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“It was supposed to be Doctors Day.

When everyone was reposting the tribute on Weibo, she was the only one who was reposting her funny video.

Now that everyones here for the event, shes the only one who agreed to come but didnt.”

“I told you, she doesnt love this industry at all.

After she applied for this major, how many days did she go to classes”

“Sigh, but its all to get into the entertainment industry.

Getting into university was just a springboard for her to fool people.

What real talent could she have”

There was always a lot of trouble when one was popular, not to mention that someone was deliberately stirring up trouble to defame her.

When Zeng Guangzhi saw the trending topic, he naturally had to report it to Qin Fanya.

Shi Jins “Phoenix Tree” had already wrapped up filming earlier than “Ask the Devil”.

Zeng Guangzhi was sweating bullets.

So now that Shi Jin was trending, he couldnt wait to add fuel to the fire.

Qin Fanya said coldly, “Isnt she asking for it She can still cause trouble at such an important event.

I think shes too willful.”

“Miss Qin, dont worry.

We will definitely make good use of such an opportunity.

We know some of the reporters who went to the scene.

They will definitely do their best to help her publicize this matter.”

Qin Fanya did not comment and let Zeng Guangzhi do as he pleased.

If she had to personally guide them on such a small matter, these people should not be kept around.

The assistant brought over the phone and said, “Its from Principal Ling.”

Qin Fanya took the phone and smiled.

“Hello, Principal Ling.”

“Fanya, we will also award you this honor as well as Shi Jin.

Although you didnt come over, you still have to have it.”

“Thank you, Principal Ling.

This time, I really couldnt come to the scene because Grandpa was sick.

Im really sorry.”

“Hey, everyone can understand this matter.

You dont have to take it to heart.”


Ill come over next time I get a chance.”

“Okay.” Ling Yida hung up, beaming at the thought of his two protégés.

His assistant said from beside him, “Shi Jin isnt here yet.”

“Whats going on” Ling Yida immediately called Shi Jin, but there was no answer.

“There are many reporters here today.

Theyre all here for Shi Jin.

If she didnt come and we even gave her the reward for being an honorary student, Im afraid we wouldnt be able to convince the public…”

“I know what Im doing,” Ling Yida said.

Currently, his two favorite and most talented students were Qin Fanya and Shi Jin.

Qin Fanya had informed them in advance that she wasnt coming, but it was acceptable because she had recorded a video.

On the other hand Shi Jin…

He was indeed in a difficult position.

So many eyes were on him.

‘Stall for a bit, arrange an extra programme.

Ill try to get hold of someone first.

Ling Yida called Yao Jiahong, who was also a little puzzled.

“No one is following Shi Jin today.

She said its just a normal day at school.”

“Then dont you have to get someone to look for her” Ling said anxiously.

“Ill arrange it immediately.”

Shi Jin left the hospital and took a taxi to her car.

She finally got her phone and immediately contacted Yao Jiahong.

“Ancestor, quickly call Principal Ling back.

Hes afraid that youre kidnapped.”

“Got it.” Shi Jin made the call as she drove out.

She finally finished returning all the calls.

Ling Yida knew she was a busy woman and said, “Take your time.

Drive carefully.”

“Okay.” Shi Jin drove over.

She gained Ling Yidas understanding, but the reporters and haters did not let her off.

Late for a doctors day event, disrespectful to school events and doctors.

Someone wanted nothing more than to stick both labels on her.

When Shi Jin arrived, she parked the car and the reporters swarmed her.

“Shi Jin, why were you late”

“Is it because you think todays event is delaying you from doing other things”

“You never come to school.

If you make a special trip here today, will you leave soon too”

“Shi Jin, can you explain”

“No comment!” Shi Jin sensed that these reporters were not kind.

She walked past the crowd and headed straight for the auditorium.

The event was already halfway through.

Although Ling Yida had asked someone to add a program to stall for time, the award ceremony had already passed.

Qin Fanya received the title of honorary student and thanked the school in the VCR.

And Li Yuanyuan received Shi Jins award on her behalf.

The haters condemnation grew louder and louder.

They treated Weibo as a battlefield and Shi Jins lateness as something very important.

From looking at the comments, those who were aware knew that it was because Shi Jin was late, but those who werent aware would think that Shi Jin had gone to blow up the hospital, cut down the doctors, and done something treasonous.

After Shi Jin walked in, Li Yuanyuan held her hand and quickly sent her to the first row.

“Sit down, sit down.”

After Shi Jin was sat down, Li Yuanyuan returned to her original seat.

The event was still in progress so Shi Jin listened quietly.

Ten minutes later, the event was over.

Ling Yida and Ouyang Ping walked up to Shi Jin and said, “You scared us to death.

We thought something had happened to you.

If you are late next time, call us earlier.”

“Im really sorry,” Shi Jin said.

She did not mention saving the boy.

This was a normal thing for all the teachers and students present.

Anyone who saw it would take the initiative to help.

“Its fine.

As long as youre here.

Li Yuanyuan helped you get your certificate,” Ling Yida said with a smile.

“Stay and talk for a while”

‘OK, I dont have any other activities or things to do tonight.

I thought Id report on my schoolwork, too.

Ouyang Ping smiled and said, “Okay.

Let Li Yuanyuan and Su Sitian come along.”

Li Yuanyuan ran over and Su Sitian grabbed a milk candy for Shi Jin.

Shi Jin peeled off the candy wrapper and placed it in her mouth.

A milky fragrance spread in her mouth.

Because the principal was there, the reporters did not dare to act rashly.

Shi Jin did not pay much attention to the so-called dirt on the Internet.

This level of dirt was just to increase her popularity.

It did not have any substantial impact on her.

Li Yuanyuan had a lot to say.

One moment, she was talking about her homework, and the next moment, she mentioned Meng Xiuyuan and Wu Siqi.

“The two of them are already interning in the hospital and will be able to become full-time employees soon.

They didnt have time to come back today, so they felt that it was a pity.

By the way, Dean Ouyang also said that you did your homework well and asked us to take it to observe and learn.

Sigh, if I could have half of your energy and do everything so well, I wouldnt have to pull my hair every day.”

“Do you think thats because you dont have enough energy” Su Sitian laughed from the side.

“Compared to Shi Jin, all of us have bad brains, alright”

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