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“Besides, although she saved my son, she fractured one of his ribs! I just want to ask, do you people in the entertainment industry not know what a medical license is Are you using my son to practice” She questioned in a tearful voice, completely different from last night.

Shi Jin shook her head in amusement.

The surrounding reporters had never seen such a scene before.

They hurriedly asked, “So its true that Shi Jin saved someone, but her medical skills are not good enough.

Instead, she injured him.

Is that what you mean”

“And youre saying that Shi Jin has no medical qualifications at all.

If she hadnt saved him, your son wouldnt have had any follow-up problems, would he”

“Shi Jin, can you answer our questions”

“We have something on right now and dont have time to answer you.” Yao Jiahong glanced at the woman.

“As for the reason, you can go to a doctor to verify it, instead of listening to this woman.”

“I want to sue you! I want to sue you! My sons ribs are injured now, and he wont recover for a few months.

Now, I still have to go to the hospital to take care of him.

This is all Shi Jins fault! Im not in good health myself, and I still have to take care of the patient… Why is my life so bitter!”

Her cries caused the reporters to keep taking photos.

Everyone did not care if she was telling the truth or not.

What was important was that the news she brought was extremely good and could allow everyone to quickly complete their KPI.

“Lets go first.” Yao Jiahong glanced at the time and rushed to the event venue with Shi Jin.

The woman was still complaining.

In a moment, the Internet was already filled with things like “Shi Jin failed to save people and injured others”, “Proving whether people without medical qualifications should save people or not”, and so on.

The haters could continue to operate now.

“So it turns out that Shi Jins rescue was just a show.

Its hard on the patient to be implicated by her and to be injured even more severely by her!”

“Ive never seen someone as disgusting as Shi Jin.

Not only did she fail to save anyone, but she even injured them.

Yet, shes spreading such a thing around and flattering herself.

What a shame.”

“A so-called medical student who spends her days in the entertainment industry actually hyped up the fact that she saved someone.

Its obvious that shes just putting on a show!”

“Here, I really want to ask the Imperial Capital University of Traditional Chinese Medicine how you went against your conscience and gave the reward to Shi Jin”

With this excuse, these reporters and haters found it much easier to work.

The woman with the eggs turned around and received a cash payment.

She covered it in her pocket.

As she faced the sky, she said, “Shi Jin, I didnt mean to cause you trouble.

Its just that my son needs money because hes sick.

My pension isnt much either.

I only came to you because they were willing to give me this money.

Anyway, youre a big star, so you dont care about this.

Itll be fine in a few days.

Just ignore it.”

With that, she hurriedly left with the egg basket.

When Shi Jin arrived at the event, she said to Yao Jiahong, “Contact these people and help me clarify.”

“Understood,” Yao Jiahong said immediately.

After Shi Jin went on stage, Yao Jiahong quickly contacted someone.


Yao, even if you didnt contact me, I should have clarified for Shi Jin.

Look at my Weibo.

Ive already clarified for Shi Jin several times.

Its just that Im just an ordinary emergency doctor.

No one reads my post, so no one cares.” The patients emergency doctor answered the phone.

He had long disliked these black wheels on the Internet.

“Thank you.

Ill repost your Weibo immediately.”

Before Yao Jiahong could continue calling, Ling Yida and Ouyang Ping called him directly.


Yao, Shi Jins matter is our matter.

When its time to speak for her, we will definitely do our best.”

Immediately, Yao Jiahong reposted the Weibo post that the emergency doctor had posted earlier.

“Here, we first have to explain CPR, a first-aid knowledge that we hope everyone can master.

Cardiac Arrest (CA) has various causes, sudden cardiac arrest in unforeseen circumstances and time, resulting in a sudden termination of effective cardiac pump function and effective circulation, resulting in severe ischemia, hypoxia, and metabolic disorders in systemic tissue cells that can result in immediate loss of life if not resuscitated in time.

Cardiac Arrest is unlike the stopping of the heart and of any chronic illness.

If proper and effective resuscitation measures are taken in time, the patient is able to recover and rehabilitate.

Once cardiac arrest occurs, if resuscitation is not received immediately, four to six minutes later, it will cause irreversible damage to the patients brain and other vital organs of the human body.

Therefore, CPR after cardiac arrest must be carried out immediately at the scene, buying the most precious time for further resuscitation until the life of the patient with cardiac arrest can be saved.

Shi Jins treatment of the patient this time was entirely correct and necessary.

With the implementation of CPR, problems with the ribs are also a frequent occurrence.

In all the data, it was shown that such problems often accompanied the implementation of CPR.

This was not an uncommon problem, and the condition of each patient was different.

It was also often accompanied by problems with the ribs and internal organs.

However, compared to the harm caused by cardiac arrest, the severity of the accompanying damage was negligible.

So we should properly recognize this problem.

We should also actively learn CPR knowledge and be prepared for emergencies.”

Apart from him, Ling Yida and Ouyang Ping also issued professional academic arguments to support his statement.

This time, more doctors and medical students stood up to endorse Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin rescued someones life, and you guys were just paying attention to a broken rib”

“Without Shi Jin, forget about a broken rib.

Its a question if this mother would ever see her son again.

What kind of mood is she in to throw eggs at Shi Jin”

“Whatever it is, please think about it before you smear someone elses name, wont you, and ask why.”

“As someone whos in the medical industry, we hope that everyone will treat medical practitioners well, and pedestrians who are willing to work hard to help others, with more kindness and tolerance.

We dont want this world to be left with indifference and spectators in the future because of the increasing number of such blind darkness.”

With so many doctors explanations and experts from all walks of life, those haters really could not do anything.

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