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Li Yuanyuan ran over to shake her arm, causing two milk candies to fall.

Shi Jin was happy and relaxed.

After staying with Principal Ling and the others for dinner and sitting for a while, Shi Jin stood up and bade farewell.

Li Yuanyuan and Su Sitian were about to start school.

So they could stay in the school and did not have to leave.

Ouyang Ping and Ling Yida sent her out.

“You cant be so busy every day.

You still have to rest.

Youve already completed your homework well enough.”


You guys stay, dont send me off.”

Watching Shi Jin leave, Ling Yida sighed and said, “Sigh, one of my two most satisfied students is in Hong Kong, and the other isnt in school every day.

Its really a pity.”

“Principal Ling, it doesnt matter where they are.

Whats important is that they are all contributing to society.

Isnt this what we expect from them as their teachers”

Ling Yida laughed out loud.

“Thats extremely true.

My sight is limited.”

After Shi Jin left, the reporters who had already left began to gather again.

“Shi Jin, why were you late today Do you only arrive on time for important events”

“Do you have anything to say to medical students and medical practitioners”

“Its never been easy being a doctor.

Will you do it in the future Do you think being an entertainer or a doctor suits your development better”

There was a hidden meaning in these reporters words.

The questions they asked were all filled with traps.

If she was not careful, they might find something to use against her

In other words, they wanted to pin the blame on her.

They wanted to say that she didnt respect the doctor community and this industry.

She was even late for an event.

She had absolutely no comment on these reporters.

As she was thinking, two figures squeezed through the crowd.

Fu Xiuyuan and Yao Jiahong came over.

Shi Jin knew that there were many reporters here, so she called them before leaving.

She was surrounded by reporters when Fu Xiuyuan grabbed her and locked her against his chest.

The reporters were also quickly driven away by a few professional bodyguards.

Just as he was about to leave, a middle-aged woman rushed in.

“Dont, dont, dont go.

These eggs are for you! Thank you for saving my son today!”

Shi Jin recognized the middle-aged woman as the mother of todays patient.

She did not take it.

“Take it back.

Theres no need to stay here.

Hurry back.”

With that, she got into the car with Fu Xiuyuan.

Yao Jiahong stayed behind and said to everyone, “Shi Jin came to the schools event late today because she encountered a patient with a sudden illness on the way and helped deal with it.

She was delayed a little.

Please dont interpret things without knowing the truth.

Go back first.”

He escorted the patients mother away too, in case the reporters caused trouble.

Most of these reporters had been paid to stay here.

They had originally wanted to defame Shi Jin and damage her popularity.

Who would have expected such a situation

When they opened Weibo, they saw that Shi Jins official Weibo account had already clarified the situation.

The hospital also confirmed that Shi Jin had indeed participated in the rescue today.

The group of uncles and aunties had even filmed a large number of videos and posted them everywhere to record their lives.

As long as someone searched it up, they could find proof.

Today, Shi Jin had saved someone.

The various words and brainwashing packets of those who said that she did not respect the doctors and the industry directly collapsed in the face of this fresh evidence!

“Our Shi Jin is awesome!”

“The person who saved a patient was slandered as disrespecting the doctor community.

Let me ask you, how can such words spread today Is this not a premeditated attack”

“What are these haters and reporters up to Shi Jin is clearly helping and even saved someone, but shes being defamed by these people”

“If youre late for an event, these haters will be so excited.

Little did you know that Shi Jin went to do something that shocked you! You haters are really bad.”

Fans reposted Shi Jins videos and slapped the haters in the face.

The reporters at the scene could no longer use this to spread rumors about Shi Jin, but they had already been paid and had to defame Shi Jin.

In any case, no matter what a person did, they could be defamed.

Even if they could not find a black mark, they could still be defamed.

Since Shi Jin had saved a boy, they would first go to the hospital to look out.

Shi Jin returned home and took a shower to wash away her exhaustion.

When she came out, Fu Xiuyuan was waiting for her at the door.

He replaced her short towel with a thick absorbent towel and wrapped it around her wet hair.

Naturally, she followed his lead and sat down in the wicker chair near the window, her legs dangling gently over the footrest.

Fu Xiuyuan dried her hair expertly.

“Yao Jiahong has already clarified the matter of saving the boy,” Fu Xiuyuan said in a low voice.

“Theres nothing else for now.”

Fu Xiuyuan massaged her scalp.

His well-defined fingers were pressed against her head.

She said lazily, “The movie is about to be released.

Resources will increase after that.

Being in this circle is like sailing against the wind.

If you dont advance, youll fall behind.”

She could already guess who was trying to smear her name.

However, even without Qin Fanya and Zeng Guangzhi, there would still be others.

Shi Jin was too familiar with the ecology of this circle.

Fu Xiuyuans fingers paused for a moment, then continued massaging gently.

He didnt say anything.

After a while, he turned on the blow dryer and gathered her beautiful long hair between his fingertips, drying it slowly.

The next day, Shi Jin had a business event to attend in the evening.

When she arrived at the scene, she suddenly saw the woman with the eggs from yesterday coming over again.

She remembered Yao Jiahong saying that he had already told the woman to go back first.

Besides, she didnt need to thank her.

Her saving the boy was something she wouldve done no matter what.

She wasnt expecting her again.

Seeing that the woman was there, as well as many other reporters, Shi Jin was about to ask Yao Jiahong to go forward and escort her away again.

The woman suddenly took out an egg and threw it at Shi Jin.

Although Shi Jin was stunned for a moment, she still dodged it quickly.

The egg hit the ground and made a mess.

“What are you doing” Yao Jiahong stood protectively beside Shi Jin.

When the reporters saw this, they all ran over.

There was a lot of clicking of shutters.

“I only found out yesterday that Shi Jin doesnt have the right to practice medicine at all.

How can she save my son Let me ask you, if you dont have the right to practice medicine, why did you save him Couldnt you wait until the doctor came”


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