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She saw the video that Yue Lanchen had posted.

It was indeed very embarrassing.

It was an edited video of her amongst a group of cats and dogs.

It was a little awkward and funny.

Shi Jin burst out laughing.

The makeup artist asked with a smile, “Whats so funny”

Shi showed them and they all laughed.

The fans in the comments were already laughing uncontrollably.

There were so manyhahas that Shi Jin almost couldnt recognize the word anymore.

However, there were also some discordant voices that denounced her for doing such things on an important festival like Doctors Day.

Didnt she see that the other artistes were all paying their respects to the doctor

She exited and took a look.

Sure enough, many celebrities had posted tributes on Weibo, making her look like an anomaly.

Yao Jiahong also asked her specifically, “Do you want to post a Weibo tribute to the doctors”

“Theres no need to repost.

There are many ways to pay respect, and you can keep it in your heart.

You dont necessarily have to say it or send it.”

“Thats fine.

Ill just have the studio post one.” Yao Jiahong didnt think it was a big deal either.

“Ill suppress the discordant comments.”

Shi Jin put down her phone.

Her makeup was almost done.

Her skin was good, so every time her makeup was applied, it wouldnt take too long.

She grabbed the handbag that matched the color of her clothes.

She didnt bring her assistant or Yao Jiahong with her.

Today, she was going to school, not only to attend an event, but also as a student.

So there was no need to fan out like a big star.

She put on her mask, got into her car, and drove to the Imperial Capital University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There was still some time before the estimated starting time.

After she went over, she could meet Li Yuanyuan, Su Sitian, and the others before participating in the event.

Listening to the music as she drove, Shi Jins car soon hit the road.

When they passed by a secluded tree-lined path, someone waved at Shi Jins car.

She stopped the car and lowered the window.

A middle-aged woman said anxiously, “Save my son.

Please, send him to the hospital!”

Shi Jin saw a group of people gathered around, all looking lost.

She got out immediately, asking, “What happened”

“My son suddenly collapsed.

I dont know what happened.”

“Did you dial the emergency number”

“I did, but the ambulance hasnt arrived yet.

They told us something about CPR, but none of us know how…” The middle-aged womans hands were shaking.

She could only voice her troubles, unable to take action.

Shi Jin walked over and said, “Dont crowd the patient.

Move aside and give him some air.”

Her voice was calm and composed, with an aura that made it impossible to refuse.

These were all middle-aged men and women.

No wonder they didnt know how to perform CPR.

Shi Jin knelt down.

The emergency doctor on the phone said, “Do you understand the steps You have to give him first aid first, or the ambulance wont arrive on time!”

“Got it.

Ill start first aid right away,” Shi Jin said, and began to apply pressure to the patients chest in an unhurried manner.

Everyone around them was talking at once, and she didnt know what they were saying.

Shi Jin had always been completely focused when she was doing something serious.

She couldnt listen to miscellaneous things.

Following her actions, the patient, who was no longer breathing on his own, began to breathe steadily and evenly, regaining some consciousness.

Nevertheless, Shi Jin did not dare to be careless.

She continued to examine him, afraid that there would be other accidents.

After a few more minutes of waiting, the ambulance finally arrived.

“Quick, quick, quick, get him up there,” the professional paramedic ordered calmly.

Shi Jin turned to leave, but the middle-aged woman who had asked for help grabbed her shirt.

“Dont go yet.

My son hasnt recovered! Wait!”

The others also surrounded Shi Jin.

“You cant just leave like this.

The patient hasnt been saved yet.”

It was hard to tell if these people were kind or malicious, but Shi Jin was indeed a little worried about this persons situation.

She paused, then stepped into the ambulance and explained to the doctor exactly how the patient was doing in her hands.

“Young lady, your treatment was really timely.

Once this kind of illness acts up, the best time to save someone is usually no more than four minutes.

If its past that, even a god will find it difficult to save them,” the emergency doctor said as he skillfully put an oxygen mask on the person.

“Your treatment method is also very professional.

Its really not bad.”

“Doc, keep an eye on his ribs,” Shi Jin reminded him.

“One of them might be fractured.”


Thats to be expected.

This isnt surprising during CPR.

When youre applying deep pressure, your ribs dont take it well and youre prone to fractures and other problems.”

The middle-aged woman beside him became anxious.

“What My sons ribs are injured”

“Maam, dont worry.

Compared to his life, just a broken rib is a very simple injury.”

“Thats no good.

My son was fine—”

The lady was still being unreasonable.

Shi Jin looked at the time.

A long time had passed.

She would definitely not be able to make it to school.

She reached for her phone and was about to ask Yao Jiahong to call the school when she realized that she had left her phone in the car.

In the situation just now, she really did not think so much.

She only cared about saving people.

Forget it.

She wasnt the main character at the event anyway.

So be it.

The school event had officially begun.

The invited guests had also entered the venue.

This time, the school valued Shi Jin very much, so they specially reserved a seat for her in the first row.

However, the seat remained empty.

Li Yuanyuan looked anxiously at the first row.

“Why isnt Shi Jin here yet”

“Maybe something got in the way,” Su Sitian said after eating a candy bar.

“Did you call her”

“I did, but no one picked up.

I am just afraid that something has happened.” Li Yuanyuan looked around, but did not see Shi Jin.

Su Sitian said, “Ill ask Dean Ouyang.”

When she arrived at Ouyang Pings side, he was talking to a student.

After she explained the matter, Ouyang Ping said, “Lets see how it goes.

Ill call her again later.”

However, Shi Jin did not pick up Ouyang Pings call.

The event had officially begun.

Some reporters got wind that Shi Jin was coming over today and surrounded the auditorium.

Some reporters even did a live broadcast.

With the reporters magnification, everyone knew that Shi Jin was not coming today.

The haters also started to appear.

“It can be seen that Shi Jin has never really respected the group of doctors, this admirable industry.”

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