about his studies at all.

“Id better take my time with the questions.”

“Hahahahahaha, your grades are even worse than mine, and youre still doing questions Dont tell me you think you can change in two months” He threw the basketball and caught it again, making a huge commotion, not caring that there were others studying.

“We might as well play basketball.”

“Thats right.

Lets go play basketball!” the others said.

They didnt think much of the exam.

Everyone thought they were just there to go through the motions.

Only then did Yue Lanchen question why all the friends he had made in the past were like this.

“Go, go, go!” someone came to drag him.

“I said Im not going.

You guys go ahead.” Yuelan was getting a little angry.

Not at them, but at his former self.

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