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Chapter 74: She Did Not Want to Lose

Shi Jin purposely disguised her voice so that neither of them could recognize it.

Only someone with evil intent like Deng Yufei was capable of recognizing the both of them with one look.

The moment Deng Yufei heard Shi Jin and Shi Xuexin in a bidding war over the orchid, she was so excited that her hands trembled a little.

Deng Yufei immediately sent Fu Xiuyuan a text message using her new phone number: [Mr Fu, this is about Shi Jin.

Chu Ling wants to bid for the flower that his fan club picked to symbolize him, but Shi Jin spent a bomb bidding for it.

Shi Jin must be buying it for Chu Ling.]

After sending the text message, she put her phone away.

She knew Fu Xiuyuan would not be bothered to reply to her, but he would not stand by and do nothing since it had something to do with Shi Jin.

This time, she had to cause some real damage between Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan!

The auction went into full swing.

“$2 million!” Shi Xuexin had already offered to pay $2 million.

It was already the highest bid for the day.

She was really upset that someone was in a bidding war with her over the orchid.

She wanted to give the orchid to Chu Ling! However, there was nothing she could do to stop this unknown young woman from bidding against her since it was completely her freedom.

“$3 million,” said Shi Jin decisively as she raised the price and could not be bothered to up the price in small increments anymore.

Shi Xuexin trembled when she heard the young womans voice.

Everyone else had already dropped out of the race.

Although the prices of precious flowers could get very high, it was not worth it.

If the buyers were unable to cultivate the flower, they would lose everything if the plants died.

Any rational person would refuse to spend that kind of money just to win the bid.

Everyone watched as these young women went on bidding against each other, raising the price repeatedly.

Chu Ling and Hu Lai looked at each other.

They did not expect a young woman to bid against Shi Xuexin.

Shi Xuexin started to hesitate.

Although she had returned to the Shi family for years and it was public knowledge she came from a rich family, she always acted loftily and disregarded money.

Whenever anyone in the family offered her money, she acted like she did not care about material things.

Over time, her family members would get her luxury items, but rarely gave her money out of fear she would find it insulting.

Hence, she had very limited money.

After all these years, she only had slightly over $3 million in savings.

Initially, she thought the orchid might get auctioned for $1 million and it was well within her limits to pay for it.

She was clearly caught by surprise when someone bid against her for it.

How could she approach her parents for money so that she could buy Chu Ling an orchid

She looked at Chu Ling and Hu Lai imploringly.

Chu Ling and Hu Lai were not going to auction for the flower on their own since that would make them a laughingstock.

Also, Hu Lai only had a budget of around $1 million to auction it.

Even though it seemed as though celebrities made a lot of money and the top celebrities could get endorsement fees worth tens of millions, the talent agency needed to take a 50% cut, dozens of employees were waiting to get paid and lots of money had to go into marketing.

They were here to promote Chu Lings good name and they would prefer to keep its cost as low as possible.

In an instant, the atmosphere between the three of them became awkward.

“$3 million.

Any other bidders” asked the auctioneer excitedly.

Shi Xuexin raised the paddle once more.

“$3 010 000!”

That was all the money she had.

She did not want to lose the flower since she was getting it for her dear Chu Ling.

Deng Yufei got up and sat down next to Chu Ling when she witnessed the scene.

She said somewhat ingratiatingly, “Ling, Lai, that woman who is bidding for the orchid is Shi Jin!”


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