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Many people even started to speak up for Shi Jin and defend her.

All of a sudden, during the arguments between her fans and haters, she gained hundreds of thousands of fans.

In the hospital, the patient who was in the bed grabbed his mother and panted with difficulty.

“Mom, how can you do such a thing Its not like you dont know that my bones have been weaker than others since I was young.

In the past, I was prone to fractures even when I took physical education classes.

I was hospitalized two or three times a year because of my fractures.

Shi Jins methods had no issues.

The problem is my special physique!”

“I… I was just anxious.” The woman didnt dare look at her son.

“Hurry up and apologize to Shi Jin,” he said while coughing.

“Aiya, where am I going to apologize to her I dont even know where shell go.”

Her son was so anxious that he coughed repeatedly.

“Then what kind of behavior is this Isnt this repaying kindness with ingratitude Is your conscience okay”

“All right, all right, enough talk.

Lie down and get some rest.”

The woman felt terrible too.

Her sons words did make sense.

She could not bear to see Shi Jin being criticized so badly, but what else could she do now

“Just give me my phone,” her son said.

He took photos of his medical records over the years, put them together, and made a compilation of his current condition.

Then he posted on Weibo.

“I know that its indeed easy for accidents to happen during CPR.

Its normal for fractures to occur.

There are all kinds of evidence.

However, my situation is even more special.

It was not Shi Jins fault, nor was it an accident.

It was caused by my special physique since I was young.

A gallery of pictures was attached.

This time, Im really grateful to Shi Jin for saving me.

I also want to tell everyone that my mother only went to look for Shi Jin in a moment of desperation.

I sincerely thank and apologize to Shi Jin.

Im really sorry for causing you trouble.”

“Besides, Im a lawyer.

If Shi Jin needs it, I can help you sue unscrupulous self-media and anti-fans for free.

Ive collected a lot of evidence of their defamation.”

He had chased stars before and knew more about the Internet.

He posted the content in Shi Jins fan page so that many fans could see it.

Sure enough, the fans pushed this to the top and reposted it, adding to Shi Jins innocence.

At this point, no one dared to go against their conscience and say that Shi Jin was at fault.

Those haters were slapped in the face by various heavy hammers and left the battlefield dejectedly, leaving only a mess.

Some of the self-media outlets were also so frightened that they deleted the previous articles about Shi Jin.

They expressed that they did not know anything and had been misled.

They would not make similar mistakes in the future.

The fans quickly cleaned up the mess.

Countless people were afraid that Shi Jin would be hurt.

They were afraid that her kindness would be obliterated, covered in dust, and peoples questioning of her which disappointed her.

Countless people comforted her on Weibo and in private messages.

After Shi Jin finished attending the event, she opened countless private messages and saw all kinds of heartwarming words.

She gently held her phone.

Although haters were detestable, there were countless people who treated her sincerely.

They did not care about rewards and silently protected her.

She did not reply, but her heart was filled with warmth and happiness.

Yao Jiahong had called to ask for her opinion and released her medical license.

Shi Jin had been troubled by this several times.

The entire team did not want to encounter such a thing again.

On Zeng Guangzhis side, it was not easy for him to seize this opportunity to defame Shi Jin.

Halfway through the defamation, he had bought countless trending topics.

The reporters had spent a lot of money and even bribed the patients mother.

However, not only did he not succeed in defaming her, he even brought a wave of fans to Shi Jin.

There were countless students on the Internet who wanted to study medicine like Shi Jin.

The children who said that they were motivated to go back and study hard were also queuing up.

Zeng Guangzhi was in a terrible fix.

It was naturally not convenient for him to tell Qin Fanya about this.

If he didnt do a good job, wouldnt he be walking into Qin Fanyas gun

The assistant muttered at the side, “How old is Shi Jin She hasnt even been in university for two years, right Where did she get the qualifications to practice medicine”

Zeng Guangzhi immediately took it and took a look.

“Shi Jin is making a fool of herself! Initially, she had already won a huge battle and there were no loopholes at all.

However, she insisted on showing this…”

Indeed, how could a young lady in her early twenties get this certificate

It was too much for the team to give her such a persona.

How could such a thing convince Zeng Guangzhi

Immediately, a new article appeared.

“Shi Jin is only 21 or 22 years old at most.

It has only been a little more than a year since she was admitted to university.

I really want to ask, how did she get this professional qualification certificate If this was given to her by the Imperial Capital University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, what is the basis If it was given to her by the hospital, we want to ask why the hospital is so certain that she can get this thing The existence of an unqualified doctor is not only a form of mockery to society, but also irresponsible to life.

Admittedly, we cant deny that Shi Jin did save someone and succeeded, but we cant just relax our demands on her and let her get something extra because of this, can we A life is at stake.

Who has the right and authority to be so accommodating to her”

This time, the article was much more reasonable than before.

The questions were also on point.

Even if it was against Shi Jin, no one could find a problem with it.

Therefore, many people were indeed convinced.

“Is Shi Jin really qualified to get this”

“Wouldnt it be unfair to the other students if she could get this qualification just because of her halo”

For a moment there was a huge discussion.

Shi Jin looked at the article and smiled.

“This repeated targeting, someone is really trying to pull me down.”

“There are usually a lot of haters on the Internet, but this time, theyre really aggressive.

Zeng Guangzhi isnt spending this time filming his own movie, I can already imagine the quality of his work.” Yao Jiahong shook his head.

“Some people work on their own works, while others step on people to climb up the ranks.

Its just a personal choice,” Shi Jin said indifferently.

There was no need for her to say anything else.

Yao Jiahong would naturally make the proper arrangements.

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